HBO's Bill Maher has used Wayne Brady as a reference when talking about President Obama's "black" cred.

Brady spoke about how Maher has characterized him back in July on Aisha Tyler's podcast, and on Monday, he stopped by HuffPost Live and amplified his sentiments, explaining what he apparently has to do to prove his "black man" bona fides to the "Real Time" host. Something tells us Maher wouldn't enjoy it.

How'd the segment go? Well, Wayne Brady threatened to beat Bill Maher's ass in public. So, there's that.

"The black man in his mind is the stereotypical, 'Yeah, what? Yeah, you know'—that dude. That guy exists, but that's not the range of the black experience. So, then, when I meet you, when I talk to you again, I'll give you that black dude and I will beat your ass in public." [HuffPost]