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British Airways reduces fuel surcharge

British Airways today did something related to fuel surcharges that I can't recall U.S. airlines announcing prominently: The carrier reduced its fuel surcharges, citing the lower cost of oil and hedges it has made against rising prices in the future. The cuts are from $22 to $157 per flight depending on the class of service you've bought.

Virgin Atlantic matched the surcharge reductions. Or maybe it's the other way around, and Virgin started this .... we haven't heard yet.

If other airlines have vowed to do this, too, please let me know. It seems only logical that if the surcharges went on when prices were high, they should be gone by now, but we can't figure out if they have for U.S. carriers. The BA link above will take you to its press releases, where they had not posted a formal statement yet about the surcharges, but if you refresh the page, it may show up.