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Burlington County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through June 11.

Beverly City

123 Dory Ct

Martha P Morringelli to Richard Avery Sr, $155,000.

Bordentown City

107-109 Prince St

Rose Mary and Patricia Costigan to Stephen Platzer and Cheryl Smith, $260,000.

Bordentown Twp

19 Bennington Rd

William E and Patricia K Fasick to Gary McLaughlin and Joann Szabo, $380,000.

6 Cedar Ave

Jason C and Stephanie V Gasper to Daniel and Stephanie A Wyers, $293,000.

7 Springhouse Ct

Jagjit Lodia and Rajinder Kaur to Marlon and Gabriela Vieira, $515,000.

Burlington City

616 Moorland Ave

Marguerite Ann Wilkie to Bart W and Crista L Niles, $230,000.

Burlington Twp

27 Amherst Dr

Ardell S Crump to Vicky Hesse, $260,000.

15 Center Ave

Edward J and Mary L Borkowski to Brian and Kristin J Welch, $230,000.

204 Garnet Dr

Harcharan Singh and Nirapjeet Kaur to Mark Spillane, $122,000.

23 Gaskin Dr

Cartus Financial Corp to Nicholas J and Laura Belfiore, $457,000.

810 Neck Rd

Timothy and Susan Zelley to Sharon Raber, $240,000.

Cinnaminson Twp

1511 Cinnaminson Ave

Pauline Richardson to Chona C and Lino O Leyes, $225,000.

1106 Garfield Ave

Sallie Naomi Hogeland to Sinead Rider, $175,000.

34 Laurel Dr

Marie F Flanagan and Marie F Buccigrosse to Mark and Kathleen T McCaw, $330,000.

701 S Route 130

Jaiza Ramos to Rogerio Silva, $345,000.

105 Sweetwater Dr

Gilbert F and Judith Belair to Stana Djuka, $184,900.

Delanco Twp

700 Pennsylvania Ave

Delbert and Lois Marshall Jr to Paul W and Toni F Petzoldt, $249,900.

Delran Twp

108 Lowden St

Michael A and Francine M Livengood to Muhittin Yilmaz, $285,000.

7 Providence Ct

Christopher and Gail M Burnett to Salvatore and Joanna Leto, $462,500.

206 Fullwood Rd

Scott Gibson and Robin Portnoy to Christopher L and Stacey A Sloat, $319,900.

22 Inverness Dr

Mark S and Kelly B Schoenholz to Kathleen M Dickinson, $440,000.

505 Main St

William H and Joanne Dunn III to Dawn R Soma and Orin M Beres II, $315,000.

Edgewater Park Twp

729 Cooper St

Thomas Spivey and Jennifer Murphey Spivey to Bruno and Anna Lamarca, $280,000.

304 Jamestown Rd

Donna G Johnson and Brandon Hardison to Tony D and Ramona Ann Hemphill, $439,900.

316 Lincoln Ave

Wilbur and Colleen Vickers to Craig S and Cynthia A Binger, $185,000.

1475 Mt Holly Rd unit C1

Elaine E Crowell to Vincenzo M and Donna Provenzano, $154,500.

Evesham Twp

704 Sassafras Ct

Danita Swinton to Candice Swinton, $230,000.

3 Union Cir

Michael and Linda Krehnbrink to Kevin F and Debra A McMillan, $470,000.

128 Woodlake Dr

Richard J and Kathleen Tyrrell to Jennifer L Stevens, $197,000.

60 Colts Gait Rd

Michael and Shannon Coluzzi to Paul and Evelyn Laoutaris, $480,000.

3 Lee Ct

David F and Theresa C Hughes to Amanda S Gottlieb, $300,000.

24 Majestic Way

Todd and Hope Jenkins to Douglas L Reynolds, $270,000.

36 Tudor Ct

Anthony and Marisa Devicaris to Jay and Lisa Abramovitz, $390,000.

Florence Twp

103 4th Ave

Sophia D Ard to Seth and Shighla Jackson, $135,000.

Hainesport Twp

100 Hastings Ln

Sharon D Eldridge to Julie A Eagle, $305,900.

411 Marne Hwy

Virginia Sprague to Richard and Eva Marshall, $218,000.

Mansfield Twp

42 Greenbrook Dr

Ricardo E and Maria A Suarez to Young Joon and Un Yon Song, $460,000.

7 Parkview Cir

Thaddeus E and Eugene J Meskill to Joseph A and Carol G Tallone, $259,900.

Maple Shade Twp

206 County Ave

Richard Shelmerdine and Estate Of Regina M Shelmerdine to Kathryn E Shelmerdine, $170,000.

15 Frederick Ave

Estate Of Verda S Prate and Constance Donia to Dennis and Michelle Desimone, $195,000.

442 E Mill Rd

Kathy J Hoffner to Kamleshkumar Patel, $320,000.

443 E Mill Rd

Robert D Turner Jr to Eugene and Susan Mauro, $160,000.

402 Ruth Ave

Harry Ristine III and Virginia Estel to Howard D and Marjorie F Blumenfield, $210,000.

40 N Terrace Ave

David A Loy and Colleen Lacina to John Bitting, $200,000.

