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The PayPal Option for Kyler

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My follow-up column in today's Daily News is about the wonderful response of readers to the plight of Kyler VanNocker, a 5-year-old child with neuroblastoma whose insurance carrier, HealthAmerica, won't pay for the treatment he needs to treat the relapse of his cancer.

The column contains links to a Facebook page that a volunteer created to generate support and monetary help for the VanNocker family, who are bankrupt because of medical expenses. Another Good Samaritan also created a separate web site on the family's behalf. Both sites have links to a PayPal option, so that supporters can easily make a financial donation to the VanNockers.

To go to the Facebook page,  called Help Save 5-year-old, "Kyler VanNocker",   click here.

To go to the other web site, called "Help Save 5 Year Old Kyler VanNocker",  click here.

And thanks again, readers, for your compassion for this wonderful family. If you're of the praying sort, please keep them, and all families struggling with the impact of catastrophic childhood illness, in your good thoughts and prayers.