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The baffling Eurostar failures in Channel Tunnel

This space is mostly devoted to air travel but increasingly we need to also post news about high-speed rail developments, since the dream of many is for better trains to replace flyiing on short-to-medium stage lengths. In Europe, they're already way ahead of us on the fast-train front, having operated them on some routes for almost three decades. One of the most prominent is the Eurostar service, which has been linking London to Brussels and Paris since 1994 through the Channel Tunnel. The service, highly popular with business travelers, now has the majority of the traffic between the cities.

The Eurostars have run almost flawlessly for most of their history, but since last week, the trains have suffered a series of baffling breakdowns in the tunnel, causing long delays and great frustration. Experts have yet to figure out what's causing the problems. Read more about the effort to solve the mystery here.