These Atlantic and Cape May County transactions, recorded June 27 to Nov. 21, are compiled from information on file with the counties. They represent sales of $50,000 or more.



7 Ables Run Dr.

Beazer Homes Corp. to Justin Goldberg, $280,452.

301 W. Church St. Raymond Beckman Jr. to John Sorensen, $110,000.

32 Delray Ln. Beazer Homes Corp. to Paul Parlato and Mary Parlato, $263,315.

153 Marin Dr. Shampa Zaman to Sadia Rasifzaman and Shah Rasifzaman, $140,000.

41 E. Woodland Ave. Diana Phillips to Diana Korfin, $167,500.

Atlantic City

1916 Blaine Ave.

Benjamin Fitzgerald and Estate Of Robert Fitzgerald to Dayton Brown, $141,000.

3851 Boardwalk unit 1111 Eric Myers to Alexander Kazimirov, $430,000.

3851 Boardwalk unit 2208 Edna Delk to Christopher Coyne, $245,000.

38 S. Delancy Pl. Anh Nguyen to Daniel Pense, $565,000.

901 N. Indiana Ave. Affordable Homes Are We LLC to Sean Joyce and Jamey Joyce, $165,800.

1432 N. Michigan Ave. Edward Jordan to Wastella Johnson, $250,000.

108 S. Montpelier Ave. unit 418 Pietro Itri to Joseph Itri Jr. and Alisa Itri, $110,000.

109 N. New Jersey Ave. Mohammed Islam to Mohammed Farves, $180,000.

526 Pacific Ave. unit 1107 Bella Development Group LLC to Seung Lee and Hubert Jasinksi, $485,000.

526 Pacific Ave. unit 1607 Bella Development Group LLC to Brian Litt, $550,000.

526 Pacific Ave. unit Th6 Bella Development Group LLC to Charles Russo and Ann Marie Russo, $355,000.

624 Wisteria Rd. Mohammed Zahanger and Roksana Begum to Ashraf Tito, $190,000.

646 Wisteria Rd. Michele Goddard to Alex Guerrina, $164,000.


333 S. 33rd St.

Alan Barnett and Nancy Barnett to Peter Tocco, $675,000.

1013 W. Brigantine Ave. unit 5 Sylvia Harrison to William Morse III and Sotiria Morse, $235,000.

212 W. Brigantine Ave. unit 209 Philip Dowling to James McMaster and Anne McMaster, $244,000.

4600 W. Brigantine Ave. unit 210 John Healy and Ann Healy to Nick Meli Jr. and Slaine Meli, $305,000.

4901 Harbour Beach Blvd. unit S5 George Buchel to Shah Alam, $148,000.

1308 Quimet Rd. Gary Altamuro and Lucille Altamuro to Carmen Damico and Bonnie Damico, $400,000.

Buena Vista

4508 Post Rd.

Daniel McNeill and Brenda McNeill to Christopher Brunetta and Amy Brunetta, $300,000.

Egg Harbor

307 Beethoven St.

Margaret Tomlinson to Thomas Wagner and Sharon Wagner, $245,000.

137 Washington Ave. Thomas Wagner and Sharon Wagner to Robert Howe III, $190,000.

1112 W. White Horse Pike Andrew Biscieglia to Albert Kleuser and Bonnie Smith, $159,900.

Egg Harbor

112 Cindy Dr.

Christopher Haeser and Elizabeth Haeser to Daniel Guy, $229,655.

34 English Ln. Grace Duford to Cherie Carman, $255,000.

3 Fairview Dr. Raymond Leak and Erica Leak to Colleen Beaver, $230,000.

527 Glenn Ave. Jeffrey Forcella and Laural Forcella to Jeanne Orozco, $430,000.

6031 W. Jersey Ave. Rufus Turner to Natasha Gross, $205,000.

402 Jonathon Ct. William Nichols to Kevin Friel, $225,000.

216 E. Kennedy Dr. Atlantic Land LLC to An Quang Le and Ha Kim Gip, $399,500.

233 E. Kennedy Dr. Atlantic Land LLC to Francisca Grant, $446,833.

4 Ravenwood Dr. Curt Brown to Abbas Bilgrami and Zainab Bilgrami, $285,000.

409 Rustic Dr. Steven Mollenkopf and Dawn Mollenkopf to Robert Varnadore Jr. and Jennifer Varnadore, $430,000.

501 Saint Thomas Dr. Nvr Inc. to William Samson and Jane Samson, $234,815.

204 Sherwood Dr. William Crane and Kathy Crane to Raymond Leak and Erica Leak, $310,000.

102 Springfield Ave. Us Home Corp. to Frank Gelona and Suzanne Gelona, $317,500.

110 Springfield Ave. Us Home Corp. to John Napier and Helena Leung, $433,827.

113 Springfield Ave. Us Home Corp. to Yves Waterman, $407,325.

116 Springfield Ave. Us Home Corp. to Antonio Aversa, $381,823.

304 Yarmouth Rd. K. Hovnanian At Egg Harbor Twp. to Manuel Aponte and Kritin Aponte, $505,998.

Galloway Twp.

