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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded July 17-18, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded July 17-18, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

929 S. 2nd St. unit A-5 Little Belt Place Associates LLC to Matthew A. Petruccelli, $699,000.

1027-31 N. 4th St. unit V 1027-31 North 4th Street LP to Aaron Rosenberg, $249,900.

1307 N. 4th St. Alexander Danyluk and Steven Scuron to David Gilberg and Carla Goncalves, $230,000.

6510 N. 9th St. Yong Ho Park to Bruce and Robin Penn Clifton, $205,000.

6629 N. 17th St. Gene Hatton Jr. to Tenille Timbers, $100,000.

327 S. 17th St. unit 1r 327 Condo Associates LLC to Kristen Ryan, $425,000.

813 S. 17th St. Will Of Michael S. Roberts and James Lieblich to David Scott and Dawn Sample, $433,650.

913 S. 18th St. Terike Wilson to Lynn C. Oberstein, $265,000.

415 S. 19th St. unit 38 Wp 415 Nineteenth LP to Joshua and Theresa Baker, $272,000.

207 S. 24th St. unit 2f 207 South 24th Street LLC to Diana L. Hecht, $475,000.

429 N. 60th St. Christopher Ashley to Yanique Millis, $106,000.

1446 69th Ave. Hewitt Associates LLC to Terrance B. Clark, $88,900.

2547 S. 75th St. Dale Barnes to Raymond Lacey and Shamah Ellis, $118,750.

1084 Alcott St. Janice B. Leach to Evens and Marjorie Joseph, $105,894.

4523 Aldine St. Vincent J. Trentalange to Krystal Wang, $113,900.

7031 Algard St. Joseph Aquila and Estate Of Antonio Aquila to Patricka J. McQuaid and Jennifer Musser, $164,300.

2726 Alresford St. Richard Meintel to Laurence L. and Kathleen Sullivan, $225,000.

2529 S. American St. Lisa M. Lerario to Carol Loi, $93,000.

315 Arch St. unit 207 315 Arch Street Realty 2005 LP to Timothy D. McCall, $300,000.

2934 Arlan St. Paul W. Guckin to Edward and Erin M. Gallagher, $295,000.

870 N. Bailey St. Suresh Shelat to Mathieu E. Wimmer, $240,000.

5373 Belfield Ave. Michael Iaconis to Irene Bradbury, $159,900.

612 Borbeck Ave. Carla A. McWilliams to Jin Hui and Jian Zhu Huang, $215,000.

1100 S. Broad St. unit 5060 Marine Club Associates LP to Robyn Lynn Mickinak, $202,000.

1100 S. Broad St. unit 97c Marine Club Associates LP to Maria Mercedes Sanchez, $172,310.

7043 Buist Ave. Ralph Giove and Charline Gullotta to Kendall Martin, $134,000.

5260 Burton St. John C. and Patricia A. Wilbiekaitis to Bordes Henry Saturne, $82,000.

9906 Bustleton Ave. unit G9 Philip and Marilyn L. Dansky to Albert and Kate Rosenzweig, $165,000.

9921 Bustleton Ave. unit K5 Irene Lewis and Estate Of Ruby Nawalkowsky to Larisa Zinshteyn, $136,000.

2629 Caesar Pl. 2629 Caesar Land Trust to Jeffrey and Christine Lombardo, $175,000.

7222 Calvert St. Barbara Goldberg and Donna Rultenberg to Zhi Jian Ruan and Vera Y. Hou, $136,000.

2849 S. Camac St. Gino Cuffari to Henry Tenden and Mariana Widjaja, $278,000.

3717 N. Carlisle St. Ezell Lester and Jesse Williams to Son Van Go and Tiffany Tran, $105,000.

1852 S. Carlisle St. Guo Hua and Guo Hua Lin to Susana Mallari, $138,000.

529 Carpenter Ln. Ellen Bernstein to Jeremy E. Thomas and Alison Hirsch, $266,000.

1117 E. Cheltenham Ave. Elizabeth Jimenez to Katrina Carter, $99,900.

2101-17 Chestnut St. unit 1820 River West Development LP to Anatoly Sirota, $159,900.

2022c Christian St. 2000/2100 Christian Street Associates and Costandino Development Associates to Connor Ocallaghan, $149,900.

