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Bucks County real estate transactions

Bucks County

These transactions were recorded in August.

Bensalem Twp

1111 Appleton Ave

Mark J and Charlene L Lucas to Christopher M Walton, $228,900.

4702 Chelsea Ct, Unit A

Francis X and Loretta M Quigley to Walsh Properties LLC, $80,000.

1365 Corry Ave

Edward F and Genevieve Osiecki to Anne P Thompson, $295,000.

439 N Mt Vernon Cir

Vincent and Lori Cutri to Mark S Ferrara, $249,000.

2408 Ogden Ave

Cindi Parker to Deborah and Richard A Jr Slawecki, $280,000.

1124 William Penn Dr

Kishore Sanghvi to Jacob Philip, $475,000.

650 Yale Ct

Robert E and Ruth M Nowicki to Jeremy Y Kim, $265,000.

Bristol Boro

689 Garden St

Munz Const Inc to Francis X Quigley, $125,000.

Bristol Twp

509 Barbara Cir

Sean P and Dolores A Clements to John J II and Diane M Warren, $320,000.

24 Basswood Rd

Nicholas V and Christine M Spiel to Linda Varelli, $221,000.

250 Bristol-Emilie Rd

William A Marshall to Njoroge and Mary Muchiri, $188,000.

2215 Fleetwing Dr

John W and Flossie Poles to Lon S Becker, $100,000.

12 Rustleaf La

Valerie H Wright to Bianca C and Dwayne J Bell, $214,000.

51 Rustleaf La

Michael A and Debra L Cristofaro to Ahmet and Saliha Deveci, $234,900.

1304 Susan Ave

Floyd William Ebbs to Duane and Sandra Malone, $150,000.

Buckingham Twp

2147 Bell Flower La

GMAC Global Rel Serv to William J and Keri A Mello, $950,000.

3315 Byron Dr

Linda Anselm and Neil B Guthrie to Mary Anna Chereisky, $781,700.

3054 E Dorchester St

Toll Pa LP to Paul and Karen Storck, $425,024.

3719 Green Ridge Rd

Prudential Rlctn Inc to Matthew and Jill S O'Donnell, $717,000.

4263 Greenspire La

David R and Julie A Johnson to William and Victoria Lacey, $1,140,000.

4205 Sir Andrew Ct

Shaun M and Hilary A Comfort to Leon M and Lorraine K Felinczak, $372,500.

3917 Trails Way West

David B Jr and Meredith K Haywood to Jason A and Jill L Derstler, $612,500.

Chalfont Boro

415 Elm Cir

Harry E and Anne E Hassan to Kourtney A and Christopher D Chichilitti, $395,876.

425 Elm Cir

Harry E and Anne E Hassan to David P and Bernadette Coles, $395,674.

210 Pennsylvania Ave

David Towsey to Christopher and Theresa Moore, $355,000.

Doylestown Boro

403 S Main St, Unit A203

Stephen Osmian to James H and Carol A Graham, $150,000.

Doylestown Twp

439 Cobblestone Way

John and Judith McSorley to Daniel E and Kimberly A Petrillo, $420,000.

39 Oak Leaf La

Mark Evan and Sarajane K Hamilton to Joseph and Kimberly Kozak, $375,000.

17 Philena Ave

Emil A and Lucille Paulovitz to Jason Sanders, $215,000.

61 Providence Ave

Jessica Rice Woll to Tracy Infante, $218,450.

33 E Woods Cir

Robert and Karen Hemberger to John A Jr and Jodie A Borges, $535,000.

East Rockhill Twp

8 Boulder Dr

Joseph S and Sylvia Serpiello to Jason M and Anya M Matusek, $322,500.

Falls Twp

8 Burning Bush La

Scott and Candice McAnulty to Richard A and Melanie Ann Minnich, $228,000.

404 Centennial Dr

Kelli L Berger to Brian Joniak, $322,500.

8 Echo La

Stephen P Carcione to Eleuterio R and Erna M Zambrano, $206,000.

148 Penns Grant Dr

Dennis C Earle and Suzanne Turgeon Earle to Scott C and Karyn M Wire, $293,500.

58 Vicar La

Dave and Kelly Yarnell to John Ball, $290,000.

207 Yorkshire La

Richard J Krotz to Kira Delgado, $295,000.

Hilltown Twp

425 Edgewood Dr

Donna P Dillon to James Edward Mosher, $194,000.

