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Main Line real estate transactions

All sales were recorded in July



70 Sagewood Dr

Toll Bros to Suzanne B Carr, $459,048.

4 Somerset Ln

Stephen W Long and Kitty Holterman to Derek Nemeth, $1,170,000.

East Whiteland

75 Church Rd

Ray S and Jennifer L Eden to Scott McComb Herzog and Lisa J Lowe, $407,500.

115 Spring Rd

Robert G and Dorothy J McGee to Michael J and Jenifer A Murray Jr, $314,900.

36 Spring Valley Rd

Neil A and Gail S Munro to Philippe G and Christy L Guerreau, $625,000.

21 White Woods Ln

John B Jr and Carrie L Wilson to Thomas J and Maureen H Gorman, $598,000.


737 1st Ave

Christine Engel to Kimberly A and Pamela B Russell, $267,000.

951 Ethan Allen Rd

Christopher C and Rachel Koch to Chad and Kimberly Frable, $649,000.

130 Lenape Dr

W Estate of Carolyn A Howard to Robert C and Deborah L Perkins, $500,000.

606 Longchamps Dr

Thomas E and Jennifer Curry to Jay and Sharon Deakins, $1,550,000.

505 Northfield Rd

Gregory C and Patricia A Burtch to Francis Mark and Virginia Marie Lastner, $1,360,000.

590 Waterloo Cir

Primacy Closing Corp to Gabriel A and Irene Kim, $1,065,000.


801 Raintree Ln

Patricia Ann Flynn to Sally Birmingham, $129,900.


410 Bair Rd

John and Linda Scuteri to Robert M Lambert Jr, $572,000.

36 Cabot Dr

Joseph F Loughran to Richard H and Kathryn A Bacastow, $363,325.

232 Country Gate Rd

Jay and Sharon Deakins to Christopher and Jennifer Peluso, $755,000.

54 Drummers Ln

Paul B Baker III to Alexander M Micu, $197,500.

12 Elan Ln

Geoff S and Sarah R Kenneck to Stephanie J Brown, $340,000.

531 General Scott Rd

J Edward Jr and Kathleen M McCaffrey to Chenhui Xu and Lifen Shen, $624,000.

543 Hickory Ln

Robert G and Rita R Bennett to Jie Ling and Wendong Zhu, $455,000.

326 Old Forge Crossing

Patrick J and Barbara Clark to Sandra L Austin, $160,000.

2250 Old Sentinel Trl

J B Properties LLC to David L Jones and Kelly A McBride Jones, $500,000.

123 Woodgate Ln

Daniel A Solari to Wei Zhou and Qing Kai Wang, $281,000.

29 Woodstream Dr

Lillian L Park to Elliott G and Stephanie L Segelbaum, $381,500.


4 Clover Ln

Elizabeth P Mulhern to Scott I Silber and Christine A Dragoun, $410,000.

38 Fairview Rd

Carol A Dobra and John P Marcantonio Jr to Kathryn L Comegys, $307,000.

3401 Maplevale Cir

Joseph H and Gosia E Zahm to Henry W and Cassandra D Davis Jr, $425,000.

1904 Meadow Hunt Ln

KI Real Estate to Glenn and Catherine Edginton, $749,990.

36 Wistar Rd

Melody J Frey to Bruce R and Diane D Zewe, $640,000.

402 Worington Dr

May V Cutuli and Elizabeth Fennelly to Linda T McGinley, $193,000.

Delaware County


501 Pritchard Pl

Thomas S and Helen B Ankrum to Stephen A Jr and Kelly J Sheridan, $220,500.

705 Pritchard Pl

Rebecca Goldenberg to Mary Katharine VanLear, $250,163.

3537 Runnymeade Dr

Paul F O'Brien to Matthew H and Rachel A C Kesling, $720,000.

2015 Valley Rd

Owen J Mooney et al to Christopher and Megan Hopkins, $555,000.


1322 Annabella Ave

Harold S and Lenora R Gass to Sean Diehl and Aimee Meikle, $234,000.

618 Ashurst Rd

Robert J Reusche et al to Robert E and Theresa R Fiorella, $455,000.

225 Belfield Ave

Kelly Swift to Stephen L and Susan M Mann, $331,000.

308 Brentwood Rd

Brown H and Jean Clark to Martine Daily, $265,000.

146 Brookline Blvd

Andrew J and Eileen M Lucchesi to Michael B and Emma M Kelly, $349,900.

1608 Colony Ln

Joseph A and Amy M Stacy to John D Ricketts Jr and Alyson J Gross, $310,000.

2420 County Line Rd

Dapeng and Yan Xu Fan to David P Brennan and William L Doerler, $379,900.