2501 Christian St. unit 408 Dana K. Mancuso to Kevin and Jill R. King, $330,000.

2742 Clayton St. James and Margaret McHugh to James and Christine McAnally, $235,000.

7005 Clearview St. Sarah N. Lechner to Anthony Occhipinti Jr., $535,000.

1441 E. Comly St. David and Helen Broscius to Mark E. Bracey and Chenell Dickerson, $167,200.

1736 Danforth St. Thaddeus J. and Ana Maria Babiasz to Christian and Katiria Concepcion, $200,000.

9646 Dungan Rd. Claudio and Alexandra Zampetti to Craig B. Rosenzweig, $249,900.

1943 Durfor St. Dennis and Barbara Pratt to Stephen Carfagno, $110,000.

168 East St. John Dangelo Jr. and Dennis P. Ferry to John T. Wenzel, $300,000.

1818 S. Etting St. Dorothy Marie Omalley to Daniel Insogna, $90,000.

2106 Fanshawe St. Morris F. and Jeanette Forsberg West to Yin Chan, $148,000.

9876 Ferndale St. June Ann Tittelmayer to Roy C. and Geraldine V. Hacker, $255,000.

150 Fitzgerald St. June M. Urick to Tabitha and Katherine Mason, $144,000.

1623 Fitzwater St. Equity Trust Co. and Mitch Ripkins Ira to Marcia Ganoe and Jennifer Moehringer, $312,000.

4822 N. Front St. Wilfredo Rivera to Hector Gonzalez, $163,000.

626 S. Front St. Joseph and Brenda Lazar to James Fruehling, $850,000.

248 Fulton St. Brandy Iskin Lowenberg to Alex and Jack Gougoutas, $320,000.

12820 Galdi Ln. Miroslaw and Barbara Gryczewski to Comfort Fokorede, $289,900.

235 Gaskill St. Philip Lombard Street LP to Luis Celso and Laura Mercer Rosa, $1,354,000.

2228 Georges Ln. Robert A. Pinn Memorial Baptist Church to Isaac Williams III, $325,000.

1313 Gilham St. Richard Blake to Jeffrey Gold, $97,500.

6352 Gillespie St. Cosimo Novelli and Henriette Preusch to Mary P. Peterson, $102,900.

6332 Glenloch St. John Yuqian and Yu Ting Chan to Gary Yerusalimsky and Ilova Vovk, $123,000.

4110 Glenview St. John F. Pettit and Patricia McMahon to David M. Mezey, $90,000.

201 W. Godfrey Ave. Maria Lynne Primo and Kristi Garrison to Xia Thai, $92,000.

4009 Green St. Arnold Henley to Nicki Scott, $95,000.

604 Hagner St. Thomas and Tina M. Coghlan to Alexis K. and Florence K. Yu, $255,000.

6626 Hegerman St. Sharon L. Jumper and Estate Of Minnie Herman to Kimberly Victorine, $120,000.

1149 Hellerman St. Saji P. Thomas and Syni T. Saji to Rajan Thundiyeth and Ammini Rajan, $140,000.

1419 Hellerman St. Robert N. Dellavella and Keith Chilutti to Alex Duarte De Sousa, $150,000.

2940 Hellerman St. Michael F. and Aileen P. Logan to James B. Hadnot and Michelle E. Matthews, $165,000.

126 Hermit St. Cama Self Directed Ira LLC and Entrustcama to Frank and Andrea Mannino, $271,650.

339 Hermitage St. William B. Somerset to Geoffery and Christopher Whyer, $199,900.

4211 I St. Maribel Castro and Estate Of Jose A. Negron to Heliodoro and Blanca E. Valencia, $133,000.

1236 S. Iseminger St. Santo and Frank Apa to Joseph P. McAndrew and Lynda M. Frattaroli, $201,000.

2645 E. Juniata St. B.K. Enterprises Inc. to Vincent Regan, $220,000.

2934 S. Juniper St. Salvatore Dinubile to Leonard and Lorraine Fortuna, $250,000.

6537 Kindred St. Carolyn Williams to Ming Hong Zheng, $129,900.

624 W. Kingsley St. Lynn R. Spiro and Pamela H. Smith Warner to Michael G. Young and Harold C. Venable, $325,000.

6241 N. Lawrence St. Co T and Tai VI Ha to Tien Ngoc Pham and Thu N Mai, $140,000.

866 N. Lawrence St. Charles L. and Molly Coltman to Scott Wheelock and Lee Wilkinson, $365,000.

100 Leverington Ave. unit 55 Flatrock Partners LP to Crystal D. Fox and Nicholas Petruzzi, $325,000.

1515 Locust St. unit 400 1515 Locust Street LP to Geoffrey M. Gross, $950,000.

1437 E. Lycoming St. John J. and Violet Simmons to Ricardo and Confesora V. Matos, $100,000.

3120 W. Master St. Westrum Bt LP to Nicole L. Showell, $357,795.

203 E. Meade St. Gerard F. and Michelle P. Tate to Kathleen R. McEwen, $395,000.

3401 Meridian St. Christine Levy to Lazaros Karasavas, $169,000.

3735 Midvale Ave. Daniel I. Bernstein and Mark E. Sherman to Daniel I. Bernstein, $765,000.

1138 Mifflin St. Oi Wai Tong and Tiffany Vuong to Lipeng Chen and Qile He, $150,000.

2612 S. Mildred St. Yong Sheng Zheng to Lian Xiong, $115,000.

