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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded July 14-16, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded July 14-16, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

4419 N. 3rd St. Joseph Rios to Julio Noguera Hernandez and Adriana Mayor, $81,000.

1019-25 N. 4th St unit 1025a Liberty Condominiums LP to Christopher Hughes, $189,900.

908 N. 4th St. Joseph Wentzell and Cynthia C. Leung to Virginia L. Green, $385,000.

535 N. 10th St. Carl S. Miller to Yi Z. Li and Bi Fang Chen, $200,000.

6016 N. 10th St. Thomas J. and Ann S. Burke to Erica Gerald, $95,000.

818 S. 13th St. Dimber Properties LLC to William R. Towcimak III, $340,000.

6258 N. 17th St. Donald McEachin to Anthony and Serena Chisholm, $90,000.

2030 S. 17th St. Mot Thi Hang to Christopher P. Nielsen, $190,620.

2611 S. 17th St. Joseph R. and Valerie A. Conicello to Linda Dicrosta, $235,000.

315 S. 18th St. Dina L. Sturtevant and Stefan J. Dobiejko to Michele A. Carlin, $1,095,000.

7157 N. 19th St. Calvin L. Fielding Sr. to Carolyn Martin, $119,900.

817 N. 24th St. Benjamin D. Statz to Carolyne R. Dilgard Clark, $415,000.

251 S. 24th St. unit E Riverpark Partners LP to Kristin A. Searle, $799,000.

1602 S. 30th St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Mariama Z. Whack, $120,000.

1610 S. 30th St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Michelle D. Thomas, $120,000.

1608 S. 31st St. The Philadelphia Housing Authority to Alfredo Martinez, $120,000.

1718 S. 31st St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Rudy Rudy, $120,000.

2542 S. 64th St. Declan O. Eburuoh to Kemeyetta Bishop, $89,000.

1515 66th Ave. Wyatt Colquitt to Brenda Williams, $129,900.

2055 S. 68th St. Tien Hoang and Det Pham to Loan Nguyen, $88,000.

11825 Academy Rd. unit A-12 Ira R. Levinton to Volodymyr Shubin, $131,000.

8511 Algon Ave. Norman and Rosalie Abrams to Joseph J. and Heather M. Wrubel, $184,900.

9954 Alicia St. Joseph and Jean V. Christian to Richard J. Cavallaro Jr., $190,000.

2470 Almond St. Estate of Louise Aponik and Harry C. Citrino Jr. to Elizabeth Bierman, $175,000.

1962 Ambassador St. David M. Fanok and Kathy Gendelman to Mihhail and Irina Roters, $210,000.

987 Anchor St. Joseph R. Gizzi to Marva D. Edwards, $99,850.

7632 Ardleigh St. Shannon C. and Olivia T. Gelsinon to Catherine White and Michael D. Viega, $259,900.

25 N. Ashmead Pl. Michael Kingkiner to Kristopher and Jamie Klein, $110,000.

332 Avon St. Nina Shteynberg and Andrei Baciu to Ludmila and Sergey Petrova, $228,000.

9111 Ayrdale Cres. unit 40b David J. Sullivan to Amanda M. Page, $229,900.

5618 Baltimore Ave. National Housing Development Corp. to Danatta Streeter, $99,900.

6017 Baynton St. Roman Fridman to Igor and Yelena Katsman, $128,000.

849 N. Beechwood St. Kathleen Lukaszewski to Susan Frosten, $309,000.

1825 Belfield Ave. Eddie Kong Ung to Tamika Casselle, $98,000.

229 E. Benezet St. Dennis C. Klaus to Brandi Dennison, $309,000.

9705 Berea St. Shawn P. and Jennifer N. Kelly to Ned M. and Valerie Felici, $386,000.

7430 Bingham St. Bruce G. and Diane Binder to Richard M. and Debora A. Titus, $280,000.

7131 Boyer St. Estate of Rose Stitt and Sarah Bennett to Adam Squire and Courtney Mendillo, $182,100.

7231 Briar Rd. Estate Of Winifred P. Doughty and Nancy J. Weaver to Evelyn Bridges, $108,000.

909 Bridge St. Shirley Wharton to Lindsey Stewart, $110,000.

3004 Brighton St. and G. David Estate Of Kathryn A. Mills to Ezequiel Moctezuma Jr., $164,000.

2204 S. Bucknell St. Jacqueline Stevens to Denise White, $85,000.

6328 Burbridge St. Trien Pham and Bee Bui to Geoffrey and Maria Beatty, $185,800.

802 Burgess St. Estate Of Evelyn A. Walsh and Thomas W. Walsh Jr. to Elvin L. and Teresa E. Rodriguez, $260,000.

9921 Bustleton Ave. unit O5 Oleg Pogsky and Yuliya Chudnovskaya to Aleksandr Bondarenko, $138,500.

6416 Callowhill St. Aulene Tobois to Celina Bowen, $85,000.

6229-6231 N. Camac St. Curtis D. and Aaron T. Harmon to Darlene R. Satchell, $210,000.

