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Delaware County real estate transactions

Delaware County

These transactions were recorded in July.

Aldan Boro

101 Bonsall Ave

Bruce Vogel to Mohammed A Lakhoo and Thelma Arandia Siles, $225,000.

Aston Twp

193 Moria Pl

Kathleen Mahoney to Todd A Martin and Lisa A Muldoon, $240,000.

Bethel Twp

3815 Highland Dr

Andrew J and Brigitte E Lesico to Kevin M and Maria Jackowsky, $490,000.

2155 Springhouse Holl

Matthew E Fortna to Richard J and Kathleen Goeke, $520,000.

Brookhaven Boro

4934 Greenwood St

David R Moran to Kathy Mahoney, $208,000.

5200 Hilltop Dr, N5

Steven A Myers to Raymond A Redding and Marion D Altemus, $88,900.

5200 Hilltop Dr, F14

Randall S Grace to Jeffrey E McKeever, $155,000.

Chadds Ford Twp

1202 Painters Crossin

James C Michell Jr to William J Pace, $170,500.

302 Southpoint Dr

Robert G Williams to Michael Gibson, $235,000.

Chester City

707 Highland Ave

Walter S Price to Antoinette V Noble, $99,900.

Chester Heights Boro

9 Ashley Ct

Daniel Breslin to Bryan McGlynn and Kristen Ashley Flynn, $220,000.

6110 Lydia Hollow Dr

Fox Valley Development Corp to Martin and Denise Wusinich, $344,003.

193 Nottingham Ct

Sandra B Handford to Neil Murray and Susan D Costa, $250,000.

242 Windsor Ln

Michael A Tucker to Mario V Gaglioti, $256,000.

Clifton Heights Boro

67 E Broadway Ave

Matthew and Christine E Peck to Jamie E Brathwaite and Kyana L Joyner, $179,900.

Collingdale Boro

207 Staley Ave

Michelle Scaperotta to Henrietta N Tugbeh, $104,900.

359 Westmont Dr

Dennis J McGorry to Mark A Fischer and Melissa Finnimore, $129,000.

301 Wolfenden Ave

Evon Burke to Roberta Drakes, $139,000.

Colwyn Boro

21 S 4th St

Td Properties Unlimited Inc to Kimberly M Cooper, $85,500.

Concord Twp

1601 Century Ln

Stephen and Eloise Harm to Donna M Burris, $322,500.

17 Concord Xing

John Madden to Mark F and Caryn L McEntee, $513,900.

35 Dogwood Ln

Charles and Janice K Micsenyi to W Craig and Eileen M Bickhardt, $364,500.

11 Georges Way

Elizabeth A Murphy to Christopher J and Kathleen Sponaugle, $550,000.

4 Hudson Way

Primacy Closing Corp to Saurabh Gupta and Dimple Anand, $620,000.

52 Summit Ave

Charles F McCrosson to Sean P McCullough, $220,000.

39 Walters Rd

Robin W and Donna M Burris to Brian and Susan R Baird, $472,500.

Darby Boro

1234 Wycombe Ave

Laquisha Johnson to Kindra McGlone, $105,000.

East Lansdowne Boro

609 Glenwood Ave

Centex Home Equity Co to Richard Nelson, $125,000.

45 Hirst Ave

Thien L Nguyen to Carlton W Santiago, $147,000.

149 Lewis Ave

Edward J and Donna E Rinnier to Andre A and Shinora Colteste, $189,900.

Eddystone Boro

702 Ashland Ave

Glen K Hambro to Vanita Williams, $123,000.

Edgmont Twp

501 Pritchard Pl

Thomas S and Helen B Ankrum to Stephen A Jr and Kelly J Sheridan, $220,500.

705 Pritchard Pl

Rebecca Goldenberg to Mary Katharine VanLear, $250,163.

3537 Runnymeade Dr

Paul F O'Brien to Matthew H and Rachel A C Kesling, $720,000.

2015 Valley Rd

Owen J Mooney et al to Christopher and Megan Hopkins, $555,000.

Folcroft Boro

426 Charmont Ave

Philip J and Karen Petruzzo to John E Rolkowski and Carol A Zanolle, $185,000.

28 Folcroft Ave

James Raftus to Lanie Kilah, $130,000.

1526 Woodland Ave

Shadeland Construction Co to Vu Thanh Cao and Cynthia Tram Nguyen, $162,000.

Glenolden Boro

419 W Dalmas Ave

Charles S Jr and Donna Field to Jon R and Joni L Payne, $195,000.

413 S Elmwood Ave

Peter F and Theresa A Williamson to Vivan A and Rose Cascarella, $210,000.

Haverford Twp

1322 Annabella Ave

Harold S and Lenora R Gass to Sean Diehl and Aimee Meikle, $234,000.

618 Ashurst Rd

Robert J Reusche et al to Robert E and Theresa R Fiorella, $455,000.

225 Belfield Ave

Kelly Swift to Stephen L and Susan M Mann, $331,000.

308 Brentwood Rd

Brown H and Jean Clark to Martine Daily, $265,000.

