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Camden County real estate transactions


127 Carlisle Rd

James Erickson to John Valenti, $129,900.

218 Chestnut St Justin Wighton to Thomas F and Bonnie Gail Applegate, $239,000.

184 Cornell Rd Christopher J Cunningham to Charles W Mitchell III, $217,500.

114 Payson Ave Drew R Brown to Mark Gallagher and Melissa Flannery, $253,500.

204 Princeton Rd Edith E Aungst to Tara Lynn Sheska, $185,000.


424 Albany Ave

Peter F Barr to Brant E and Jeanne H Beaupre, $249,900.

203 Edwards Ave Brett W Lovelidge to Joseph G and Erin K Inverso, $209,000.

138 W Gloucester Pike Mabel Jeffries to Ajay Patel, $120,000.

124 Highland Ave Charles Brown Jr to Thomas Leonard Sr and Kristina L Messa, $256,000.


513 2nd Ave

Emma Kawczak to Frank Reiss, $192,000.

6 Bergen Ave Craig Schulz to Carl Dimatessa, $125,000.

118 Hall Ave Walter S Zimolong Jr to Justine L Stahl, $187,000.

203 Walnut Ave Patricia A Shappell to Timothy W and Debra L Underwood Sr, $214,999.

Berlin Borough

102 Lincoln Ln

Cindy Rafart to David P and Diana L Finley, $289,900.

Berlin Township

34 N Rose Ln

Daniel J Gardner to Justin and Carla Van Elsland, $163,000.


210 Paris Ave

Christopher M Korenak to Christopher M Massi, $133,000.

Camden City

907 N 25th St

Pedro Mont to Romery Nunez, $130,000.

723 N 27th St Arnold Adriatico to Lonell and Tangie Bostick Jenkins, $127,000.

245 S 27th St Barbara Daggs to Joseph and Christina Youssef, $66,000.

200 N 39th St Freddie Ramos to Teresa Blanco and Ignacia Jimenez, $137,800.

808 Atlantic Ave John Keane to Barry L and Danielle R Douglas, $81,620.

400 Boyd St Rosalia Torres to Juan Almanzar, $88,000.

3057 S Chesapeake Rd Fairview Village II to Arlin Galarza Hernandez, $80,000.

2800 Federal St Luz Gonzales to Christina Garcia, $145,000.

2922 Federal St Jonathan Sanchez to Pedro Sanchez, $500,000.

1437 Haddon Ave Sidike Mustapha to Buenaventura De Jesus Dilone and Rafael Dilone, $53,095.

2928 Kansas Rd Joseph W Mikolajczyk to Paul Vargheese, $57,000.

1038 Kenwood Ave Charyl Bowman to Tamek S Watson, $81,357.

1134 Lakeshore Dr Daniel Ball to Harry Wagman, $52,000.

1210 Lakeshore Dr Sara Landau to Cherice Blair, $87,900.

109 Linden St Epifania Torres to Lydia Vazquez and Edwardo Bermudez, $115,000.

3211 Mitchell St Goldner Investment LLC to Luis Vega, $79,900.

258 Morse St Jose Tejero to Joanna Sotero, $75,000.

3069 Mt Ephraim Ave Leona B Hoffman Est Of to Brian Cole, $60,000.

1148 Van Hook St William Talley Est Of to Rajesh Suchak, $75,000.

650 Washington St St Josephs Carpenter Society to Lapree E Burgess, $135,000.

Cherry Hill

66 Bridle Ct

Michael A Gilman to Eileen S Chung, $320,000.