1240 E. Cardeza St. Thomas Gibson to Wyatt Colquitt, $127,000.

1308 E. Cardeza St. Jade and Jade Mitchell Blackwood to Christopher A. and Frederic E. MacDonald Dennis, $263,000.

153 Carpenter Ln. Melba Nathan to Stuart Shils and Pamela I. Pittenger, $349,000.

7707 Cedarbrook Ave. Leearthlyn and Mavis Leearthlyn Oliva to Lisa A. Boyd, $125,000.

4927 Chancellor St. Derrick P. and Norma J. Brunson to Michelle Garcia Navarro and Khaled Bouali, $165,000.

2100 Cherry St. M. Caroline Yarbrough to Steve Linn, $600,000.

5341 Chester Ave. Justrags Corp. to Nolton Conyers, $170,000.

1500-06 Chestnut St. unit 9c 1500 Chestnut Associates LP to Jason M. Noto, $315,000.

1207 Clymer St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Jincy and Varghese Thankachen, $209,873.

712b S. Colorado St. Twan Bell to Judy Jordan, $339,500.

1605 S. Corlies St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Jade Devito, $120,000.

1611 S. Corlies St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Rahim Montgomery, $120,000.

1617 S. Corlies St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Damita Green, $120,000.

6308 Cottage St. Alexis E. Ortiz to John J. Sullivan, $120,000.

8818 Cottage St. Eric Y. Treadwell to Tammy L. Cromley, $147,000.

9002 Crefeld St. William J. and Ann D. Hozack to Michael S. and Nancy S. Verruto, $3,000,000.

4042 Creston St. Louise Morse to Bordes Henry Saturne, $83,000.

7601 Crittenden St. unit D Curtis C. and Florence Harmon to Andrea Malkin, $191,000.

415 Cross St. Warren Jan Snyder to Jovan J. Martinez, $155,000.

2218 E. Cumberland St. Monica Gonzalez and Giovanni Hernandez to David and Holly Fry, $220,000.

2216 S. Darien St. Nicholas Lepore to Ai Hua Wu and Jian Xing Chen, $120,000.

225 Delancey St. Society Hill Builders Inc. to Mark A. Powers and Marie R. Thomas, $875,000.

2510 Delancey St. Delancey Park View Corp. to Joshua B. Plotkin and Alice S. Chen Plotkin, $1,430,000.

11601 Depue Ave. Paul J. and Polly Ecker to Raymond J. Singleton and Lindsey M. Hyland, $255,000.

3237 Dobson Row Sugden Place LP to Maria Jordan, $170,000.

3029 Dowitcher Pl. Hud and Shameeka Harris to Theresa L. Munro, $88,000.

1104 E. Dunton St. M I S I LP to Laurence A. Hartwig and Kiel M. Macey, $164,900.

635 Dupont St. unit D Hp Properties LP to Raymond P. Bokenkamp and Lisa Colby, $397,580.

635 Dupont St. unit P Hp Properties LP to Robert H Bodine III and Edward J. Elfreth, $399,580.

3420 Edgemont St. Kelli R. Bryant to William E. Clark, $81,500.

733 W. Erie Ave. Lisa Walker to Lora Hinds, $125,000.

4335 Fleming St. Anne Marie Liebel to Gayle Flautt, $167,500.

4351 Fleming St. Julius Tulio to Kristen M. Furchak and Courtney D. Baxter, $165,000.

8738 Frontenac St. Daniel A. and Phyllis Yudof to Yulvonda Guyton, $185,000.

1836 Fulmer St. Joanne Bostwick to Booker and Catherine Messer, $279,900.

5410 Gainor Rd. Marion Ballard to Kezaredar Beni Yisrael, $142,500.

6305 Gardenia St. Shelinda L. Shipp to Miguel Hughes, $124,000.

8728 Germantown Ave. Jeffrey B. and Rebecca L. Mebel to Clay Vonseldeneck, $660,000.

6306 Gillespie St. John R. Higgins to Erika Duszny, $101,000.

6333 Gillespie St. Joseph A. and Ruth Waldner to Juan Fernandez, $109,900.

212 E. Gowen Ave. Hugh J. Maher Living Trust and Mary M. Maher Living Trust to Thomas and Amy Purcell Vorenberg, $725,000.

