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Make that "Boor's Head"

Boar's Head crashes a cancer fund-raiser. What's their beef?

I admit that I can become stupidly protective of (some of) the folks I write about in my column.

I feel great affection, for instance, for the Eni family, owners of Dietz&Watson, the locally based maker of deli products. Back in September, I took a fun tour of the D&W facility in Tacony, in advance of the company's 70th birthday bash at City Hall the following week. The column I wrote afterward was flush with graitude for the company's longevity in Philly.

Part of my appreciation was fueled by knowledge that D&W donates thousands and thousands of pounds of products each year to fund-raisers supporting good causes - locally and nationally. The Enis are good citizens that way.

So I was appalled to read, in a blog post yesterday by Inquirer business writer Joe DiStefano, that a major D&W competitor, Boar's Head, disrupted a taste-testing/fundraiser that D&W was conducting in Florida to benefit the Susan G. Komen breast-cancer foundation.

"Oh, no, they DIDN'T," I said to myself.

Oh, yes, they did, D&W's Jodi Mallon confirmed for me.

So read Joe's blog post (nice job, Joe!) and, if you care to share your reaction to it with the Boar's Head people, contact them here. Their cheery web site notes that they "welcome your call."

Have fun!