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Snow: The Finale?

This could be well be last snow of season, but don’t ask about 1915.

March 20 most certainly is late for a significant snowfall in the Philadelphia region, and astronomically speaking winter officially became toast at 6:45 p.m.

The atmosphere, however, often is slow to take the hint. In fact, in about half the winters in the period of record dating to 1885, snow has been measured officially in Philadelphia on March 20 or later; actually, on 100 different days.

This is probably not the time to share this fact,  but 45 of them were in April, and not all of them would fall in the "nuisance" category.

One of the heaviest snows on record occurred on April 3-4, 1915 – 19.4 inches. On April 1-2, 1928, 6.8 was measured in Philadelphia.

In 1982, 3.5 inches fell at Philadelphia International Airport on April 6, but a whole lot more than that fell to the north.

Traces have been measured in May, but the latest date for measureable snow was April 27, 1967, 0.1 inches.

More photos from Friday's snow:

Sheep and cattle graze and geese soar as snow blankets a Newtown Square farm: a beautiful winter scene, except it was the first day of spring. (ED HILLE / Staff Photographer)

Cameron Cusack, 5, helps mother Alison shovel snow in front of their Clarksboro home on March 20, 2015. ( ELIZABETH ROBERTSON / Staff Photographer )

Snow falls as rush hour traffic builds Friday, March 20, 2015, on northbound Route 352 in Middletown, Delaware County. (ED HILLE / Staff Photographer)

Newspaper vendor Roger Tize stands under his snow-covered umbrella on 1st Street in Coatesville, Chester County, as he sells papers Friday, March 20, 2015. ( ED HILLE / Staff Photographer )