1114 Griffith St. Earl J. and Margaret Lutz Jr. to Dimitar Tihanov and Tanya Tihanova, $170,000.

1002 E. Haines St. Nicole Goffe to Aaron C. and Shoni D. Boyd, $185,000.

2001 Hamilton St. unit 1024 Michael J. Mumm and Maria Whitman to Grant Frame, $300,000.

2342 E. Harold St. Stephen Carlisle and Steven Scuron to Robert and Donna Lattanzi, $80,000.

218 Hartel Ave. William J. and Roberto O. Schmidt to Robert J. Urban Jr., $180,000.

449 W. Harvey St. Corporate Relocation Services to Cathy Jo Bryan and Sarah Fels Lancaster, $197,000.

7765 Hasbrook Ave. Wade A. Milnes to Nicholas L. Cooney and Diana J. Discher, $225,000.

5031 Hawthorne St. Joseph and Margaret Velek to Gemia Alexander, $79,500.

4924 Hazel Ave. David Walls and Michael Meadows to Barbara Zangerl, $199,385.

5361 Hazelhurst St. Lucille Gaines to Benjamin and Jeraldine Otero, $83,172.

7142 Hegerman St. Hud and Shameeka Harris to David V. Phan, $82,000.

4071 Higbee St. Matthew A. Kenney and Deborah A. Tenuta to Matthew Schwegler, $80,000.

2027 S. Hollywood St. Mary Rose M. Pizzo and Will Of Michael Wasko to Danny Duong, $122,000.

105 W. Hortter St. Melvin Jack Marmer to Leigh S. Hopkins and Maria Helena M. Baronheid, $375,000.

338 W. Hortter St. Arthur C. and Janice L. Smith to Craig V. McIver, $325,000.

4204 Houghton St. Michael Pateski to Patricia Zysk, $248,000.

504 Independence Ave. Gisele V. Hamilton to Kevin Thomas, $235,000.

10223 Jeanes St. Philipose George and Mary Philip to Kurian K. and Daisy Kurian, $227,500.

68 W. Johnson St. Anna C. Hinckley and Anna C. Griffin to Frank and Margaret Robinson, $200,000.

748 Johnston St. Lisa A. Sponheimer and Lisa Ann Scalio to Joseph P. and Laura S. Cesaro, $188,490.

745 S. Juniper St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Aracely Somoza, $260,000.

826 Kater St. Susan M. Lemonick to Oliver G. Mellet Jr., $324,300.

3132 Knorr St. Miriam C. Gilday to Justin and Joi Elynn Popowicz, $165,000.

6610 Lansdowne Ave. Everett L. Richardson Jr. to Demarius McCrae, $135,000.

5114 Leiper St. David W. and Elizabeth M. Bray to Lori Urquhart, $113,000.

1238 Levick St. Daniel M. and Maria Bernath to Marie G. Itile, $150,000.

5139 Locust St. Louis Kassen to James Tyson, $130,000.

1930a Lombard St. unit A Mark Promislo to Katharine Crawford, $345,000.

