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Pollen: Attackof the green sheen

Yet again, another banner pollen day, a harvest of dryness.

If you happen to be around a particularly cranky colleague today, be gentle. He or she may be a pollen-allergy sufferer.

Official tree-pollen counts this morning were past the "extreme" thresholds, and the grass-pollen level was "moderate."

We receive the counts daily from the Asthma Center in Philadelphia, which operates the National Allergy Bureau's local stations.

But the allergy-sensitive probably didn't need a pollen-grain count -- or even a green coating on the car -- to know this was going to be a day of torment.

The high counts are related to the general dryness, and although the month got off to a promising start and at least some showers and-or light rain is possible this afternoon into tomorrow, rainfall for the month is about two-thirds of normal.

From Thursday through Monday, the weather should be splendid -- and ideal for pollen flight.