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Montgomery County real estate transactions

Montgomery County

These transactions were recorded in August.

Abington Twp

154 Central Ave

Dzung Tran and Anh-Nguyet Nguyen to Andrea Ingram and Robert D Fehrle, $278,500.

1305 Osbourne Ave

Carol Copelin and Warren Cleveland to Maren and Thomas S Stone, $339,900.

723 Penn Ave

John A and Kelly E King to Lauren D Flynn, $245,000.

242 Tyson Ave

Alan and Patricia Trauger to Kelly N and Chad D Curtis, $280,000.

1100 Tyson Ave

Teresa and Nicholas Govelovich to Razinn Gibson, $90,000.

Ambler Boro

314 Valley Brook R

Timothy S and Julie E Fenley to Sarah and Jonathan Rawes, $324,900.

Bryn Athyn Boro

2635 Alden Rd

Barbara R Rabii to Cheryl Lynn Buss, $225,000.

Cheltenham Twp

217 Berkeley Rd

Kathleen and Niels C Christensen to Michelle F and Ovidio Vitas, $317,000.

312 Bok Rd

Donna Brockington to Craig L Metcalfe et al, $290,000.

100 Breyer Dr

Ellen M Cohen et al to 5b Breyer Ests LLC, $368,000.

49 Johns Rd

Bruce A and Esther S VanHorne to Phuong Hoang, $200,000.

508 Laverock Rd

MacKenzie and Kevin P Hendrickson to George and Carla Floratos, $305,000.

7535 Mill Rd

Dimitry Teslyar and Gennady Berman to Amy E and Ross M Levy, $475,000.

652 Mulford Rd

Jordan Abramson and Andra S Abramson to Abby and Brian M Fishman, $435,000.

1109 Orleans Rd

Goldye Comisky to Brett A and Jessica L Endy, $425,000.

428 Paxson Ave

Matt G and Lauren Morris to Robert E Perkins and Sheila McKinney-Perkins, $209,000.

709 Sunset Rd

Anthony J Faraco to Rae Ann and Eric E Anderson, $299,000.

7703 West Ave

Elias and Esta R Schwartz to Michael Szura and Maureen Boland, $529,900.

7900 York Rd

Yvonne C King to Fujie Grey, $118,000.

Collegeville Boro

316 R Glad Way

Nakshatar and Baldev Singh to Jill A and Brian G Blasek, $407,500.

Conshohocken Boro

138 E 3d Ave

Michael Rosefeldt and David Edick to Melissa Hart Tewksbury, $226,000.

338 W 5th Ave

Patrick D Testa et al to Elaine Battaglia, $239,900.

130 W 6th Ave

Marlene J Burk to Jason Gross, $325,000.

Douglass Twp

332 Bow Ln

Diane and Joseph G Scott to Joseph S Slowik, $239,900.

70 Brookside Ct

Melanie R Abeln and Bonnie L A Lewis to Laura Latta, $205,900.

161 Oak St

Daniel L and Judy E Gamler to John J and Cheryl V Meade, $279,900.

East Norriton Twp

2926 Keenwood Rd

Ryan and Megan McDonough to Kristina Ruiz-Mesa, $225,250.

Franconia Twp

160 Chester Ct

Geralyn J Cantwell to Jonathan Hannahoe and Lauren Robertson, $292,375.

505 Darrahs Way

James J and Mary L Herre to Marta R and Craig E Rosenberger, $534,000.

233 Harleysville P

Jeannette D Bold to George J and Jennifer L Hofmann, $239,900.

378 Harrington Way

Carol L and Frederick J Prange to Joan L and James J Sweeney, $339,900.

38 Milburn Ct

Th Prop LLC to David M and Melissa M Koch, $455,427.

39 Milburn Ct

Th Prop LLC to Miguel S Cheng, $422,932.

115 Quince Dr

Debra N and Richard J Ford to Kathy A and Lance E Cappello, $267,500.

Hatboro Boro

11 Concord Pl

Danielle M Hubler to Marla J Bush, $181,500.

22 Drummers Way

Rudolph and Emma Hafner to Matthew S Hafetz, $169,000.

Hatfield Twp

119 Vernon Ct

Rafael D Marfil to Jason Falk and Shiela Brett, $270,000.

Horsham Twp

104 Chestnut Ln

Jennifer and Chuan Ngo to James and Tina C Will, $650,000.

10 Devon Cir

Sharon A Walker to Leonard E and Raye L Thompson, $350,000.

404 Dresher Rd

Domenic D Forgione to Salvator C and Maria G Forgione, $145,000.