2538 E. Monmouth St. Miranda Grabfelder to Todd and Desiree Donahue, $175,000.

6128 Morton St. Ivanette Carter to Corbitt Banks, $160,000.

10919 Nandina Ln. Jeffrey M. Scott and Ronit Adini to Josephat Onuchukwu, $225,000.

918 New Market St. Susan A. Walkers to Eric Petusky, $295,000.

516 Oak Lane Ave. Bohdan and Vera Todoriv to Rodney R. and Wanda K. Wyffels, $290,000.

7134 Ogontz Ave. Hortense M. and Hortense Smith to Gwendolyn H. Williams, $92,000.

218 W. Oxford St. Halil Musa to Afrim and Lendita Rama, $175,000.

818 Passmore St. Joseph K. Kiene to Loretta Harrigan, $152,500.

575 Pedley Rd. James and Tammy J. Kehan to Richard D. and Stephanie Spicer, $235,000.

1921 Poplar St. Basim M. and Waseem Younis to Andrew C. Storer, $503,500.

1225 Pratt St. Homes Are Us LP to Larry and Irene Smith, $118,000.

3461 W. Queen Ln. Jeffrey and Jennifer Friedman to Linna Li and Eric Yu, $282,000.

1232 N. Randolph St. unit 3 Third Street Development LLC to Marinelle L. Antonio, $163,930.

3027 Rawle St. Jayne Stitik and Geraldine Discienzo to Melissa Russino and Anthony Russino Jr., $154,760.

4211 Regent Sq. Anne G. Campbell to Reynaldo D. and Maria V. Santos, $415,000.

135 Roselyn St. Susan A. Coleman to Paula Randleman and Steve Rodriguez, $96,900.

7141 Rutland St. Robert H. Gaber and Estate Of Philip Gaber to Todd and Marcy Knee, $115,000.

7906 Saint Martins Ln. Doris K. Cafiero to David A. and Carolyn Hale, $800,000.

4321 Sansom St. Chessan LP to David R. Friedenberg, $307,500.

2643 S. Shields St. Marialena T. Storti to Jacqueline Thomas Cole, $87,500.

2859 Shipley Rd. Ronald and Josette Springer to William and Lissette Brito, $204,000.

7407 Shisler St. Ting Ka Mak to Yan Yan Ma, $165,000.

329 Snyder Ave. Sing Tak and Can Ai Wong to Dennis and Joan Murphy, $160,000.

1201 South St. unit P17 Timothy M. and Gina S. Reintjes to Kathryn Robertson, $350,000.

3421 Stanwood St. Dennis Verona and Marita Clark to Eileen Long, $115,000.

2700 Stevens St. Anthony V. Sicilia to Josue and Eliana Garconvil, $129,900.

6037 Summerdale Ave. Karen Leuthy to Edna Maldonado, $89,000.

42 Summit St. Cartus Financial Corp. and Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Robert W. Erdos, $959,000.

519 Tasker St. Tony and Johny Sawan to Eric Makoon Singh and Shahnaz Mostatab, $350,000.

773 N. Taylor St. Carolina Lobo to Mohamed S. and Sarah M. Desoky, $495,000.

2459 Tulip St. Karen Salvador to Kristina Henk, $155,000.

4834 Unruh Ave. Piedmont Properties LLC to Tom Jordan, $92,500.

6806 Upland St. Jamon K. Silver to Christopher A. Wright, $80,000.

1220 Van Kirk St. Margaret Mary B. Weney to Roland Nukah, $140,000.

5727 Vandike St. Stanley J. Przychowicz and Kristina L. Zampitella to Aquira Cheeks, $100,000.

6507 Walker St. Edward S. Webster to Liliana Rocio Jaskolski, $118,000.

7221 Walker St. Dennis J. Houtz to Angela Doroshenko, $137,000.

2045 E. Walnut Ln. Devon Crew Byrd and Estate Of Juanita Crew to Maria Carmen Natuzzi, $121,144.

604 S. Washington Sq. unit 1203 Marjorie Greenfield and Anne S. Maxwell to Jacqueline Mascuch, $130,000.

904 Waverly St. Deborah B. Blume to Ethan D. and Sari N. Fogel, $348,000.

6919 Waxwing Pl. Susan Muraglia to Ronald and Vanessa Putman, $150,000.

6135 Webster St. Steven Kinlock to Sylvia Payne Dopirak, $88,000.

2015 Welsh Rd. unit B-30 Clare Staniec to Joseph A. Campellone, $180,000.

711 Wharton St. South City Investment LP to Allen J. and Susan G. Fuller, $435,000.

7397 Wheeler St. Tbc Investments to Dorothea Townes, $110,000.

4163 Whiting Rd. Daniel E. and Tracy A. Dooley to Jacqueline M. Mansfield, $205,000.

8542 Williams Ave. Kevin Carter to Melony M. O'Reilly, $151,500.

5021 & 5035 Wissahickon Ave. Sharon Roby Wilson and Carolyn Cooper to Jeffrey Rickenbach, $160,000.

1627 Wolf St. Candeloro and Anna Valenti to Christopher Imperato, $160,000.

5740 Woodcrest Ave. Christiana Bank & Trust Co. and Sequoia Funding Trust to Derek Munyan and Corey E. Lonberger, $96,900.

7941 Woolston Ave. VA to Robert Smith, $124,000.

1235 Yerkes St. Sylvester T. and Leslie J. Burton Jr. to Michelle R. Tate, $215,000.