These transactions were recorded through June 25.

Audubon Boro

435 Chestnut St

William Roka and Tracey Slack to Matthew R and Carolyn Repetto, $210,500.

Camden City

1335 Argus Rd

Marc Sorrentino to Ben Saalkind, $67,000.

2366 Baird Blvd

Bryce Peters Financial Holdings to Willie Lambert, $75,000.

1021 Collings Rd

Marc Sorrentino to Ben Saalkind, $66,000.

1367 Collings Rd

Marc Sorrentino to Ben Saalkind, $62,000.

1259 S Merrimac Rd

Marc Sorrentino to Ben Saalkind, $63,000.

2900 W Octagon Rd

Marc Sorrentino to Ben Saalkind, $57,000.

116 S 27th St

Luis A and Maria Roman to Israel Nieves, $72,000.

71 S 27th St

St Joseph Carpenter Society to Orfa Escobar, $75,000.

18 N 28th St

Wanda Tarpley to Brandon Zitin, $85,000.

855 N 33rd St

Estate Of John J Dipompo to Hayde M Colon, $121,794.

1037 Atlantic Ave

and Albert Handy Property Mgmt LLC to Richard Cianfrini, $70,000.

Cherry Hill Twp

48 Bridle Ct

Nicholaos D and Lori Fifis to Gabriel L and Kimberly L Rozengarten, $370,000.

1 Brompton Pl

Edward S and Corinne R Goss to Bill and Ami Tabares, $465,000.

310 Burnt Mill Rd

Mohamed Shafiq and Natalie Rahim to Jerry and Gina Binas, $283,000.

731 Cooper Landing Rd

Kenneth T Kozak to Jesse Swinson, $247,950.

1006 Dell Dr

Stanley and Nissie Sigel to Jeffrey J and Mary Elizabeth Potochney, $370,000.

50 Forest Hill Dr

Victor and Annabelle Rios to Steven and Theresa Susterowitz, $320,000.

98 Kingswood Ct

Kenneth W Rupin II to Julie Davies and Sergio Gaete, $290,000.

80 Lafayette Ln

Harvey A Shultz to Rodney and Nicole Sykes, $222,000.

411 Lavender Hill Dr

Virginia Meckel and Susan McNaughton to Kathleen Mullelly, $183,332.

311 Nature Dr

Travis L Seay III to Phillippe and Vanly Nguyen Vigneron, $282,000.

927 Society Hill Blvd

Pauline Steinberg to Jaime Harris, $210,000.

3055 Sumter Rd

Joseph Lisauer to Akweli Parker, $67,000.

1838 The Woods II

Steven and Erika Wolf to Laura Cheng, $202,500.

334 Woodland Ave

Ruth A Brown to Jennfier A Torres, $150,000.

103 E Chapel Ave

Robert B Wahl Executor to Arnet M and Gloria Worley, $219,000.

56 Conwell Ave

Marjorie J Chassels to Maria A Mavromatis, $239,900.

13 Cooper Run Dr

Gerald Protzline and Joyce Portzline to Bryan D Grossman, $360,000.

9 W Doris Dr

Florence and Mark Rosen to Davida Grossman, $425,000.

197 Eleanor Ter

Brian W Rorke to Melanie Ravert, $210,000.

1521 Hillside Dr

Ida Kopec to Ashish Raju and Tejal Suthar, $305,000.

637 Longwood Ave

Estate Of Thomas H Goldy Sr and Thomas H Goldy Jr Admin to Patricia F Powers, $189,000.

1916 Owl Ct

Irwin and Tilly Spetgang to Greg Kuroda, $380,000.

1600 Prince Dr

Mary K Stucke to Dennis and Christine Green, $390,000.

902a Society Hill Blvd

Adelia H Woodrow to Patricia Thomas, $139,900.

223 Uxbridge

Peter H and Mary Ann Backenson to Frances A Traver, $229,900.

223 Uxbridge

Peter H and Mary Ann Backenson to Frances A Traver, $229,900.

45 Windsor Mews

Jean Covello to Ping Wu, $230,000.

Clementon Boro

45 Chews Landing Rd

Dorothy D Brown to Paul Well Jr and Brian E Parker, $140,000.

Collingswood Boro

255 W Franklin Ave

Nancy A and Leonard C Johnson to Joshua S Rubenstein and Kristy Ann Roache, $372,500.

Gloucester City

503 Middlesex St

Edward and Jennifer Vassella III to Timothy Gallagher, $114,000.

332 Spruce Ave

Patrick and Joanne Bailey to Janet M Shumsky, $181,562.

Gloucester Twp

46 Blue Jay Dr

Michael Bottinger to Jillian M Withers, $168,000.

1 Briar Ln

Robert Pearsall Sr to Richard Alspach, $114,000.

400 Cressmont Ave

Thomas M and Cynthia Schafhauser to Frank Caranci, $211,500.

204 Hollybush Pl

Tobin A Crim Executor to Malik A Khan, $159,900.

212 Knoll Dr

Reid O and April Nicholson to Donna Dymond and Kristy Henner, $160,500.

4 Woodhaven Ct

Patricia A Egner to Mauric G Artis, $209,000.

Haddon Heights Boro

106 7th Ave

Timothy T and Susan M Keleher to Joseph R and Kelly L Smith, $310,000.

123 7th Ave

Richard and Rhonda Bramlett Vitella to Sharon A Cole and Kelly A Evans, $270,000.

611 Station Ave

611 Station Enterprises Gp to Jian Wen Chen and Ping Lin, $265,000.

Lindenwold Boro

100 W Elm Ave

John R and Mary Lou Pavlovec Sr to John Pavolvec, $180,000.

103 E Park Ave

Todd M Ginoble to Maria Canales and Fidel Aguilera, $163,000.

Magnolia Boro

335 W Madison Ave

Diana Leff to Anita B Yunamg, $233,000.

202 E Washington Ave

Brian Bevio to Liam Magee and Emma Nicolosi, $175,000.

Mount Ephraim Boro

14 Sartori Ave

Joy Sliver Carty to Angelo and Joan Fasulo, $145,000.

Pennsauken Twp

1715 49th St

Joseph F Meyer to Doan Pham, $170,000.

4508 Arrison Ct

Ruth B Seabrook to Joan M Knisell, $249,900.

3444 Buckingham Ln

Kenneth McLaughlin to Yehoshua Frankel, $125,000.

5621 Chestnut Ave

Joseph H and Mary E Johnston to Richard A and Rosemary Vickers, $202,700.

5208 Drexel Ave

Wilbert and Angelica R Morales to Antonio and Julia Santos, $213,000.

6816 Highland Ave

Luis E Castillo and Betty Campos to Robert and Lester Lopez, $145,000.

3740 Schleicher Ave

Christopher R Rich III and Kimberly A Ich to Rosa Ramos, $132,500.

1921 Tinsman Ave

Dorothy G Tomafsky to Maximina Torres and Deiby Amas, $175,000.

217 Velde Ave

Dorothy Chopel Admin to Patricia Sauer, $148,000.

5416 Burwood Ave

Mark E and Karen M Bassett to Pamela Smith, $174,900.

2287 Cove Rd

Johanna J Marrero to Ana O Disla, $169,950.

3749 Schleicher Ave

Marc Petitt to Donald H and Chery R Langston Jr, $87,900.

3217 Union Ave

Veronica T and James M Ingelido to Kathleen Masterson, $166,000.

6162 Amon Ave

Mildred F Horner to Kathleen Lownsbury, $182,000.

4739 Caroline Ave

George J Flannery III to Hanh Pham, $185,000.

1037 Derousse Ave

Albert and Esther Jones to Kelvin and Vikki McGee, $205,000.

4771 W End Ave

Curtis G Strother to Luke Szeman, $190,000.

821 Engard Ave

Jennifer Ilconich Executrix to Michael Law, $60,000.

2647 Gladwyn Ave

Calvin Capital Management to Bayan Abouharb, $225,000.

5453 Halpin Ave

Norma P Digioia to Bruce and Zoralda Hicks, $180,000.

7754 Hesson Ln

Stephen M Ott to Timothy T Killion, $268,000.

Pine Hill Boro

1504 Mason Run

William H Presson Sr to Kelly A Schwartz, $110,500.

17 Osborne Ave

Richard F Symes to Stephen Kubanovich III, $159,500.

Stratford Boro

4 Sterling Ter unit C

Scott Kenneth Fichter Executor to Jennifer Lynn Ward, $134,900.

Voorhees Twp

55 Christopher Rd

Craig L Cohen to Subramanian Ramanathan and Janaki Narayanswamy, $236,000.

Waterford Twp

2339 Bellevue Ave

Timothy A and Luann Hazen to John and Janet Vandyke, $382,500.

2305 Murray Hill Dr

Michael W and Teresa Maslin to Lori A and Scot H Friddell, $280,000.

547 Old White Horse Pike

Anthony Ceretelle Sr to Teresa J Dean, $189,000.

Winslow Twp

20 Lerner Ct

Oluremi Oyeyemi to Glenroy Chapman, $89,610.

31 Marcia Ct

Vincent Saunders to Mann Matthews, $105,000.

15 E Meadowbrook Cir

Gulshan Panjwani and Mona Merani to Dawne Rowley-James, $164,000.

79 Old Orchard Dr

Eric Rawley to Frederick Rossi Jr, $192,500.

17 Pin Oak Dr

Clarita A Razler to Joseph W and Christine M Schrock, $180,000.

12 Read Dr

Michelle J Dalton to Dwight L and Dawn Washington Chase, $268,500.

529 Tansboro Rd

Thomas J Hale to Barbara Hurst, $180,000.

20 Villa Dr

Jennifer Kelley and Robert Westenberger to Arthur and Kimberly Sanceciz, $189,000.

12 Wedgewood Ct

Deluca Enterprises Inc to Harry B and Margaret Cleggh, $355,854.

23 Cherry Grove Ln

Steven F Meyers to Michael Wunderler and Megan Scott, $177,150.

100 Kenwood Dr

David Dempsey to Damien and Renata Manno, $129,900.

15 Marcia Ct

Lawrence Hathaway to Richard C Godrey, $100,000.

1 Mallards Crest Ct

Heritage Residen At Wiltons VII LLC to Teodoro A Cosico and Marites B Dulawan, $340,259.

108 Rose Ct

Old Oak Grove LLC to Martel Hunter, $319,880.

8 Tavern Ln

Heritage Residen At Wiltons Th 4 LLC to Selena Dwight, $285,000.

35 Wagon Wheel Dr

Michael H Busch to Jennifer Merrill, $210,000.

239 Waterford Rd

Howard S Dare Jr to Michael J Pistone and Kristin Corgliano, $235,000.