New Jersey's state legislature recently passed a bill banning gestation crates for pigs, with Humane Society reports indicating that they tend to drive the animals insane. Gov. Chris Christie, however, has until December to decide on a veto for the bill — and, in fact, recently told a group of Iowa pig farmers that he would do so despite a 93 percent support rate among Jersey's voters.

Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart took issue with that line of thinking, calling the situation Christie's "pig problem."

"So let me get this straight: Purely to advance his personal political goals, Chris Christie is going to veto a bill almost unanimously supported by the people of New Jersey," Stewart said, " which is weird, considering the kind of guy Chris Christie always says he is."

New Jersey's 9,000 or so pigs spend upwards of 80 percent of their lives in the gestation crates in question, so the high support rate for the bill makes sense. But Christie, however, managed to promise Iowa's pig farmers a veto, which may have to do with the fact that Iowa is one of the country's largest pig producers with more than 20 million pigs all told. That, and it's the first place presidential hopefuls find themselves every four years as the campaign for office begins.

Which, of course, only makes the clips Stewart played last night of Christie saying his primary job is to "always put the people of New Jersey and my oath ahead of petty personal politics" more muddled.

"With of course, the obvious exceptions of bridges and pigs," Stewart added. "Now we know Gov. Christie's presidential ambition is the only thing he won't put in a tiny crate."