14 Ember Ln

Susan Smith to Christopher M Hamburg, $190,000.

610 Manor Dr

Charles M Hoffmann and George M Hoffmann to Sharon Labow, $260,000.

228 Milton Ave

Mark A Purvis to Adam T Meinke, $294,900.

1343 Stoney Riv

Jay C and Barbara J Wilcox to Andrew N and Amy L Linn, $625,000.

102 Wynmere Dr

John and Jodi Young to Melissa A McDonald, $256,250.

Lansdale Boro

23 S Chestnut St

Joseph Patanay to Nitta Florence Spec and David K Nttta, $179,000.

539 Winding Rd

Julie K and Troy D Gibson to Allan D and Traci L Langdon, $200,000.

Limerick Twp

5907 Drawbridge Ct

Matthew S Taddei to Jaclyn Kasmala and Matthew Buggey, $190,000.

1408 Duke Ct

Deborah C Williams and Robert A Wilding to Stephanie J Yocum, $250,400.

104 Jessica Cir

Michael and Mary E Lynch to L Margaret and Mark G Kalady, $470,000.

1193 Main St

Cynthia B and Robert C McDaniel to Dennis Marlatt, $250,000.

151 Merion Dr

Anthony M and Melinda M Wilkes to Jenna L Gonder, $251,250.

31 Pine Tree Rd

Ronald C and Nevillia Metzger to Olawale Jegede, $400,000.

Lower Frederick Twp

203 Goshen Rd

David L and Paula T Vlock to William E Thron and Juliann Palermo, $220,500.

Lower Gwynedd Twp

441 Foulke Ave

Elaine S and David C Dietz to Carrie Traver and Edward Filip, $260,500.

437 Francis Ave

Jonathan Rawes and Sarah Bransky Rawes to Kathrin S Hoerauf and Nicholas R Gilly, $251,000.

1251 Tenby Ct

Paulette A Beale to Allen D Hanson, $522,000.

Lower Moreland Twp

67 Clearview Ave

Charles A and Patricia W Hund to Caren Nires, $390,000.

474 County Line Rd

Chun Sik and Eunyoung Kang to Henry Drach, $315,000.

2221 Jefferson Ln

Duckworth Communities Inc and Arcadia at Inverness Glen LP to Edith Wolf and Jodie Wolf Howard, $1,712,387.

34 Welsh Rd

Victoria M and Robert V Hyers to Josip and Marija Ivancevic, $355,000.

Lower Pottsgrove Twp

1470 Buchert Rd

Helene P Fennell to Sandra D and William A Eckert, $395,000.

842 Maple Glen Cir

Joan C Gehris and Beatrice M Bonkoski to Bradford W Weitz, $158,000.

628 Oaktree Ct

Melissa Shine to Diane P Pfanders, $161,500.

1094 Overlook Dr

Joseph P Groarke to Desiree A Stratton-Gilroy, $390,000.

176 Sanatoga Rd

James J and Lillie M Lattanzio to Theresa L Tompkins, $103,000.

2707 Walnut Rdg

Karen S and Andrew D Battisto to Roseann Myers and Matthew R Jobson, $148,000.

3903 Walnut Rdg

Dennis F Harp to Thomas M Bannon, $152,000.

789 Wendy Dr

Breidenstein Living Trust to Owen and Patricia Franklin, $243,900.

Lower Providence Twp

5106 Brandywine Dr

David B and Lynette Becattini to Chae Been and Jung Hee Park, $500,000.

Lower Salford Twp

384 Buckingham Cir

Shaoguang Zhang and Hanmei Peng to Joe A Varghese et al, $407,000.

930 Harleysville P

Roland M Pennock and George Pennock to Kevin M and Nancy J Chowns, $200,000.

506 Meetinghouse R

Donna J and Kevin T Walsh to Mark M and Sharon M Ferrebee, $400,000.

408 Moyer Rd

Rita A and Michael P Chiarolanza to Eileen M and Arnoldo M Fonseca, $299,900.

461 Park Ave

Lisa A and Mark E Saverio to Kristen and Terrence N Tacker, $245,000.

Montgomery Twp

218 Buckingham Ln

Brent L and Sandra J Black to Timothy N and Kim M E Blurton, $678,000.

201 Cheswick Dr

Vinod and Pinki Punjabi to Winifred and James Custus, $590,000.

108 Collettes Ct

Hyon Sook and Tae Ho Yang to Eun M Jung, $230,000.

107 Compton Ct

Allison B Newhart and Michael A Hash to Dean and Elena Poillucci, $395,000.

1217 Lower State R

Danielle Roska to Patrick C Coan, $245,000.