668 E. Chancery Ln.

Edwin Jacobs and Phyllis Jacobs to Bonnie Jacobs, $235,000.

1003 Chelsea Rd. Norman Swisher and Kristina Swisher to Mark Beaumont, $350,000.

14 Crowndale Pl. K. Hovnanian At Smithville Inc. to Frederick Matula and Patricia Matula, $325,762.

23 Crowndale Pl. K Hovnanian At Smithville Inc. to L. Jack Casto Jr. and Linda Casto, $306,107.

46 Crowndale Pl. K Hovnanian At Smithville Inc. to Nicholas Gicas and Lorraine Gicas, $295,698.

443 Ebony Tree Ave. Anthony Fasulo and Danielle Fasulo to Joaquin Mendez and Adriana Mendez, $345,000.

9 Federal Ct. Tfc Properties LLC to Darshan Kapadia, $117,000.

202 Mattix Run Beth Jamerson to Timothy Newkirk, $169,000.

125 Mohican Ct. Kruhg Ja Park and Robert Newman to Henry Martinez and Cinthia Sinclair, $277,000.

131 E. Mourning Dove Way Noel Tolentino and Teresa Tolentino to Katherine Yon, $303,000.

165 Old New York Rd. Casa Elegania LLC to Daniel Morreale and Victoria Morreale, $200,000.

339 Orange Tree Ave. Xue Fang Li to Ying Mei Ye and Jin Chun Luo, $339,888.

183 Patriots Ct. Louis Rose to Seong Kim, $155,500.

4 Seneca Dr. Myra Kepley to Joy Korejwo, $145,000.

2 Steamboat Ct. Stephen Williams and Sherrie Williams to Cynthia Conklin and Pamela Renzulli, $157,500.

729 E. Victoria Dr. Katharine Caruso to Dylan Hutton, $233,000.

456 S. Xanthus Ave. Jim Tran and Lee Tran to Dilcia Torres, $255,000.

Hamilton Twp.

4837 Anglesey Ct.

Henry Okpala to Maria Rivera and Edison Reyes, $191,000.

4906 Denbigh Ct. Channy Young and Dilana Young to Lisa Scott, $193,500.

2610 Durango Ct. Erlinda Domingo to Angela Leary, $192,000.

32 Fox Hollow Dr. Baker Residential Of Pa LLC to Iris Sinclair and Jose Sinclair, $382,951.

184 Giordano Mews West Bay II Partners LLC to Mario Holgado and Lydia Holgado, $219,240.

3203 Juniper Ct. Pablo Torres to Pedro Alberto, $132,500.

6301 Lance Ave. Juan Vallejo to Carol Thoden and Renee Publiese, $213,000.

6138 Longwood Ave. B & D Properties LLC to George Crompton, $188,000.

4772 Ocean Heights Ave. David Schrag and Mary Schrag to David Schrag and Josell Schrag, $130,000.

104 Pico Ct. Lilia Moore to Vernelle Ervin, $142,900.

2310 Primrose Ct. Matthew Caucci to Heather Jones, $130,500.

108 Red Bank Dr. Christopher Leap and Tammy Leap to Douglas Brodbeck and Stephanie Fomby, $260,900.

6165 Sterling Ave. Med Property LLC to Michael Giordano and Stacy Giordano, $123,000.

Hammonton Twp.

436 9th St.

Joseph Berenato and Gayle Berenato to Richard Berenato, $660,000.

28 Alexander Dr. Pulte Homes Of Nj LP to Michael Tauber and Karen Tauber, $269,465.

20 Kay Dr. James Kuhar and Concetta Kuhar to John Piindyski III and Lauren Roesch, $270,000.

18 S. Monroe Ave. Joseph Milazzo and Lucy Milazzo to Ruth Bennett, $177,000.

885 S. White Horse Pike Joseph Tomasino and Barbara Tomasino to Luke Martin and Marilyn Loder, $102,500.

196 Yorktown Blvd. Suzanne Aiello to Julissa Mazzarulli, $147,000.


14 Haines Ave.

Edward Rahn Jr. to Stanley Malcolm, $362,500.

