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Winter’s frigid finish

Last eight weeks were coldest in 37 years in Philadelphia.

After quite a mild start, winter asserted itself on Jan. 26, and so far hasn't paid much attention to the vernal equinox, with the longer term outlooks showing continued below-normal temperatures.

Since Jan. 26 through Sunday, the official temperature at Philadelphia International Airport was 31.2 degrees, with only 11 of the 56 days seeing above-normal temperatures.

That made it the coldest such eight-week period since 1978, and the ninth-coldest in records dating to  1874.

The winters ahead of this one, as one might expect, include some hall-of-famers, including '78, which finished No. 3 on the list with an average of 29.1 for the Jan. 25-March 22 period.

As for snow, the 23.8 inches ranked No. 16.

Here are the 10 chilliest eight-week periods, beginning with Jan. 26: