Over the weekend, NC State knocked Villanova out of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, ending March Madness for the school and breaking more than a few hearts. But none seemed more upset than lone piccolo player from 'Nova's band:

That's Roxanne Chalifoux — a senior (and band member) at Villanova. And the Internet, as it turns out, loves her tears:

Or perhaps it's just the tears of Philly-area fans in general:

But with Photoshop and Joe Biden, at least there's someone to provide some (creepy) comfort:

Chalifoux, however, seems to be taking the whole thing in stride, telling 94WIP's Angelo Cataldi this morning that "It doesn't bother me, I think it's funny." However, she did admit that the loss was a little more devastating than usual.

"It was heartbreaking," she said Monday morning. "I'm a senior in the band, so I knew that was my very last game. It's just so easy to get emotional especially being a senior, that just changed the game for me, knowing it was my last game."