106 Myrtle Ave. Robert Brokaw and Jill Brokaw to Steven Gooden and Michele Gooden, $365,000.

204 Ross Ln. Dominic Moffa and Mary Beth Clark to Kevin Nagle and Regina Nagle, $507,000.


9710 Amherst Ave.

Earle Collins IV and Kristi Collins to John Monaghan, $817,350.

Mullica Twp.

2430 5th Ave.

Richard Berenato to Ronald Randel and Nancy Randel, $649,000.


1225 1st St.

Judith Custer Revocable Trust to Raymond Schlundt and Robbie Schlundt, $299,900.

2501 E. Helen Dr. Kathleen Canesi to Tina Canesi, $250,000.


215 W. Ashland Ave.

Tanya Nurse to John Epps and Patricia Epps, $257,397.

17 W. Floral Ave. Bryan Silverman and Peggy Silverman to Jorge Perez, $186,000.

225 W. Leeds Ave. unit 73 Javier Rodriguez to Sherif Guirguis, $135,000.

225 W. Leeds Ave. unit 82 Nilsa Roldan to Sergio Ela and Chalita Ela, $132,500.

225 Linden Ave. Usmenio Santos to Pablo Torres and Ruben Malave, $250,000.

22 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave Norma Haughton to Sylvestre Dennis and Patricia Dennis, $115,000.

10 W. Merion Ave. Margarita Andujar to Uriel Carmona and Berarda Carmona, $242,000.

Cape May


244 23rd St.

William J. and Lisa L. Boland to Peter J. and Josephine A. Moore, $1,440,000.

33 W. 26th St. Thomas J. Welsh Jr. to James and Kathleen MacKey, $2,210,000.

160 27th St. George J. and Stephanie J. Anderson to Patrick J. and Patricia A. Santelli, $1,470,000.

6798 Dune Dr. George C. and Alice Snyder to John Richard and Deborah N. Stamm, $2,775,000.

4528 Ocean Dr. Richard M. and Nola A. Seibert to Amir Saleem, $2,000,000.

93 W. West 13th St. Nicewolfe LP to Edward R. and Catherine R Quinn, $2,115,000.

Cape May

1330 Wisconsin Ave. unit C

Lorraine V. Golden and Estate Of Nina L. Hutchinson to Jeffrey R. Blum and Kimberly Murphy, $358,000.

Cape May Point

602 Ocean Ave.

Cmp Enterprise LLC to Joseph K. and Judith M. Hetrick, $990,000.

403 Yale Ave. William Henry and Marcina May Wagner III to Daniel H. and Margery M. Green, $975,000.

Dennis Twp.

117 Chestnut St.

Elizabeth J. Creamer to Michael J. and Judy Beyer, $156,500.

51 Holly Glen Ln. George and Barbara Paolacci to Anthony and Heather McCurdy, $325,000.

Lower Twp.

205 Amhurst Rd.

Catherine T. Ryan to Lawrence A. Borgia and Annette E. Basile Borgia, $275,000.

212 Arizona Ave. William and Gloria Sutton to Brian C. McEwing, $148,000.

121 Claremont Rd. Estate Of John G. Kazelis and Patricia Thompson to Sean M. Kelleher, $221,500.

246 Cloverdale Ave. Walter B. Wiggins Jr. to George and Colleen Gehring, $210,000.

1410 Delaware Ave. Louis G. and Ruth C. Doran to Ronald and Debra Gigliotti, $442,000.

150 W. Greenwood Ave. David F. and Richard A. Hawthorne to Charles F. Frederick, $300,000.

235 W. Greenwood Ave. George C. and Ann Marie Stuski to Richard and Anne Nonemaker, $290,000.

29 Heron Way Suzanne M. Lepor and Suzanne M. Wieand to Roberto and Arcielito Gonzalez, $360,000.

2 Ibis Pl. David M. and Jessica D. Walker to Keith Ryan and Francine Patella, $350,200.

210 Langs Ave. Richard W. and Deborah A. Porter Jr. to Ashley Covert and Frank Wise, $165,000.

109 Mathemek St. Jason and Kelly Krwawecz to Steven F. Pascal, $225,000.

569 New England Rd. Eugene R. and Pearl R. Taylor to Leif and Dan Axelsson, $440,000.

500 Portsmouth Rd. Brian Keith and Lois A. Bonner to John and Teresa Moroney, $300,000.

346 Route 9 Hsbc Bank Usa to Dorothy A. Hickman, $370,000.

811 Seashore Rd. Charlotte E. Beheler to Lee Ann Shaw, $200,000.

122 Sunset Dr. Darren P. and Kathryn A. Dowe to Burton E. and Carla M. Drake, $219,000.

23 Taylor Ln. Ronald P. and Beatrice S. Dreese to Harold J. Smeltzer and Lesley Simmons, $805,000.

205 Texas Ave. Shore Management Co. Of Delaware Valley I to Pedro Marroquin, $234,900.

109 Willow Dr. James W. and Cara M. Schanz to Stephen M. and Regina Lutjen, $225,000.

Middle Twp.

