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Help Some Jilted Newlyweds?

Vince and Nancy Clark never thought their wedding vows would lead to a sherrif's sale .

Thursday, Dec.18th is D-Day for Vince and Nancy Clark: The day they hope a sherrif's sale will generate enough cash to make up the $4,000 they lost to a wedding photographer who never delivered on the photo package they hired him to produce, over two years ago.

I promised them I'd publicize the sale, in hopes they'd recoup what they lost. So read this prior blog post about their woes. Then, if you're in the mood to bargain-shop, head over to the sale in the Northeast and see if there's anything you'd like to buy.

You might get a better deal than the raw one they got.

Date of the sale: Thursday, December 18th.

Time: Noon.

Location: 2220 Unruh St.

All sales are cash only, and merchandise must be removed that day.