1106 Buttonwood Dr Andrew A Fisher to Michael A Gilman, $406,500.

931 Chanticleer Mark K Stanton to Alex Karvounis and Stephanie Deppensmith, $287,000.

111 Cherry Parke unit A Sheria L Newkirk to Sarah J Friedman, $118,500.

118 Cherry Parke unit C John Haigh to Brett Reichard, $105,000.

111 Chestnut St unit 403 Betty J Moore to Kris Muse, $110,000.

206 Connecticut Ave Jesse T Applegate to Patricia L Depolis and Scott M Higgins, $335,000.

1128 Crane Dr Anthony Vidovich to Evan and Caryn Zweben, $320,000.

117 Europa Blvd Mark D Mailman to Adam B and Melissa K Wayne, $465,000.

54 Forest Hill Dr Lawrence Garifo to Amy Welde, $375,000.

1223 Forge Rd Harry A Watson to Richard M and Heather L Paiste, $425,000.

1895 Greentree Rd John Scotto to George Sulock, $450,000.

801 Kings Croft George W Hager to Igor and Ala Kaplan, $260,000.

345 N Lincoln Ave James McComb to Domenick J and Julie A Missagia, $215,000.

638 Longwood Ave Carlos M Bivins to Benjamin D and Lisa R Patti, $239,000.

905 Longwood Ave Kimberly A Kukis to Brock H Sackstein, $220,000.

1904 Morris Dr Sirva Relocation LLC to Yetunde A Farodoye, $347,000.

916 Murray Ave Albina Michell to Stanislaw and Malgorzata Stachowski, $300,000.

101 New Hampshire Ave L Charles Smith to Andrew T and Erin E Koch, $223,000.

11 Old Orchard Rd Theresa M Odom to Jean McPeake, $260,000.

1381 Paddock Way John Costa to Carlos M and Kelly A Bivins, $412,000.

405 Park Place Dr Kathryn M Mecca to Lynne M Fuller, $195,000.

20 Pebble Ln Robert Neilin to Saroung Kim, $310,000.

47 S Syracuse Dr Norman J Engleman to William Williamson, $280,000.

526 Tarrington Rd William J Cassidy to Robert S Gooch, $327,500.

1507 The Woods Keith K Bryson to Hong Zhang, $173,000.

345 Union Ave Michael Garofola to Christopher Martin, $263,000.

22 Windsor Mews Joel M Lieberman to Nancy B Fisher, $225,000.


411 4th Ave

Kimberly Parker to Michael and Paula Skelly, $149,999.

427 Elm Ave Loren L Clemons to Kisha K Kersey, $204,900.


65 E Collings Ave

Barbara Andraws to Vanessa H Douglas, $172,000.

239 E Knight Ave Kevin Pfluger to Chynna L and Michael C Bardalez, $272,500.

617 Lees Ave Regina K White to Mimi C and David Zuzga, $292,500.

617 Park Ave Robert A Gross to James Michael and Kelly A Flynn, $366,000.

Gloucester City

212 S Broadway

Leonard T Savidge Jr to Catherine A David, $83,000.

200 N Brown St Robert W Sochor to Christopher M and Nichole L Korenak, $228,000.

416 Cumberland St John J Zuccarelli Jr to Shawn Nachurski, $77,500.

633 Division St 700 Hunter St Assocs to Joseph Grant, $112,000.

310 Hudson St Thomas Page to Edward and Danielle Robb, $119,500.

Gloucester Township

19 Arrowwood Dr

Lilburne G Brogden Jr to John H and Nancy Bachmann, $280,000.

