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Record flirtation

Philly temperature shoots up to 67; 68 tomorrow.

On Day 3 of the metorological winter, the atmosphere has regressed to mid-October around here.

Officially the high at Philadelphia International Airport reached 67 this afternoon.

That was just 1 lonely degree shy of the record for the date 68, which, coincidentally, is the forecast high for tomorrow.

But as often happens with 139 years of records -- it may seem like a lot, but it isn't, really -- tomorrow's record is an incongruously higher 73.

As we noted, November came in with an average official temperature of 44.2 in Philly, the 27th chilliest on record.

More significantly, that snapped a run of above-normal monthly temperatures dating all the way back to January 2011.

It is impossible to say what all this might mean for the wintry weeks ahead, but in the shorter term the government's Climate Prediction Center is saying the odds favor above-normal warmth until at least mid-month.

The climate center also sees the odds supporting more precipitation than usual, and that is worth noting.

November precipition in Philadelphia finished at a mere 1.05 inches, and it now appears likely that 2012 will be the driest since the drought year of 2001.

Through yesterday, the annual precipitation total stood at 31.53; the 2001 total was 31.02.