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On this date 50 years ago, latest measurable snow on record fell in Philly

We think it’s safe to put away the snow-blowers and shovels.

In observance of Buddha's birthday, which would be honored the following month, the Viet Cong declared a 48-hour ceasefire in the Vietnam War on this date 50 years ago.

Speaking of Vietnam, Muhammad Ali would spend his final day of his first reign as heavyweight champion. He was stripped of his title the following day for refusing to serve in the Army.

Meanwhile, a Princeton University basketball superstar and Rhodes scholar named Bill Bradley had just  signed a four-year-contract with the New York Knickerbockers worth $450,000, or about $7.4 million in today's dollars. In other words, parking-meter change to some of today's sports megastars.

The big weather news was buried on Page 34: A surprise snowfall in what was called the "Delaware Valley." (We wisely stopped using that phrase to describe the Philadelphia region since the Delaware Valley actually extends will into southeastern New York state.)

The temperature dropped into the 30s during the morning on brisk winds on this date in 1967.

Most of what fell from the skies was rain, but officially 0.1 inches of snow was measured at Philadelphia International Airport, marking the end of a long, eventful winter highlighted by a foot of snow at Christmas.

"Traces" of snow have fallen later, but not a millimicron of snow has been measured after April 27.

We are prepared to declare that the seasonal totals supplied by are, indeed, final.