341 Bergen St David McCarthy to Carolyn Angeli, $71,400.

904 Berwyck Ct Mario Straccialini Jr to James Decaro, $100,000.

490 S Black Horse Pike Eastside Trust to Mohammad N Chowdhury and Khrshad Kamal, $399,000.

16 Cedar Grove Dr Francis Kelly to Roger W and Novella A West, $350,000.

41 Charleston Dr James Rardin to Jerry and Janice Phillips, $280,000.

63 Cherry Cir Lisa J Gray to Michael A Difranco and Michelle A Carlamere, $222,000.

201 Crestview Ave Andrew D Kovacs to Aleigha Hofacker and Robert Kusmanick, $149,900.

16 Del Sordo Ln James E Malone to Sandra L Weist, $172,000.

15 Dresden Ct James D McIntyre to Nghia T Phan, $220,000.

26 Dundalk Ln Essie J Spencer to David E and Rose M Merrick, $205,000.

42 Edinburgh Rd John Olesonvich to Chrisoula Cocco, $190,000.

3 Fraser Rd Scott B Raynor to Michael A and Mylin L Martinez, $269,900.

634 E Front St Anthony J Pezzella Jr to Elizabeth L Doyle, $145,000.

240 Grand Ave Gary Conti to James Stewart and Stephen Smith, $260,000.

15 Granite Ct Robert S Ewaskiew to Tho H Dang and Maggie M Lam, $410,000.

203 Hampshire Rd Brian Bannister to Marcelino and Priscilla Gomez, $105,500.

21 Hemlock Dr Nicholas R Spadea Jr to Susan M Mascibroda, $230,000.

528 Hollywood Dr Ruth M Liebold to Edward Liebold and Adrienne Schardinger, $120,000.

1203 Huntingdon Mews Christopher M McKenty to Kimberly J Troxell, $135,000.

218 La Cascata Carlton D Clarke to Gerald Davis Jr, $78,000.

489 La Cascata Steven Paoline to Lisa Strauss, $110,000.

500 La Cascata Salvatore Evola to Egerton W and Egertina O Taylor, $85,000.

64 Larkspur Cir Joseph J Bene to Michael C Rauscher and Jennifer N Vogelsong, $319,900.

98 Lincoln Dr Rose Scriboni to Emery Douglas and Lisa Hawkins, $269,000.

501 Masters Dr Jennifer L Sessa to Barbara A Dembowski, $231,000.

26 Mayflower Dr Dario Fascelli to Charles and Michele M Shamoian, $255,000.

1 Muirfield Ct Daniel Brauckmann to Denise Tabasco, $282,000.

35 Pinehurst Ct Nina Famille to John A Lange and Lindsay A Pardee, $222,500.

14 Princeton Dr Linda P Moore to Joseph R Dipaolo, $240,000.

337 Richmond Ave Marie Urban Est Of to Christopher T Massimi and Lisa M Leonetti, $175,000.

142 Saint Moritz Dr Jeffrey A Larsen to Justin L Banks, $252,000.

4 Sawgrass Ct McLs Inc to Benjamin W Spang, $247,000.

1432 Sicklerville Rd Kenneth B Lovelace to Barbara Lovelace and Neil Chauhan, $195,000.

1454 Sicklerville Rd Kenneth B Lovelace to Kristen Lovelace and Khoa Nguyen, $175,000.

725 Southwick Cir Christopher Dickson to Edward John and Rhonda Jean Coyle, $290,000.

1216 Thackery Ct unit 206 Anthony J Massanova to Sarah Dibartolo, $131,500.

23 Theresa Pl John Lewis Gebhard Jr to Tammy Githens, $165,000.

6 Tigerlily Ln Michael J Friel to Michelle Roman and Rafael Collazo, $266,500.

207 Woodland Ave Edward J Carel Est Of to Dorothy L McGraw, $95,000.

Haddon Heights

20 2nd Ave

Frank T Troy to Angelo Andonakakis, $500,000.

301 Haverford Ave Edward D Purdy Jr Est Of to Stephen and Christa Tracy, $275,000.

1041 W High St Raymond Oman Est Of to Charles Vincent and Mary Love Karns, $237,500.


57 Addison Ave

Ralph F Tallman to Joshua Halpern and Colleen Dunn, $314,900.

123 Elgin Ave Warren L Pangborne to Michael P and Heather Moffett, $189,000.

14 Emerald Ave Chih Lung Chen to James M Duttera and Megan E Kilm, $265,000.

124 Haddon Ave Flamos II LLC to Robert A Platzer, $650,000.

201 Hazel Ave Joan T Costello to Thomas S and Linda M Johnstone, $370,000.

35 E Kraft Ave Warren N Fritts to George T Hutchinson IV, $227,000.

84 Melrose Ave Martha M Smith to Michael R Shea, $175,000.


229 S Atlantic Ave

Michael Crane to Sonia Farbiarz, $220,900.

140 The Mews Thomas J Fox to Richard O and Ruth L Erdner, $477,500.


8 Spicer Cir

River Run Assocs to Gregory and Christine Luma, $624,280.


52 Colonial Sq

Jason E Cockrell to Stephen M Belanger, $125,000.

14 Dover Dr unit 7 Linda R Langella to Michael V Pilate, $140,000.

725 E Elm Ave David R Kegel to Marcelino and Priscilla Gomez, $82,000.

116 Elm Ct Robert J Smith to Kisha A Hackett, $109,000.

1801 Laurel Rd unit 611 Felicia S Hawkins to Solomon Jacobs and Bolatito Olaniyi, $139,900.

918 E Maple Ave David Bonilla to Jose A Bonilla, $166,500.

711 Scott Ave Joseph S Werner to Teresa Fuentes, $172,000.


141 W Adams Ave

Heather Hackett to Troy Messenger, $205,000.


250 Goff Ave

Cheryl Lynn Samlin to Nicholas J Kulb, $275,000.

15 Manor Ave Paul R Mayer to Robert Mason, $160,000.

311 Newton Ave Josephine Schaber to Ralph Sharp Jr and Debbie L Herbert Sharp, $165,000.


1811 44th St

Elias Nunez to Carline Romain and Losie Jean Baptiste, $130,000.

1936 44th St Angel M Albino to Nemecio Perez, $179,900.

6026 Camden Ave Robert F Breen to Patrick B Harbison, $123,900.

2009 Horner Ave Lisa Daniels to Matthew and Rebecca Dissinger, $185,000.

443 Lexington Ave Louisa Bright to Brian W Temple, $160,000.

5648 Magnolia Ave Tokuko Burns to Greg Lenaz, $162,500.

6721 Maple Ave Charles Hull to Jack Bier, $235,100.

3713 Marlton Pike John H Park to Edwin and Suzette Aviles, $400,000.

1770 Springfield Ave Ferdinand Hunter to Diana L Zipfel, $182,000.

5036 Westwood Ln Ruben Alicea to Wilson and Maria D Martinez, $192,000.

4125 Witherspoon Ave Kenneth R Hall to Peter A and Yamille Rodriguez, $208,000.

7452 Wyndam Rd Thomas Pfrommer to Ralph Tortis and Noelle Pakarick, $235,000.

Pine Hill

85 E 6th Ave

Barbara Kotlarz to Christine M Busch, $172,000.

