Yes, it's Veganuary, when ever more people try on the plant-based lifestyle at the year's outset, some choosing to make this their own "Year of the Vegan."
Using such a term for the wider culture, where "vegan" keeps showing up — from Franklin Graham's "conversion to veganism" to Hellmann's "Vegan"-certified mayo to ongoing gendered trends — has, frankly, become redundant. Time to go to "The Century of the Vegan" and be done with it?

After all, a top obstacle to people staying vegan are habits of convenience, which trip up many resolutionists around the second week of January: Working the finding of vegan food into your daily routine can be a big issue. But the good news is that vegan items continue to multiply and become even more readily at hand right in the heart of Philadelphia.

Wherever you go around Center City, it seems, you're just a few blocks from a cheery spot to grab, say, a plant-based sandwich (the epitome of quick-and-easy convenience food).