506 Victoria Dr

Brittany J Lourea-Waddell and Ryan M Waddell to Jinah and Philip Lee, $236,000.

126 Woodland Dr

Elizabeth C and Paul A McCollum to Harold and Roseanna Boyd, $375,000.

New Hanover Twp

2855 S New Hanover

David W and Selena R Dietrich to Paul P and Sheila A Lockard, $271,450.

3003 S New Hanover

John J and Cheryl V Meade to Louis and Madeline Bachy, $287,000.

2578 Willow Brk

Elizabeth A and Robert P Pro to Nicole D and Brent R Rothermel, $319,000.

Norristown Boro

905 Buttonwood St

Liang Chen Chou and Peter Y Lee to Deshannan N and Ernest B Jefferson, $157,000.

829 Haws Ave

Shelby J Valentine to Andrew Keiser, $90,000.

1437 Markley St

Lisa Monique Almodovar to Anna Marie Ortiz, $155,000.

1705 Powell St

Brian and Keri Torrence to Joseph P Hussey, $165,000.

569 Stanbridge St

Coventry Blue LLC to Maria and Ezra Palmore, $170,000.

Pennsburg Boro

392 Cattail Ct

John and Evelyn Granahan to Edward Schneider, $235,000.

416 Jackson St

Edward N and Ryan E Haring to Timothy Gerhart, $165,000.

Perkiomen Twp

806 Red Coat Rd

Stacy R Toto and Robert N McClelland to Maryam Moaddeb, $315,000.

151 Regents Rd

Danielle C and Samuel P Smith to Jerome Pointer and Kia K Gray, $299,500.

Pottstown Boro

12 12 W 4th St

David A Waldt and James J Boyd to Ted and Sandra Josey, $164,000.

477 N Franklin St

Cynthia L and Dennis M Barndt to Jason M Kulp and Danielle L Varnes, $148,000.

711 High St

Raymond F Tinucci to Hill School, $198,000.

344 Jefferson Ave

Bank of NY Tr to Thomas E Lakeman, $75,000.

113 King St

Ellen J and John T Lettiere to Theodore S and Kristen A Harlan, $213,800.

575 Lincoln Ave

Lyndsey D Shantz to Kathleen J Satter and Terry S Trego, $94,900.

438 Loop Rd

Todd A and Devon E Byers to Michelle and Scott Mathe, $248,000.

620 N Manatawny St

Jaynann B Algier to David Foster, $94,900.

1217 Pine St

Ronald L Yerger to Vincent and Francesca Mazzamuto, $155,000.

540 Spruce St

Miriam Christman and Beatrice M Christman to Stewart Property Holdings, $79,000.

329 Walnut St

Roland V Mentzer to Robert J White, $84,900.

441 Walnut St

Genesis Housing Corp to Ann Elizabeth Davis, $96,500.

327 W Walnut St

Robert B Collison to Robert Scandle, $122,900.

1551 Wilson St

Mark G Kalady et al to Nicholas P and Kimberly Ann Horvath, $330,000.

423 N York St

Jane M Hospador and James M Creswell to Barbara D Layman, $125,500.

Red Hill Boro

131 W 2d St

Brian E LaRochelle to Jeffrey S Thompson and Eric J Thompson, $162,000.

Rockledge Boro

10 Borbeck St

Jinhong Chang and Biming Cao to Trisha K and Kevin J Travers, $352,000.

Royersford Boro

660 Main St

Mary K and David Imes to Jeffrey L and Colleen M Madden, $300,000.

314 Walnut St

Cynthia A and Kenneth J Yetter to Garrett O'Neill, $179,900.


391 Ridge Rd

Theodore E and Karen P Klein to Sheila M and Joel R Barlow, $350,000.

127 S Schultz Rd

Natalie and George C Weimer to David and Carolyn Mattingly, $635,000.

Skippack Twp

932 Cholet Dr

Amy McPeak and Michael McPeak to Gabrielle C Abate, $245,000.

2110 Store Rd

Ellen L Capaldi and Jo Anne C Beattie to Kathleen A Tooley, $239,000.

Souderton Boro

208 Penn Ave

Nicole P and Joseph T Michalski to Karen Hoffman, $310,000.

90 N School Ln

Thomas S Lederach and Emma M Lederach to Anthony J Antonucci and Shelly L Rosenberger, $215,000.

Springfield Twp

718 Avondale Rd

Michelle D and Joseph F Conners to David R and Lauren M Campe, $362,000.

79 N College Ave

Janis Wilson to Neil D and Nancy C Gallagher, $267,500.