9 Ellis Rd

George H and Mary Anne Geer to John and Jennifer Kane, $450,000.

528 Furlong Ave

Mary T Boutanos to Timothy Dillon, $232,000.

651 Georges Ln

Deborah Ann Gotzman to Robert D Kemery, $257,500.

203 Harding Ave

Catherine L Borish to Christine Futchko, $234,900.

1720 Hawthorne Ave

John J and Denise M McElhiney to Brian M and Lavinia A Pritchett, $334,500.

115 Juniper Rd

Samuel Freilich to Craig and Rebecca Carracappa, $189,900.

513 Maple Hill Rd

David E and Karen S McGinnis to Michael Singer and Allison Bernstein, $300,000.

11 W Mercer Ave

Steven and Dolores Kanya to John Megan St, $201,000.

5 Nancy Dr

William M and Ruth Cobourn to Brian M and Kara Chivalette, $329,900.

704 Penfield Ave

Thomas M Concannon to Roni and Blake Robinson, $512,000.

847 Penn St

Mary DiCandilo and Irene DiCandilo to Michael and Nicole Becker, $215,000.

2516 Prescott Rd

Robert J Young et al to Gracy Korczykowski and Elias Kokkalis, $280,000.

50 Woodbine Rd

Joan Kapp to Rochelle M Meier, $239,900.


31 Evergreen Ave

Joe Pro Builders LLC to Parminder Kaur and Kewal P Sidhu, $380,000.

34 Ferguson Ave

William Jr and Mary Howe to Sean M and Lisa Naughton, $344,500.

70 Lindbergh Ave

Scott and Melissa Waetjen to Stephen and Rebecca M Silver, $389,000.

158 Overlook Dr

Overlook at Palmers Mill LLC to John G and Linda J Connor, $587,500.

442 Warren Blvd

John G and Celine M Martin to Glen P and Maria C DiSantis, $338,000.


504 Guinevere Dr

Lawrence Kramer to Patricia Doran Rainone, $608,000.

3542 Winding Way

Joann Sharp to David J McGinley, $295,000.


455 Barclay Rd

Robert E and Aimee B Frankel to Michael Pratt and Lisa Johnson Pratt, $855,000.

7 Cornwall Cir

Daniel S and Patricia V Hoversten to John B Kelly, $625,000.

21 Fariston Rd

Prudential Relocation Inc to Francis C and Janna M Forte, $901,000.

16 Greythorne Woods

Alan R and Susan K Smith to Pamela M Hamilton, $528,000.

204 Gulph Creek Rd

Franciska Needham to Jeremy J and Norma S Oliver, $367,500.

202 St Davids Ct

Thomas M Groeling to Austin P Conner and Jerusha H Osberg Conner, $727,000.

310 N Wayne Ave

Brett C Thibodeau to William L and Dana M Bartow, $585,000.

315 West Ave

Kevin and Leigh Diskin to Michael A and Suzanne E Alfano, $920,000.


Lower Merion

339 Bala Ave

Anjali K Gupta to Lisa M Loonstyn, $486,000.

570 Barrett Ave

Seaboard Exchange Co to Phillip Yong-Shin Jung, $248,000.

925 Bowman Ave

Mary Carolyn Maycock and Leonard Ilkhanoff to Lisa R and John J Veak, $517,000.

716 S Conshohocken

Sally and Theodore Lafair to Ardeshir Shojaian and Mojgan Ahmadi, $630,000.

21 Cornell Rd

Morria G and David I Pedowitz to Dorian L Harris, $360,000.

319 Fawn Hill Ln

Judith Mandell Delfiner et al to Anne J and Gary M Stein, $813,000.

1356 Hearthstone L

Rivertown Investment et al to Kimberly H S and Wayne D Kimmel, $3,000,000.

1428 Knox Rd

Benjamin Hardy to Scott Richard Silberman, $490,000.

419 Merion Pl

Elizabeth A Buchanan to SB Acquisitions, $225,000.

628 Morris Ave

Gilberto R Pereira to Toni Ann Banet, $875,000.

917 Old Lancaster

Pennstone Partners et al to Melanie A Wilson, $577,000.

125 Radnor St

Margaret Anne Fohl to Bryn Mawr Presbyterian, $197,183.


343 Dudley Ave

Edward L Breslow, Robert F Sammartino et al to Bentley Ulrich LLC, $400,000.

Upper Merion

408 Glenn Rose Cir

Carla G and Allen D Brecht to Christine Renzi, $325,000.

218 Holly Dr

Jennifer Sykes to Heather H Raum, $186,000.

2000 Valley Forge

Herbert T and Si Ling King to Gretchen L Schmidt, $287,500.