122 E 8th Ave Sean Andrew Farrell to Danielle Bakota, $168,000.

310 Erial Rd Duane Myers to Ke Neth Cohen, $190,000.

39 Players Ln Shahrzad Missaghi to Luis Irizarry, $198,500.

4007 Tall Pnes John Micciche to Brenda McDowney, $175,000.

1308 Turnerville Rd Mohammed Meah to Anne Geier, $150,500.

104 Walnut Ln Michael A Long to Kevin M Brown and Erin N Murphy, $137,000.

19 Wilson Rd Edward E Rowell to Charles N Johnson, $99,900.

Pine Valley

129 Philmar Ave

George M McDonald to Heather A Kelley and Koray Ata, $215,000.


101 Manor Ct

Patrick J McCann to Keith R and Danielle McNally, $204,000.

870 N Read Ave Keith R McNally to Barbara J and Amy Kruis Dicesare, $172,900.


49 Chippenham Dr

Todd Weber to Jeffrey and Tracy L Kiesel, $382,500.

258 Echelon Rd Edward D Clemenson to Michelle Scott, $167,000.

1016 Gregory Way Mark A Liachowitz to Justin M Ciervo, $168,900.

316 Gregory Way Frank J Radisch to Pulkit Vigg, $152,500.

124 Hummingbird Ln John H Dezeeuw to Joseph and Ann Marie Barone, $215,000.

200 S Pelham Rd Mark C Leise to Murray G McNeely, $280,000.

46 Progress Pl David Miu to Manoj S and Roshni M Thakur, $410,000.

46 Westminster Dr John F Levins to Mark C and Jeanne D Leise, $370,000.

43 Woodhurst Dr George O Dawydowych to Todd Gersh, $425,000.


2147 Bartram Ave

Thomas J Gillan Jr to Adam and Nancy Gess, $197,000.

374 Carl Hasselhan Dr David Albertson to Robert W and Kathleen A Clark, $232,000.

705 Dana Dr Us Bk Natl Assn to John M Ronaldson, $210,000.

433 Holly Dr Girua D Tiwari to Brian and Nicole Cooper, $150,000.

2244 Oakwood Ln Daniel Fean to Mary E Knox, $250,000.


118 Baker Ave

Michael P Goodson to Kim M and Jason Leone, $269,900.

4 Bassett Ct David Paul Fanslau to Frank Tees and Melissa Stenbrecher, $247,000.

31 Beaver Dam Dr Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to John Paolini and Dorothy C Renfore Paolini, $395,266.

17 Brookview Dr Gregory E Holmes to Jason and Lori A West, $196,500.

47 Concord Blvd Rasheed Ali to Dollie Gates, $327,500.

4 Cornell Rd Shirley Johnson to Wesley and Roberta Hogan, $196,300.

42 Crawford Dr Jerome McDougle to Lui V Tran, $305,000.

2 Dove Ct Eric Vides to Brian E Vanhorn, $244,000.

410 Fleming Pike Barbara R May Est Of to John and Carmen Grasso, $200,000.

35 E Fleming Pike Joseph Tartaglia to Ronald C Tartaglia, $200,000.

735 Flittertown Rd Perry L Jones to Lester P Keller, $187,000.

12 Heywood Ln Rafael A Lopez Bracetti to Paulette Williams and Reginaldo Blanding, $132,000.

9 High Pointe Rdg Th Prop Of Nj LP to Heather and Timothy J Curilla, $406,665.

21 E Judith Dr Phillip R Sharp to Toni Ann Panepinto, $190,000.

32 Memphis Ct Quality Management Concepts Ll to Brenda Scott, $106,000.

51 Memphis Ct Anthony J Calandrillo to Steven Furgione, $106,000.

44 Oakton Dr Jessica L Rizzo to Amanda B Thornton and John R Fredericks, $279,900.

29 Old Farm Rd Edward M Harper to Reynold and Heather Triboletti, $310,000.

5 Pondview Ln Anthony S Pipitone to Marianne and Alecia Acton, $189,000.

42 Poplar Ave Charles J Marrone to Charles and Dorothy Tierno, $165,000.

13 Randolph Ln Linda A Gallagher to Ralph and Loretta Morris, $239,900.

13 Tavistock Dr Deluca Enterprises Inc to John D and Janet Magri, $277,500.

6 Turtle Hollow Ct Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to Sherese D and Lapell L Price Chapman, $348,290.

233 Vista Ct Cliffored Moore to Brian Moore, $145,000.

4 Wedgewood Ct Deluca Enterprises Inc to Paul H and Roberta L Berger, $314,654.


117 Chestnut Ave

Joseph F Butler to Maria Lugo, $135,600.