After Meek Mill dropped "Wanna Know" last week, he effectively lost his war of words with Toronto rapper Drake. Now, though, Drake is adding insult to injury — with a little help from Philly's own Will Smith.

Smith joined Drake at the rapper's OVO Fest in Toronto on Sunday amidst the largest and most hilarious rap beef in recent memory. And being as Smith is arguably Philadelphia's biggest star — and a rapper, to boot — the deal has been pretty much sealed for fellow Philly boy Meek Mill.

It is, in essence, another instance of expert level trolling on Drake's part, following his use of the Phillies '93 World Series loss as the cover art for "Back to Back," and, of course, his admission that he hasn't "taken an L all week" at a kickball game with LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Now, the Fresh Prince himself is siding with Canada's finest. Which, admittedly, may have more to do with Smith's reported ongoing musical collaborations with Drake than his want to snub an up-and-coming Philly rapper.

But, then, that collaboration really says it all.