Today's Inquirer has a nice story about the Arrow Swim Club on Germantown Ave. in Northern Liberties, described on the club'swebsite as "Philadelphia's only over-21 private poolside oasis."

"You're paying for a more mature crowd," the Inky quotes an Arrow supporter, who lives at The Piazza at Schmidts, across the avenue.   "Kids aren't running around, screaming and cannonballing right in front of you."

Somehow, I think neighbors on little W. Allen St., directly across from the club's north wall, would prefer the sound of active children to the blare of club music they had to endure on Monday night, when the Arrow held a party that was so loud, windows on Allen St. were rattling.

I was there. Trust me, it was really, really loud. And it had been blaring, an elderly neighbor named John Gallagher told me, all evening.

Neighbor Marie Frisbie had called me as the ruckus endured, asking for help. I'd met Marie and other neighbors the previous week, when I wrote a column about how Tower Investments, which owns a vacant lot on W. Allen, was using the lot as a dump site while the Arrow was under construction. 

As I noted in my column, I am a fan of Bart Blatstein, head of Tower, because I think he's done an extraordinary job of transforming blighted urban dead zones into hot-spot destinations. But, please: Being a visionary developer and being a decent neighbor are not mutually exclusive states of being.

It's not necessary to be obnoxious while doing good.