Lower Makefield Twp

1149 Dickinson Dr

Marcolm D and Susan M Quinion to Charles L Nier III and Melissa Drabic Nier, $513,000.

14 Fairway Dr

Albert and Rose Marie Petrangeli to Michelle Leigh Karam, $197,500.

872 Henry Dr

Daniel J and Amanda O Silverman to Bruce M and Gloria P Pellegrino, $487,000.

53 N Homestead Dr

Joseph J Quinn to Michael Jr and Rita Conallen, $434,900.

551 Nottingham Dr

Prudential Rlctn Inc to Phillip and Donna Anderson, $533,000.

576 Nottingham Dr

Joseph and Eileen Marcello to Walter H Davis and Bari Jo Anderson-Davis, $500,000.

1216 Yardley Morrisville Rd

James J and Virginia A Lindes to Michael J and Dolores J Pietrafitta, $450,000.

701 Rose Hollow Dr, Unit A

Charles T and Susan M Weiler to Beryl J Rickards, $260,000.

Lower Southampton Twp

410 Bruce Rd

Frank Kulsick to Robert A and Patricia Olimpo, $300,000.

1855 Buck Rd

Svetlana Krukovets to Stanislav Dubkov, $292,000.

627 Loblolly St

James M McAllister to Vicki Kieffer, $240,000.

612 Sweetwater Dr

Thomas Bauer to Dmitri and Sofia Rassin, $412,000.

66 Woodbridge Ct

Joseph R Restle to Izabella and Aleksandr Glik, $240,000.

Middletown Twp

410 Ellis Rd

Raymond Saunders Jr to William and Dana Guarniere, $495,000.

1075 Gillam Ave

Thomas M Sweeney to Warren Jr and Laura M Roach, $330,000.

34 Green Meadow Dr

Cherian P and Saly A Cherian to Reji and Mariyamma T Philip, $480,000.

987 Langhorne Yardley Rd

Robert Borcich to Brett Hitchcock, $490,000.

633 Parkvale Ave

Thomas W and Eileen M Mack to Lori A Hill, $300,000.

337 Playwicki St

Millar and Sons Inc to Donald T and Jessica L Gravatt, $350,000.

Milford Twp

2023 Clover Mill Rd

Darryl G and Barbara A Jorgenson to Kyle and Kelly Esterlund, $230,000.

Morrisville Boro

256 Hillcrest Ave

Francis G Berry Jr to Nancy M Hanuschik, $89,000.

105 Osborne Ave

Nancy Boone to John and Meghan Wright, $275,000.

New Britain Twp

115 Bonnie Lark Ct

Gary E and Kelley A Schillo to Kimberle Sutton, $250,000.

104 Cornwall Dr

Mark D and Kimberle M Sutton to Erion S and Liane G Carcani, $320,000.

Newtown Twp

44 Aster Way

Amanda Matt to Shannon M Harkness, $320,000.

176 Bucks Meadow La

Clifford A and Cynthia J Hiddink to Joseph and Lauren Compitello, $273,000.

4 Millers Rd

Michael J and Joan F Wiederhold to Lawrence and Amy Kanner, $695,000.

107 Stoopville Rd

Scott and Alisa Crossfield to Lynne M Rowland, $460,000.

5 Thornbury La

Don C and Gretchen A Ivey to Tiepu Liu, $585,000.

Nockamixon Twp

349 Kintner Hill Rd

Richard F Stahley to Daniel F and Jessica M Rufe, $392,000.

Northampton Twp

93 W Bristol Rd

Lowell W and Edith M Allen to James R Padilla, $272,500.

7 Carmelita Dr

Connie Snyder to Tod J Starliper, $439,000.

218 Independence Dr

Gennady Moshnikov to Svetlana Mokilev, $394,000.

66 Longview Dr

Robert J Kownacky to Robert E III and Jill A Osterhout, $365,000.

97 Signal Hill Ct

Robert A and Ellen J Jones to Michael J and Linda M Smigelski, $415,000.

205 Sycamore Cir

Andrey and Olina Shafiro to Alex Yevtushenko, $365,000.

276 Sydney Rd

Toll Pa IV LP to Margaret J Donohue, $565,755.

Perkasie Boro

132 Strawberry La

Michael J and Lisa Gruber to Michael J and Nanok Carr, $257,500.