146 Brookline Blvd

Andrew J and Eileen M Lucchesi to Michael B and Emma M Kelly, $349,900.

1608 Colony Ln

Joseph A and Amy M Stacy to John D Ricketts Jr and Alyson J Gross, $310,000.

2420 County Line Rd

Dapeng and Yan Xu Fan to David P Brennan and William L Doerler, $379,900.

9 Ellis Rd

George H and Mary Anne Geer to John and Jennifer Kane, $450,000.

528 Furlong Ave

Mary T Boutanos to Timothy Dillon, $232,000.

651 Georges Ln

Deborah Ann Gotzman to Robert D Kemery, $257,500.

203 Harding Ave

Catherine L Borish to Christine Futchko, $234,900.

1720 Hawthorne Ave

John J and Denise M McElhiney to Brian M and Lavinia A Pritchett, $334,500.

115 Juniper Rd

Samuel Freilich to Craig and Rebecca Carracappa, $189,900.

513 Maple Hill Rd

David E and Karen S McGinnis to Michael Singer and Allison Bernstein, $300,000.

11 W Mercer Ave

Steven and Dolores Kanya to John Megan St, $201,000.

5 Nancy Dr

William M and Ruth Cobourn to Brian M and Kara Chivalette, $329,900.

704 Penfield Ave

Thomas M Concannon to Roni and Blake Robinson, $512,000.

847 Penn St

Mary DiCandilo and Irene DiCandilo to Michael and Nicole Becker, $215,000.

2516 Prescott Rd

Robert J Young et al to Gracy Korczykowski and Elias Kokkalis, $280,000.

50 Woodbine Rd

Joan Kapp to Rochelle M Meier, $239,900.

Lansdowne Boro

80 W Baltimore Ave

Agnes R Baker to Patricia A Hoelzle, $79,000.

143 W Essex Ave

Dennis and Wendy McGee to Pnc Bank, $286,150.

17 E Stratford Ave

Pamela B Wasson to Raleigh M Russell and Chanelle Smith Russell, $165,000.

Marple Twp

31 Evergreen Ave

Joe Pro Builders LLC to Parminder Kaur and Kewal P Sidhu, $380,000.

34 Ferguson Ave

William Jr and Mary Howe to Sean M and Lisa Naughton, $344,500.

70 Lindbergh Ave

Scott and Melissa Waetjen to Stephen and Rebecca M Silver, $389,000.

158 Overlook Dr

Overlook at Palmers Mill LLC to John G and Linda J Connor, $587,500.

442 Warren Blvd

John G and Celine M Martin to Glen P and Maria C DiSantis, $338,000.

Media Boro

203 E 4th St

Lawrence B Dunning to Ryan R Bruce and Bridget Kelly, $339,900.

301 Astor Sq

Cory F Hammond to Theresa L Coyle, $565,000.

222 N Orange St

Wesley and Olga Gordeuk to Christopher Mattingly, $250,000.

424 Vernon St

James Pendelton to Joseph S and Susanne Fazik, $205,000.

Middletown Twp

74 Forge Rd

Betty Lou Devine-Bruce to Sydney Blake and Carla Wyatt Payne, $560,000.

Nether Providence Twp

800 Avondale Rd, Unit 7E

E Florence Love to Hugh McCollum, $129,900.

200 Hillsboro Mls

Anne R Hevner to John T and Judith A Dalton, $438,000.

300 Saybrook Ln, Unit B

William McGinley Jr to Brent J Jacquette, $145,000.

900 Twyckenham Rd

John D Jr and Deborah Matsinger to Vanessa Johnson, $409,000.

Newtown Twp

504 Guinevere Dr

Lawrence Kramer to Patricia Doran Rainone, $608,000.

3542 Winding Way

Joann Sharp to David J McGinley, $295,000.

Norwood Boro

424 E Winona Ave

Patricia Oaster to Marshall E DiGrazio, $168,000.

Radnor Twp

455 Barclay Rd

Robert E and Aimee B Frankel to Michael Pratt and Lisa Johnson Pratt, $855,000.

7 Cornwall Cir

Daniel S and Patricia V Hoversten to John B Kelly, $625,000.

21 Fariston Rd

Prudential Relocation Inc to Francis C and Janna M Forte, $901,000.

16 Greythorne Woods

Alan R and Susan K Smith to Pamela M Hamilton, $528,000.

204 Gulph Creek Rd

Franciska Needham to Jeremy J and Norma S Oliver, $367,500.

202 St Davids Ct

Thomas M Groeling to Austin P Conner and Jerusha H Osberg Conner, $727,000.

310 N Wayne Ave

Brett C Thibodeau to William L and Dana M Bartow, $585,000.

315 West Ave

Kevin and Leigh Diskin to Michael A and Suzanne E Alfano, $920,000.

Ridley Park Boro

513 Swarthmore Ave

Frank Tulino to James Gaspero Jr and Sarah M Tuleya, $215,000.

Ridley Twp

1029 10th Ave

Issac Frank Carr to Rosemarie DePaola, $214,900.