Medford Twp

61 Valley Run Rd

Marianne C Smith to Barbara L Moazamian, $369,000.

67 Wrentham Dr

Henry and Mary Mitchell to Linda J and John J Mahon, $403,000.

Moorestown Twp

33 Bramley Rd

David W and Theresa Lovett to Gordon A and Elyse M Brown, $685,000.

81 Brooks Rd

Weifeng Wen and Wenshu Yu to Susan Lee and Won Han, $690,000.

Mount Laurel Twp

4820b Aberdeen Dr

Victoria Vitalie to Alanna Rose, $188,000.

14 Buckingham Way

Karim J and Andrea Saigol to Jeannine Fanelli, $331,000.

1005 S Church St

John Stojanov to Robert and Paula Brandimarte, $110,000.

1009 S Church St

John Stojanov to Robert and Paula Brandimarte, $215,000.

506 Garden Way

Hwa Sik Yoon and Sun Hee Kang to Anthony V Balboni, $370,000.

452 Timberline Dr

Louis R Iannucci to Joseph and Gail M Cain, $295,000.

4106b Adelaide Dr

Linda Robinson and Estate Of Concetta Falconiero to Sylvia Ogozalek, $154,900.

13 Buckingham Way

Patricia Gavaletz to Thank K Chiem, $327,000.

8 Carolina Way

Irma Defelice to Selma C and Andrew Lee Shapiro, $255,000.

108b Kelly Cv

Adrienne H Young to Mary M McHugh, $199,500.

203b Mulberry Cv

Robert D and Kathleen Dugan to Ericka D Wilson, $172,000.

142 S Peppergrass Dr

William and Lynn L Stevenson to Lorraine A Horton, $262,000.

86 Primrose Ct

Vanessa M McRoy to Leanne Zawrotny, $234,000.

1603a Sedgefield Dr

Richard L and Ricki Hedenberg Jr to Denise Hill, $175,000.

2706b Tarnbrook Dr

Glen C Horay Jr to Brad Koehler, $228,000.

1702 Wharton Rd

Renee Dzamko to Sonya M Johnson, $205,000.

564a Willow Turn

Justin A Farley and Melissa A Alderton to Tiffany Williams, $159,900.

4 Winding Way

Scott D and Gissell Liebling to Saugato Sanyal and Saswati Gupta, $700,000.

North Hanover Twp

79 Chesterfield Jacobstown Rd

George and Pamela H Catalfamo to Anthony A Pietrofitta and Kathleen Schubert, $298,400.

Palmyra Boro

304 Delaware Ave

Richard M and Linda A Briles to Autumn R McHugh, $175,000.

7 Morgan Ave

Joan and Suni Missak Sisserian to Thomas J and Carol J McCarthy, $312,000.

Pemberton Twp

Victoria Murphy to John E and Carol Jobes, $163,000.

309 Cayuga Trl

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co and Vendee Mortgage Trust 1995-2 to Matthew J and Kristine F Cassidy, $68,000.

216 College Dr

Tyrone and Gloria E Gould Jr to Carmelo and Madeline Diaz, $225,000.

207 Kentucky Trl

Thomas H and Sheila M Van Norton to James and Sheryl Maser, $210,000.

114 Scrapetown Rd

Lorraine Wojciehowski to Alycia W and Michael R Busa, $450,000.

54 Tensaw Dr

Maurice and Melissa Cooper to Myraim Reyes, $330,000.

Riverside Twp

207-209 S Pavilion Ave

Filipe and Eloise J Tavares to Agnaldo Evangelista Nunes, $240,000.

132 Spring Garden St

Cathleen M and Charles A Errickson to Donald Shaw, $150,900.

511 Taylor St

James R and Audrey E Poore to Walter I and Patricia J Endicott Jr, $189,900.

318 Paine St

Glenn D Scott to Darrin Sims, $155,000.

159 E Washington St

Walter I and Patricia J Endicott Jr to Wendell Booker, $125,000.

409 E Washington St

Tiago Da Rocha to Eugenio P Desouza, $290,000.

Southampton Twp

203 Cedar St

James M and Aileen P Mc Cord Jr to Stephanie Hutchinson and Michael Stevenson, $203,000.

36 Church St

Richard B and Kathleen S Becker to David T and Kristine K Ruble, $215,000.

59 Stratford Rd

Maureen A Szuman to Joseph M and Josephine A Morrow, $220,000.

Tabernacle Twp

22 Forest Ln

Angelo A and Shannon M Capoli to Joshua L and Kristina M Koengetter, $430,000.

Westampton Twp

1 Saint Andrews Ct

Antonio and Milagros Zayas to Eugene J Kutcher III and Jennifer Breaux, $345,000.

Willingboro Twp

5 Farragut Ct

Mainer Milam to Walter Wasdyke and Chelcia Anderson, $160,000.

19 Harrison Dr

Willie C and Margie E Roberson to Lamar and Tarsha Burrows, $233,000.

15 Marblestone Ln

Audrey R Roberson to Roxanne Allen, $242,500.

9 Radcliff Pl

Michelle A Gordon and Britt H Bouknight to Benjamin and Dolores Outlaw, $158,000.

12 Richmond Pl

Robert W Spotts to Rarson Barrott, $168,000.