35 Jones Ave

Gail Marie and Paul R Anderson to Joanne S Penn, $275,000.

204 Larrimore Ln

Helen H English to Maureen D and John P Lally, $335,000.

8417 Stenton Ave

Peggy E Chittick to Walter C and Jane F Evans, $615,000.

213 Sunnybrook Ave

Stefan T and Heidi L Martin to Kristen M Piotrowski and David M Frank, $350,000.

Telford Boro

327 Northview Ave

Clayton A and Judith Moore to Charles C Goebel, $274,000.

Towamencin Twp

474 Amherst Ct

Phoebe M and Michael R Montanye to Sean Devlin and Amy Williams, $260,000.

178 Ardwick Ter

Lucille C Richards to Jennine E Mara, $170,000.

1111 Jefferson Ct

Timothy J Young to Rhonda M and Laurence G Poli, $151,500.

1210 Knollbrook Dr

Ann B Fitzpatrick to Theodore R McKenzie, $441,000.

510 Poplar Ct

Leonid Zeltser to Wimayra P Luy, $171,000.

Trappe Boro

332 Meadowview Dr

Kim N and David L Haggert to Michael and Gina Romanelli, $405,000.

Upper Dublin Twp

1703 Alba Rd

Hem Chandra and Kamal Renu Chatterjee to John and Erin Livingston, $264,250.

424 Bluebird Ln

Rosamond A and Ronald H Isenberg to Verna Liescheidt et al, $390,000.

212 Brookwood Dr

David E Bilger to Ronni D Ridgway, $233,000.

715 Dresher Woods

An Fei and Stephen Hsu to Helen Choi Jang, $258,000.

1500 Foxbury Rd

Bruce C and Sara J Berger to Michael M Shahin, $769,900.

2301 Grant Mews

Connie and John Hong to Son Ho Kim and Mi Yang Chang, $316,500.

3028 Susquehanna R

Edward G and Edino A D Varani to Judith Leblanc and Lephrael Cadet, $305,000.

414 Washington Ln

Estate of John O Thomas to David T and Ashley M Frearson, $415,000.

1716 Waterford Way

Byung S and Seung H Moon to Yong Li and Xiao Sun, $619,000.

1668 Whitehouse Rd

David L and Marna L Friedman to Hallie J and Steven K Weiss, $535,000.

303 Willowmere Ln

Ellen and William P McKee to Louis Rappaport, $535,000.

Upper Frederick Twp

1619 Woodland Rd

Brian K Vogel and Jane A Matczak to David L and Tammy J Galluppi, $330,000.

Upper Gwynedd Twp

786 Brian Way

Stuart R Crane to Nebiat Gebre and Debesai Solomon, $260,000.

1909 General Nash

Matthew J and Cherie A Cross to Christine M and Eric J Behr, $388,000.

1305 Gwynedale Way

Dominic J and Theresa Ann Vatalare to Phyllis J Fields, $286,000.

1331 Gwynedale Way

William Michael Janssen to Dong Shin Lee and Min Ji Kim, $280,000.

2018 Ryans Run

Terri M and Paul E Jones to Alecia S and Marshelene J Lue, $287,500.

217 Upper Valley R

Bruce A and Mary A MacNeill to Elizabeth A Lyle, $325,000.

Upper Merion Twp

132 Boro Line Rd

Karen A Votta and Francis R Burdo to Lan and Thao Dinh, $300,000.

247 Jasper Rd

William E Stribrny and Linda M Stribrny to Thomas J and Beth Ann Stribrny, $300,000.

425 Lynrose Ct

Stephen C Orleski to Camille C and Michael L Winter, $361,250.

429 Matsonford Rd

Daniel J and Diane Wilson to Debora L and Thomas Peyton, $999,000.

363 Radar Dr

Stephen J and Sharon E Kovacic to Eric E Reed and Beth A Knapp-Reed, $430,000.

710 Tannery Dr

Christopher L and Dianne L Kinney to Chi Hung Chui and Anastaisa Peng, $390,000.

119 Timothy Cir

Elizabeth M Nagel to Elizabeth C and T Keith Fogg, $400,000.

319 Valley Forge R

Mary Jo and James Greco to Salvatore J and Geraldine Greco, $300,000.

Upper Moreland Twp

2733 Blair Mill Rd

Timothy P and Melissa M O'Connor to Kristina A and Michael P Dormer, $249,900.

3027 Byberry Rd

Marilynn R Morabito and Lewis D Reiniger to Renee L Rosenfeld, $460,000.

176 Campmeeting Rd

Elwood E Lackman to Joanne Browne and Michael Tuffy, $275,000.

