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Rain: Still a big deficit

Despite the soaking, and promise of more, rainfall well below normal.

As expected, the grasses have responded wildly to the recent widespread drenchings. Your local lawn service is appreciative.

But despite the 2-plus amounts of Saturday into Monday, rainfall for the year in Philadelphia is only abou 60 percent of normal.

Up to a half inch could fall tomorrow. Even so, by day's end April's total still could be a few drops below normal.

Temperatures for the month remain a few degrees above long-term averages, but Jack Boston at Accu-Weather notes that they are running surprisingly close to last month's.

March is a month associated with volatility, violent winter storms, and occasional cold spells, and typically it ends up being about 10 degrees colder than gentler April.

This year, however, March and April are going to end up being fewer than 4 degrees apart, and that's further testimony to the incredible warmth of last month.

March's temperature, the warmest on record in Philadelphia, finished at 52.2; based on the extended forecast, the April average is going to be 55.6.