2317 Lombard St. Jennifer A. Taylor to George Beschen, $215,000.

2326 Loney St. William Harris to Edgardo Fraticelli, $198,000.

1556 E. Lycoming St. Wendy A. Young to Olga Henry Saturne, $80,000.

1250 Magee Ave. John M. Crane to Guo Yan Xu, $129,000.

7617 Malvern Ave. Florence and Nathan Wenograd to Antoine B. Williams, $86,000.

3704 Manayunk Ave. James T. Rodgers to Susan C. Bliss, $229,900.

4374 Manayunk Ave. Florence Lehmon to Nicholas C. Balko and Kelly L. Graham, $225,000.

715 N. Markoe St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Audrey P. Darien, $115,000.

608 Martin St. John B. and Ann Marie Kelly to Susan J. Haas, $185,750.

1950 N. Mascher St. Ayad El Mubaslet to Shawkat and Shaker Ehmedi, $95,000.

1320 McKean St. Laura Carney to David F. Masur and Frances Ann Leary, $210,000.

2000 McKean St. Josephine Corsaro to Arif Winandar, $92,500.

2006 Medary Ave. Svetlana Shliomovich to Inara and Vadim Mayzel, $88,000.

7824 Michener Ave. Patricia H. Womack to Keyna Drinks, $144,900.

7901 Michener Ave. Roland Adolphus Hinds to Florence M. Smith, $196,500.

1653 Middleton St. J. Earl Epstein and Placiel W. Hall to Elizabeth Smith, $109,000.

2845 S. Mildred St. Patricia McMonagle to Robert Narda and Dana R. Cardenas, $190,000.

9738 Morefield Pl. Joseph and Brenda T. Teich to Johnson and Betty Fernandez, $293,000.

3234 Morrell Ave. Drew Demarco to Linh Nguyen, $173,000.

1427 Morris St. Michelle Phuong and Amanda Huynh to Victor Andrade, $210,000.

925 Mountain St. Anna V. Doviak to Rebecca L. Halloran, $157,000.

4239 Neilson St. Joseph J. and Marian F. McCourt to Cilina M. Fortin, $92,803.

1611 S. Orkney St. Jdc Investments LLC to Amanda B. Schoonover, $160,000.

6923 Paschall Ave. Kehbeh Johnson to Catherine Yalartai, $88,000.

1924 Pemberton St. Yan Korol and Alexander Lanchin to Catherine M. Poneros and Joseph W. Aulisio, $399,900.

1921 Penfield St. Mildred B. Chavis to Rhonda Simmons, $102,000.

1818 Pennington Rd. Michelle A. Graham and Michelle A. Graham Augustus to Vincent Harcourt Rawlins, $110,000.

2352 Perot St. unit 2 Cal 20 Associates Inc. to Jeffrey and Erica K. Moor, $636,573.

2120 S. Philip St. Ruth Avenue Real Estate LLC to Joann Bossert, $210,000.

3415 Princeton Ave. Robert C. Dellinger to Daniel P. Griffin, $150,000.

7822 Provident Rd. Liz Lecato and Louis B. Stevens to Dante Barnes, $120,000.

3419 Rhawn St. Violet and Violet A. Ahrndt to Lloyd Bundy, $194,900.

4210 Richmond St. Michael William Condiff to Michael Dengler, $150,000.

312 Righter St. Chi Hang Liu and Dario Kosarac to Robert L. Murken and Stephanie D. Baralecki, $262,000.

7430 Rockwell Ave. Hud and Shameeka Harris to Ivan Shcherbak, $151,009.

311 Rosemar St. Cherese K. and Andre Peters to Rhonda Martin, $98,000.

435 Roxborough Ave. Gmac Global Relocation Services Inc. to Cerys St. John and Nathan Richter, $269,000.

2322 Saint Albans St. Matthew White to Mark E. Alexander and Sarah C. Biemiller, $590,000.

3003 Salmon St. Robert D. and Mary E. Wombwell to Anthony Cancelliere, $80,000.

4602 Smick St. Antonio L. Vigil and Olga Giller to Sabrina T. Wentz, $240,000.

2708 Stevens St. Joseph John Sweeney to Daniel and Barbara Bobst, $135,000.

1212 Stirling St. Jose L. and Carmen Aviles Sr. to Marie Francine Francois, $145,000.

2232 Strahle St. Robert Ortiz and Lisa Parker to Velma G. McCrane, $257,000.

1032 Surrey Rd. Norman D. Ryan and Barbara M. Stolle Ryan to John Faber, $247,000.

5324 N. Sydenham St. Dukes Properties & Development Inc. to Charise Dorsey, $130,000.

6210 Tabor Ave. Nadzat and Tatiana Halim to Felix Rivera, $163,000.

6334 Trotter St. William David Beekman and Estate Of Elma M. Beekman to Pavel Kampal, $100,000.

1024 Tyson Ave. Duane K. Savage and Irran M. Harmon to Lisa Peterman, $160,000.

3114 Unruh Ave. Theresa McCarthy to William and Edith Smith, $158,000.

823 E. Upsal St. Dorothy F. Williams and Earle N. Barber Jr. to Eric and Kendell Waites, $180,000.

6539 Vandike St. John B. Sztenderowicz to Edward McFadden and Tonika Tinsley, $99,000.

5519 Vine St. Louis G. and Georgette Coath to Glendia Saunders, $82,900.

425 Wadsworth Ave. Claire Jung Jin Yoo to Rocco Lugrine and Tamala M. Edwards, $367,500.

6252 Walker St. David Smith to Francisca A. Abanyie, $145,000.

7717 Walker St. Hong Rong Jiang to Jian Sheng Lin, $140,000.

78 E. Walnut Ln. Svetlana Shliomovich to Gene Katsman and Jack Grosbard, $90,000.

2135 Walnut St. unit 901 Patty L. Fox to Ora Heifets and Steve Letser, $165,500.

1859 E. Washington Ln. Crystal M. Ervin and Estate Of George L. Ervin to Amina McCown, $95,400.

2528 Waverly St. Richard A. Cooper and Stephanie R. Cooper Trust to Yu Hua Wei and Heng Yin Yu, $360,000.

5816 Weymouth St. Barbara Fagan and Estate Of Ersilia A. Lisovitch to Francois Amoussou and Kokegan Agbo, $120,000.

8079 Williams Ave. Rodney Pullett to Dorothea Landham, $148,000.

8825 Winchester Ave. Sean P. and Eileen M. Lynn to James M. and Frances B. Rementer, $230,000.

7675 Woodcrest Ave. Christopher D. Mazeffa to Ayesha Ferguson, $149,000.