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Have a Vague New Year!

Forget your intricate plans for success and go with something more fuzzy.

Love this new study by researchers at the University of Utah's David Eccles School of Business.

Called "In Praise of Vagueness: Malleability of Vague Information as a Performance Booster," it'll make you rethink how you think about New Year's resolutions regarding weight loss, physical training and mental acuity.

The study's ottom line: Ditch your spreadsheet-laden game plans when it comes to succcess and go with something more fuzzy.

"That has long been the presumption, that people make the best decisions when they have the most accurate and precise information [about what determines success]," said Arul Misha, one of the astudys authors.

"Actually, where it comes down to behavior, people do well when they have the ability to distort that information."

So, Happy 2011, everyone. Distort away!