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How to Contact Us

Here's how to submit information to Monday's Business section. Because of high volume, we cannot acknowledge receipt of material or guarantee publication.

People in the News

Mail brief items on senior-level appointments, promotions and new hires to Tom Brady, People in the News, at the address below, or by e-mail to


. Include the name, location, and a brief description of the new and previous employers when applicable.

Business Calendar

Mail information on business-related meetings, programs and seminars to Pat Mazurek at the address below, or by e-mail to


. Events should be open to the public and free of charge unless sponsored by nonprofit organizations. Send releases at least two weeks before the event.

Commercial Real Estate

E-mail announcements of commercial real estate transactions to staff writer Suzette Parmley at


. Name parties involved in the transaction, number of square feet involved, dollar value, and, in the case of a lease, the number of years. Transactions must be in the eight-county Philadelphia area and should involve at least 10,000 square feet. Include the name, phone number and e-mail address of the person who can provide additional information.

On the Boards

Mail items on new appointments to the boards of directors of corporations or nonprofit organizations to Mike Zebe at the address below, or by e-mail to



Ideas for Local Business Stories

Write to: Michael W. Armstrong

Deputy Business Editor

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Box 8263

Philadelphia 19101

Phone: 215-854-2470

Fax: 215-854-5553



Lou Hudson

Phone: 215-854-5457 Fax: 215-854-4953 E-mail: