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Burlington County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through June 18.

Bass River Twp

5857 Route 9

Lorraine A Bush to Harry E Nogowski, $242,000.

Beverly City

409 Warren St

Harold M Boston to Michelle Jordan and Faheem Ja Bree, $138,000.

Bordentown Twp

3 Independence Dr

Gene R and Mary C Cardone to Kevin Donald and Michele Lynn Thiel, $390,000.

Burlington City

330 Elm Ave

Margaret G and Hasan Karayel to Daniel L Caruso, $189,000.

523 Linden Ave

Dolores B Hutton to Allen J Williams and Robert M Ray, $95,000.

Burlington Twp

1007 Garnet Dr

Cumberland Arms Associates to Bernadette Thompson, $97,000.

1401 Kenny Cv

Sandra Fazio to Shamell D Cureton, $185,000.

517 Linden Ave

Karen K Wells to Corey and Sheridan T Baker, $61,000.

32 Society Ct

John H and Rose Hasson to April Collette, $190,000.

34 Society Ct

Paul Johnson and Antoinette Edmondson Salter to Olumide O Agbaje, $164,000.

Cinnaminson Twp

2905 Deerfield Ct

Gerald R Petre and Nancy A Field to Joseph H McErlean Jr, $291,000.

11 Pomona Ct

Henrietta E Kirshtein to John R and Deborah M Daleus, $320,000.

107 Whitebirch Dr

Mary Ann Timmons and Residuary Trust U/W Kenneth Timmons to Michael Waters, $339,999.

92 Woodside Ln

Sam and Danilyn Thevanayagam to Michael Stavalone, $590,000.

Delanco Twp

8 Heron Ct

Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Danielle N Howerton, $86,238.

Delran Twp

305 Arch St

Maria Parejo Czum to Chris and Meghan Ruper, $259,900.

3 Meadow Ln

Salvatore A and Joanna Leto to Patrice Chase, $244,900.

2 Montclair Dr

Maryanne T Thompson and Estate Of Theresa A Thompson to Jason C and Stephanie V Gasper, $288,000.

902 Oberlin Ave

Samuel John and Gaetana A Cranmer Jr to Brian and Nancy Roff, $229,900.

19 Primrose Ln

Michael A Green to Caroline M Willms, $242,000.

21 Providence Ct

David and Latosha C Cuttino to Jason and Sherri L Eckhardt, $455,000.

Edgewater Park Twp

211 Coolidge Ave

Raymond Dibuono to Kristin and Jenna Dreher, $179,900.

275 Green St unit 5a3

Richard E Avery to Jennifer Hutchinson, $124,500.

403 Monroe Ave

June K Jenkins Ohrenberger and John J Jenkins to Daryl W and Dawn Roberts, $257,500.

1475 Mt Holly Rd unit F12

Daniel J and Katelynn B Picinich to Sandra J Nichols Jones, $126,690.

7 Vermont Cir

Frank R and Barbara K Jackson to Samuel J and Gaetana A Cranmer, $237,000.

Evesham Twp

25 Bancroft Rd

Thomas A Monzo to Christopher P and Diane L Royster, $268,000.

208 Conestoga Dr

Jacquelyn Zeigler to Steven Philipp and Elena Wellens, $296,900.

227 Crown Prince Dr

Theresa M Cantone to Donna M Goodrich, $229,000.

88 Dorchester Cir

Caryn Lea Newhart to William and Sharon Radichel, $202,500.

76 Lakeside Dr

Adam Lazarus to Gregory X Voorhees and Amy E Schuenemann, $295,000.

117 Meadow Ln

Luther A and Jean M Dawson to David M and Lourdes A Bagnato, $354,000.

505 Roberts Ln

Theresa M Lepek to Reynaldo and Elizabeth Gonzalez, $218,000.

707 Saratoga Ct

Allen W and Linda M Johnson to Patricia A Dennis, $245,000.

1903 Woodhollow Dr

Norma Rooney to Dwight M Hixon, $130,000.

Florence Twp

220 W 2nd St

Anthony L and Alma L Caruso to Floyd Reynolds III and George Douglas Idell, $95,900.

222 W 4th St

Stephen and Amy Muchowski to Michael J Allen and Brianna E Cute, $228,000.

873 E 5th St

Kathleen J Newman Nelson and Nick C Travisano to Stephen and Amy Muchowski, $325,000.

19 Florence Tollgate Pl unit 5

Circle Homes Of Nj II LLC to Fehintola Fashoyin, $107,000.

48 Magnolia Ct

Thomas and Susan Zuccarello to Peter Fiabane, $285,000.

91 Wilbur Henry Dr

Mary Ann Wall to Tommi C and Lawrence Povia, $290,000.

Hainesport Twp

1909 Marne Hwy

Zena L Bucci to Stanley and Andrianna Dodd, $320,000.

513 Marne Hwy

Grace E Balkoski to Tammy Herring, $155,000.

Lumberton Twp

3 Carmella Dr

Shawn P and Marikay D McMullen to Damon A Petras and Nicole Yerkes, $306,900.

14 Crispin Rd

Robert L and Geraldine B Saunders to Mark A and Donna M Cotton, $575,000.

87 Kingsbridge Dr

John A and Celeste P Mankowski to Michael Worrell and Denise Pondish, $384,000.

1 Rothbury Dr

Bruce A and Monica L Lehnortt to Brett T Rubler and Rosa A Rosato, $505,000.

15 Shamrock Rd

Sirva Relocation LLC to Basudeb Das, $600,000.

43 Whitebirch Ct

Rachelle Catalano to Tanyka A Watson, $161,500.

Mansfield Twp

132 Augusta Dr

Stephanie Feig and Stephanie Tkacs to Lisa Distephano, $84,582.

3 Dickens Dr

Steven and Kimberly Miles to Peter Angelo C and Rosa Mia P Lim, $455,000.

2 Durham Dr

Travis E and Kelly J Fryzowicz to Sean P Hoggs, $367,000.

7 Shady Ridge Ct

Clayton W Cobb to Lydia Desantis, $296,000.

Maple Shade Twp

575 Buena Vista Ave

Joseph A Petrochko to Leonard Hart IV, $193,000.

241 Crawford Ave

William A and Margaret R Hewitt to Ralph Massanova, $160,000.

50 N Fellowship Rd

Brian and Kathleen M Fitzpatrick to Robert Iannaco, $88,000.

311 N Stiles Ave

Brian A and Susannah H Lucas to Melissa Muse, $285,000.

Medford Lakes Boro

68 Mohave Trl

Robert J Ferenz and Marilyn B Cameron Ferenz to Deborah L Delp, $204,000.

138 Stokes Rd

Elizabeth D Allen to Andrzej J and Kathleen C Krukowski Jr, $257,000.

Medford Twp

8 Boxwood Ln

Frederick J and Barbara L Humphrey II to David J Keegan, $430,000.

11 Hadley Dr

Primacy Closing Corp to Michael L Ford and Erin M Halpin Ford, $619,000.

25 Lexington Dr

Michael E and Michael Butterfield to Dan P and Patricia I Kiernan, $445,000.

2 Tudor Ct

Thomas M and Carol A Price to Philip L Del Vecchio Jr and Janet L Smith, $385,000.

25 Wilkins Station Rd

The Estaugh and Medford Leas to Thomas Paige, $320,000.

Moorestown Twp

86 E 3rd St

Carol J and Thomas J McCarthy to Rebecca Howery, $242,000.

215 Center St

Charles Briggs and Michael Hynes to Christopher A and Linda C Humes, $396,224.

410 E Central Ave

Susan M and Andrew T Rippert to Stephen P and Karen Denittis, $870,000.

301 Creek Rd

Anthony E and Janet T Casapulla to Stephen D and Ava Michele Juliana, $699,000.

129 New Albany Rd

Joanne Bradley to Ryan Barbalios, $185,000.

102 N Somers Pl

Phillip K Bailis and Risa N Cohen to Timothy J and Michelle Dangelo, $570,000.

10 Trillium Ln

Christine L Petka to John and Camellia Jakominich, $930,000.

Mount Holly Twp

48 Mt Holly Ave

John A Modugno and James L Reed to Linda A Johnson, $178,000.

137 Risdon St

Rudolph J and Kimberley Saldan to Arnold S Adams, $135,900.

94 Shreve St

Esther M Carpenter and Jean S Cook to Frank and Michele Pallante, $122,000.

710 Smith Ln

Alfred C Chapman to Jermaine A Cain and Phyllis J McClinton, $220,500.

119 Washington St

Jeffrey Moore to Mohammad Shakeel, $152,000.

Mount Laurel Twp

5115c Aberdeen Dr

Lisa L Schmitter to Amy L Jackson, $174,000.

5405 Adelaide Dr

Amelia G Marini to Tarcisio S and Myrna P Reynes, $165,000.

3 Adner Dr

Frances Silberfeld to Jacqueline M Draper, $230,000.

5405a Albridge Way

John and Catherine Marone to Nancy Stewart, $175,500.

111 Banwell Ln

Barbara L M Stevenson to Christopher J Winkler and Gemma R Gannone, $252,500.

34 W Berwin Way

Stephen G Troutman and The Estate Of Ronald P Troutman to Paula Keefe and Anita Biedrzycki, $220,000.

52 Biddle Way

Leanne Zawrotny to Chaklam Woo and Chia Yin Liu, $302,500.

716 N Cascade Dr

Marie Grossi to Richard and Marcia L Style, $282,000.

332 Cedar Ln

Stephen and Christina Shapiro to Melissa and Joseph Freund, $292,000.

123 Chatham Rd

James J and Susan G Moran to Lorna Bowden, $287,000.

206 Churchill Downs Ct

Denise D Holland to Wallace Shuster Jr and Sheryl Butler, $440,000.

25a E Daisy Ln

Steven M Szachewicz and John Hennessy to Kelly Green, $207,000.

111 Dorchester Rd

Richard J and Ilona J Waggoner to David and Kirsten Matthews, $292,000.

North Hanover Twp

2 Laurel Dr

Richard J and Mary P Habres to Richard and Dawn Disbrow, $492,000.

Palmyra Boro

115 E 5th St

Central Baptist Church Of Riverton & Pal to Blake D Ingram Sr, $200,000.

802 Filbert St

Sue Ellen and Mark Fillion to Scott G and Melanie I Newcomer, $222,000.

610 Lincoln Ave

Dorothy J Perkins to Susan C and John R Frazier, $176,000.

101 Quay Ct

Diane E Walsh to Marilyn Leonardo, $219,000.

28 Rowland St

G & K Properties LLC to Daniel Depaula, $166,000.

Pemberton Twp

205 Cayuga Trl

Shirley A Dorman to John L Broomall Jr, $200,000.

55 Foxglove St

Federal National Mortgage Assn and Fannie Mae to Steven De Lucia, $158,500.

17 Hanover St

John D Kuzy and Estate Of Barbara R Kuzy to Terrence M and Jennifer D Jackson, $275,000.

119 Harwich St

David J Alexander to Jamie D Widrig, $190,000.

185&187 Kinsley Rd

Enid Gomez and Rebecca Rogers to David A Kelly, $134,640.

75 Larkspur St

Primacy Closing Corp to Kevin J Wood, $242,000.

Riverside Twp

523 Kossuth St

Erik and Jennifer Beecher to Michael T Tress and Dorothy M Wood, $137,665.

64 Park Ave

Kristin and Jenna Dreher to Stephen P and Theresa Haynes, $153,000.

Shamong Twp

15 Millstone Dr

Nicholas and Sally Weidl to Joseph P and Patricia M Horner, $378,800.

Southampton Twp

606 Avenue C

Sharon L and Edward P Barnes to Julia Valentino, $235,000.

95 Kingston Way

Donald J Stein to Raffaela Ferraro and Alex Bogaenko, $165,000.

427 Red Lion Rd

Frank E and Ronald Worrell Jr to Roger P and Betty Anne Allen, $282,000.

Springfield Twp

23 Island Rd

Richard and Sandra J Minton to Christine Barclay, $285,000.

27715 Mt Pleasant Rd

David J and Kathleen Novak to Thomas and Jennifer Spivey, $374,900.

Tabernacle Twp

44 New Rd

Alan E and Susan R Jaggard to Michelle D Wonderlin, $317,500.

Washington Twp

4 Debow Ln

Joann Hession to Mark E Waldron, $300,000.

Willingboro Twp

38 Rittenhouse Dr

Sandy V and Amber N Henley Jr to Dahab O Jones, $145,500.

33 Balfour Ln

Anthony Balboni to Jermaine D and Erica Shaunte C Tate, $175,000.

53 Bendix Ln

Brian Davis to Vonne Davis Lockhart, $185,000.

33 Bolton Ln

Donna and Frank Heyward to Cleve Reid and Velma Kirkland Reid, $182,000.

41 Brunswick Ln

Jason and Melissa Abramowitz to Alexander and Connie M Brown Jr, $191,000.