Plumstead Twp

3600 Applebutter Rd

Craig Wohl to Keith and Kristi Newman, $349,900.

4444 Bergstrom Rd

Bette S Salvesen to Joseph A and Andrea M Serio, $770,000.

5380 Grandview La

Frank and Eleanor Akers to Scott and Kelly Sheffield, $535,000.

7035 Groveland Rd

Alexander Rankin to Joseph T and Delores C Maser, $405,000.

4494 Honeysuckle La

James M and Barbara G Brakemeyer to John M and Marina Bloomfield, $364,900.

3619 Nancy Ward Cir

Jason Matusek to Jill K and Dorothy A Simpson, $230,000.

Quakertown Boro

213 Plymouth Ct

Robert J and Cindy H Pfeiffer to Alfred F III and Alissa Garrison, $160,900.

Richland Twp

98 Franklin La

Garnett R and Ruth McClanahan to Michael and Felisha Arinsberg, $142,000.

1709 Pheasant La

John R and Maureen Foley to Jerry R Brake Jr, $340,000.

Sellersville Boro

728 Lexington Way

James J DeLorenzo to Zbigniew Kukulak, $238,000.

Solebury Twp

821 Breckenridge Ct

Jane Christ to Robert A and Christine Ferrante, $430,000.

5949 Logus La

Tim D Ludlow and Vlatka Persin-Ludlow to Todd G and Susan E Thomas, $702,000.

Springfield Twp

1415 Old Bethlehem Rd

Mildred S and Harold W Satterthwait to Stuart S III and Debra S Kingsbury, $379,500.

285 Pullen Station Rd

Charles and Grace B Visser to Friedrick and Patricia A Schuhmann, $193,424.

2062 Quarry Rd

Peter R Reckner to Craig A Latshaw, $340,000.

2754 Richlandtown Pk

Wayne Dybach to Ronald L Angle, $250,000.

Telford Boro

515 Wexford Way

Marie T Fisher to Dayna R and Kyle S Jacoby, $154,000.

Tinicum Twp

8 Boudler Rd

James and Marlene Ryan to Stephen and Norine R Balsamo, $382,000.

84 Uhlerstown Hill Rd

Celeste Senneur to Carter W Tremayne, $325,000.

Upper Makefield Twp

6 Terrell Dr

Scott J and Cheryl Chambers to Ilho Park and Rachel H Yunjin Park, $750,000.

2969 Windy Bush Rd

Steven and Andrea Freedman to Dalton Harben, $1,035,000.

Upper Southampton Twp

28 Elsie Dr

Kevin J and Denise A Johnson to Joyce R and Brian D Schneck, $335,000.

1503 Steamboat Station

Elizabeth A Conway to Ernest V and Anna Gulla, $217,000.

Warminster Twp

1559 Carousel Dr

Daniel R Bentz to Patricia A and Wayne B Markovich, $335,000.

534 Fisher La

David T and Susan E Stoneback to Arthur and Sandra Frank, $347,000.

87 Hamilton Hills

William F Briggman to Frank Santaniello, $330,000.

478 Sweetbriar Dr

John S Walter to Michael T and Elsa M Grady, $300,000.

Warrington Twp

919 Bentley Ct

Douglas W and Christine Camposano to Mary Ellen Becker, $335,000.

2723 Harvard Dr

Harry F and Roanne E Lukens to Stephen R and Jillian M Brittin, $573,000.

313 Jasper Ct

Alice S Dennis to Alex Tkach, $245,000.

2229 Pileggi Rd

Andrew Donohue to Kimberly Santerian, $233,000.

809 Putter Ct

Weislaw K and Aldona Krawczyk to Deborah McGonigal, $290,000.

169 Stetson Dr

Dennis B and Min C Kim to Seung Woo Song, $344,000.

Warwick Twp

1704 Fairway Dr

John B Jr and Charlene Watts to Bassem Iskander, $398,000.

2141 Jericho Dr

Robert W and Robin T Stevens to Robert L and Christine M Miller, $510,000.

1638 Ramblewood La

Kurt G and Susan L Presing to Stephen E and Kari A Cunningham, $450,000.

West Rockhill Twp

75 Reagan Dr

Knightland Prop LP to Michael S and Shirley A Michalak, $312,090.

Wrightstown Twp

173 Midland Rd

Edward Leake to Hilary B Peirce, $356,500.