North Philly native Kevin Hart chatted with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show Wednesday, relaying a story in the process about what he says was the most embarrassing moment of his life.

Hart, it turns, is no fan of airport bathrooms — or, at least, not after someone kicked in the door on a stall he was using to snap a picture of him.

"What do you do? I was sitting there, and I'm looking at him. The first thing you want to do is cover up, but then you're angry, so you gotta talk with your hands. I'm like, 'I'm in the stall!' He kicked open the door! I'm standing up like, 'Get out, get out!'" Hart told Stewart Wednesday.

Oddly, though, the interview was essentially devoid of any discussion about Hart's latest movie, Get Hard, which comes out March 27. This week, Get Hard premiered at SXSW to criticisms that it is racist and homophobic.

Instead, the pair discussed Hart's "What Now" tour, which on the Philly side of things will bring him to Lincoln Financial this coming August. Currently, Hart's tour is on target to be the highest grossing stand-up comedy tour in history.

Let's just hope he doesn't need to use any public restrooms along the way.