238 Cowbell Rd

William D and Jeanne K Hiemer to Edward M and Frances A Rorer, $259,000.

25 Knock N Knoll Cir

Darren Kunsky to Maria J Mendoza and Maurico G Vicente, $195,000.

2620 Martin Rd

James R and Stephanie L Crane to Timothy P and Melissa M O'Connor, $410,000.

325 S Warminster R

E Michael Canalley to Kelsey Wiedrich and David Daniels, $176,000.

325 S Warminster R

E Michael Canalley to Brian P D'Amico and Lindsay Bauer, $179,000.

Upper Pottsgrove Twp

135 Stone Hill Dr

Th Prop LLC to Gene Reynolds et al, $214,203.

59 Stone Hill Dr

Th Prop LLC to Toni Vennettilli and Alberto Vennettilli, $241,990.

172 Stone Hill Dr

Th Prop LLC to Deann and Howard Green, $252,427.

178 Stone Hill Dr

Th Prop LLC to Albert T Fuchs and Suzanne Philippon, $260,390.

336 Summer Grove L

R/C Mgmnt Corp to Peter J and Kelly Hnat, $374,895.

1937 Yarnall Rd

Albert J Dudanowicz to Charles P Spicer, $235,000.

Upper Providence Twp

1130 Egypt Rd

R Arlene Quay to Susan L Elliott and Edwin C Quay, $245,000.

50 Goldfinch Cir

Toll Pa VI LP to Abdul and Fareena Mutlib, $925,206.

39 Greenwood Ave

Marianne and Kevin M Tabois to Diane and Gary L Behler, $415,000.

113 Hunt Club Dr

Kenneth J Piotrowski to John H and Lorraine M Callahan, $304,000.

933 Katie Cir

Berit Brewington to Anson J and Jennifer Lynn Kring, $255,000.

995 Katie Cir

Karen and Gregory T Potteiger to Kimberely Michel and Ralph Veigel, $255,000.

104 Larchwood Ct

Donald R Hanrahan to Chad Ganovsky, $200,000.

1018 Meadowview Ln

Peter C Kleponis to Monica V Bergen, $135,000.

917 Mennonite Rd

Nicolette Allen and Hank Smith to Brian M and Jasmine S Ewing, $300,000.

115 Redwood Dr

Janell L Lamperti and Alex V Lamperti to Kathleen M Drennan, $220,000.

46 Sheffield Ct

Thomas C Forsberg to Hua Huang and Bin Peng, $255,000.

28 Windy Knoll Dr

Mei and Ranabir Dey to Prudential Relocation, $467,000.

West Conshohocken Boro

319 Church St

Brian A Burke and Lea M Burke to Michele Lenzi, $329,900.

West Norriton Twp

227 Centre Ave

Christian P Holdsworth to Robert E Knick, $129,000.

130 Clemens Cir

Karen A and John M Petrei to Regina M and Henry H Virkler, $505,000.

1004 Kennedy Ct

David M Branco to Angela M and Aaron D Curry, $315,000.

198 Liberty Ave

Helen C Davis et al to Brian C White and Kelly M O'Brien, $190,000.

2013 Sterigere St

Sherwood V Polter et al to Samuel Codispoti and Noelle L Salamone, $297,500.

520 Waller Way

Patricia Whitmore to Ciara Rodgers, $215,000.

Whitemarsh Twp

117 Chinaberry Dr

Alyson M and Jeffrey A Nerenberg to Abby Jill and Jeffrey Mark DeYoung, $655,000.

2303 Mulberry Ln

Loretta A McKeogh to Fern R Welsh, $300,000.

133 Puritan Rd

Colleen and Derick Pickett to Michael and Robin L Ubaldini, $443,000.

413 Revere Rd

Barbara F Nodine to Nolan V and Shannon M Jones, $394,900.

628 Wagner Rd

Audrey and Michael Schnur to Lisa Anderson and Michael J Gavin, $315,000.

Whitpain Twp

251 Copper Beech D

Kathryn E Gerding to Michael H Hynes, $350,000.

280 Copper Beech D

Karen Sinkowitsch and Eduardo Zanatti to Charlie H Ziese and Carol E Layton, $345,000.

1441 Guiteras Dr

David N and Maureen Price to Sharon Eisenmann, $405,000.

1028 Hickory Dr

Christie Fineberg to Lisa R and Jacob Gladish, $465,000.

1438 Manor Ln

Margaret Jarosh Doyle to Steven J and Frances Caine, $435,000.

4 Steeplechase Ln

Barbara I Stillman to Ernestine J Mullen and Herbert A Lieberman, $355,000.