916 Agnes Ave

Barbara Moody to Francine A Denkowycz, $185,000.

1904 Armstrong Ave

Mukesh Shah to Richard W and Rita M Canfield, $312,000.

517 Eisenhower Ave

Michael S Grace to Michael E and Allison L Smith, $281,000.

609 Folsom Ave

Carmen Zizza and Son Inc to Craig W and Patricia A Peters, $249,900.

1452 Grace Rd

Anthony J LaRocca to Alexis J Viso and Lucas M Wilson, $202,500.

1401 Grant Ave

John S Wirth to Michele Matos and Gordon Marshall III, $212,000.

901 Hancock Ave

Antonio F Puzzangara to Juan A Castillo Ocampo and Lili Castillo, $190,000.

508 Johnson Ave

Richard Barry to Neil Robert and Patricia Jean Orr, $218,500.

713 Lawnton Terr

David D Singles to Miriam Liss and Christa M DiSpigno, $212,900.

520 Rutledge Ave

Brian S Pierce to Martin M and Eileen M Mills, $240,000.

822 South Ave, Unit N-9

Christina P Doganiero to Jennifer Lynn Tatum, $95,000.

244 Virginia Ave

Rose DePaola to Sylvia Powell, $185,180.

Sharon Hill Boro

201 Bartlett Ave

David E Messick to Thu L Nguyen, $175,000.

Springfield Twp

460 Colonial Park Dr

Clement J Groody et al to Michael and Danielle Taraborrelli, $306,000.

1345 Nicklaus Dr

James J Jr and Vivien A Meehan to Joseph and Sandra Lee Stagliano, $375,000.

258 School Ln

Sharon L Hershey to Arnold and Lisa Smyth, $235,102.

932 Stewart Ave

John P DeLong to Richard Jackson and Joseph Donnelly, $180,000.

Swarthmore Boro

421 Dickinson Ave

W Jackson Jr and Jeanne M Groswith to Jason F and Elizabeth C Soch, $625,000.

Thornbury Twp

96 Dilworthtown Rd

Stephen R Kehler to Guy and Idit Shmuel, $1,500,000.

Upper Chichester Twp

729 Hawthorne Ln

William J Lacy et al to Marilyn C Campbell, $231,500.

210 Waterford Way

Jonathan T Smyre to Thomas F III and Gina Marie Driscoll, $325,000.

Upper Darby Twp

929 Alexander Ave

William B and Gina Marie Bostic to Joseph J Jr and Emilly M McMullen, $340,000.

1120 Brookwood Ln

Linda Penn to James J and Holly L Stapleton, $198,900.

3813 Brunswick Ave

Jillann E Ippoliti to Shawn Perry, $111,300.

507 Childs Ave

Conal J McGroary to Sherry Jones, $255,000.

836 Childs Ave

James E and Margaret M Smyth to Allen and Denise A Ciampitti, $355,000.

7015 Clover Ln

Alliance Development LP to Golam Khan, $86,000.

259 Copley Rd

James B and Katherine Somers to Mofizur Rahman, $84,000.

277 Coverly Rd

Jhc Ventures LP to Nina Michael, $85,000.

135 Cunningham Ave

James S and Dorothea R Doherty to Roy J Moffa, $165,000.

28 Golf Rd

Rosario J Greco to Charnett A Hunter, $82,900.

909 Harper Ave

Elizabeth E Miller to Walter and Sara Nejman, $289,900.

7013 Hazel Ave

John J Hollen et al to Harpreet Kaur, $197,000.

2804 Huey Ave

Ralph K and Monica Markarian to William J and Marie A Strahan, $530,000.

213 Margate Rd

Joseph DiFabio et al to Tyrin L Sherwood, $113,000.

1033 Ormond Ave

Gerard Burrows to Jennifer M Sonntag and Alfred C Graeber III, $260,000.

202 Prospect Ave

Ronald Keyak to Kevin D Farrell, $238,000.

1215 Roosevelt Dr

Norman Andrews to Megan E Grenier, $166,000.

7020 Ruskin Ln

Carl and Sheri Ann Erickson to Cassius James, $101,900.

2564 Stoneybrook Ln

Ferdinand and Rita Esposito to Louis A and Catherine A Girifalco, $211,000.

725 Surrey Rd

Myoung Hee Yi to Katherine A Burris, $170,000.

226 Wembly Rd

Mohammed N Amin to Mohammed Miage, $128,000.

5152 Whitehall Dr

Joseph W Kane to Linda Gallo, $152,900.

721 Windermere Ave

William H Pflaumer to Norman Andrews and Richard Fleming, $115,600.

827 Windermere Ave

Renee Fleck to Ronald E Ness, $150,000.

Yeadon Boro

34 Bailey Rd

Ruben Marshall Jr to John W Jr and Bernice R Gilbert, $183,000.

726 Bullock Ave

Janeann White to Velma P Gray, $110,000.

519 Laurel Rd

Umberto and Irene Dannibale to Rauchaun Dupree, $169,900.

826 Yeadon Ave

Gregory T Brown to Symantha Jones, $171,000.