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PHL on-time performance worse, but better (?)

PHL did as well or better in October than it has in years compared with other airports in on-time arrivals and departures, but the percentage of timely operations slipped compared with a  year ago. The airport ranked 15th out of 31 major airports in departures, and 19th in on-time arrivals in the month, a significant improvement from where it usually finishes, federal officials reported today. More than 81 percent of the takeoffs were within 15 minutes of their schedule this year, compared with 86 percent on time in October 2008, when it finished No., 23 out 31.

The rankings, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, typically change a little from month to month, depending on what the weather was like. October last year saw cuts in airline schedules and clearer weather at PHL. More statistics than you can possibly imagine can be found at the BTS Web page for airport rankings. Details of airline perfornance by airport and for bag-handling and complaints are at a separate Department of Transportation site. 

Among PHL airlines, US Airways led the way, with more than 81 percent arrivfals on time. followed by Delta, American, several regional carriers, and United.  Southwest, the airports. No. 2 carrier, had a much-below-average month, at 74 percent on time arrivals. Systemwide, US Airways had the third-best on-time record, behind just Alaska and JetBlue, and continued to improve its recrod for lost or damaged bags.