7 S. Boyd St.

Deborah L. Spinella and Heather McCurdy to George and Michelle M. Sumner, $292,000.

5 Chestnut Ave. Joseph C. Hudson to Lisa Brown, $165,000.

602 N. Route 9 unit C Joseph J. Derose to Charles Sieger and Janice E. Adams, $250,000.

1109 Saint Andrews Dr. K Hovnanian At Middle Township LLC to Robert N. Tiley and Barbara L. Bradfield, $488,874.

315 Stites Ave. Ronald W. and Kathryn F. Wright to Kenneth D. and Anita V. Schellinger, $348,000.

North Wildwood

601 Ohio Ave.

Maria Macry to Daniel W. Speakman Sr., $250,000.

330 W. Walnut Ave. Joseph T. and Suzanne Pedrick to John F. and Diane Casey, $290,000.

Ocean City

5 W. 16th St.

Jp Morgan Chase Bank and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Tr. 2005-Ffi to Paul and Eileen Sullivan, $700,000.

869 3rd St. Jeffrey D. and Jennifer Stover to Kirk and Lois Greaser, $666,460.

1245 Asbury Ave. unit C-1 Thomas J. and Elizabeth Joyce III to James W. and Judy Childs, $218,500.

3862 Asbury Ave. Mitchell J. and Linda U. Adamek to Jeanine M. Burke, $970,000.

2803 Bayland Dr. Joseph Lamont to Hugo C. and Donna S. Weber Jr., $600,000.

3704 Oxford Ln. K-2 Development Corp. to Tracey H. Remaily, $750,000.

20 Walton Pl. William J. Murray to Cheryl Molina, $335,000.

108-110 Wesley Ave. Kathleen L. Diguglielmo and McCloskey Charitable Trust to Anthony and Julie M. Petsis, $415,000.

108-110 Wesley Ave. unit 1st Genevieve M. McCloskey to Anthony and Julie M. Petsis, $375,000.

Sea Isle

110 55th St.

Milton L. Quammen to Jeffery S. and Koleen E. Zalis, $530,000.

126 74th St. Alexander R. and Dorothy Malinowski to Michael D. and Anne G. Stulpin, $800,000.

8702 Pleasure Ave. Lucia R. Gallagher to Kevin L. and Regina V. Logue, $1,125,000.

Stone Harbor

10702 1st Ave.

James and Annette Botti to Water Breslin and Helen Catherine McCarthy, $3,600,000.

10900 1st Ave. Edward A. Flood Jr. to Michael J. Murphy, $2,400,000.

Upper Twp.

50 Linda Ln.

Randall J. and Rosemary Macaluso to William C. and Rebecca Law, $320,000.

1446 Old Stagecoach Rd. Palmer Builders/Developers LLC to Jerry E. and Cindy M. Mancuso Jr., $165,000.

26 Pacific Ave. John and Diane Rudolph to Patricia C. Coleman, $285,000.

2280 Route 50 Robert Sieben to Joseph J. Craddock, $199,000.

205 Tennyson Pl. Josephine C. Troupe to April H. Hough, $260,000.


142 W. Andrews Ave.

Anne Silber and Mary Margaret Widerstrom to Benjamin Marcinkiewicz, $210,000.

209 E. Bennett Ave. Taylormade Properties LLC and Taylor Made Properties LLC to Joel Kofsky, $407,500.

3810 Boardwalk John J. Bell Jr. to Thomas B. and Lynne N. Curyto, $875,000.

Wildwood Crest

215 W. Buttercup Rd.

Edgewater Properties LLC to Steven Schlatmann, $695,000.

131 W. Morning Glory Rd. Evelyn R. Geria and Anne M. Arnold to Raymond G. and Wendi M. Joseph, $265,000.

400 E. Myrtle Ave. Crestco Construction Co. Inc. to Robert Nasuti and Stephen Ripa, $1,687,000.