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Gloucester County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through Aug. 15.

Clayton Boro

601 S Broad St

George Sean Ginder to Joseph Groarke, $440,000.

105 Madison Ave

Robert Ralph Polin and Estate Of Joan M Polin to Sara J Sabota, $160,000.

305 Wilson Ave

John D and Tracy Peters to Terri M Chavis, $172,000.

Deptford Twp

372 Haverford Ave

Cynthia F Defalco to Joseph C Evangelista Jr, $162,500.

1021 Monmouth Rd

Robert Ferrell and Brian Henkel to Confesor Barrientos and Matthew Carley, $238,300.

550 Muhlenberg Ave

Robert W H Reed and Karen D Shinton Reed to Michael T Wilt and Lisa M Sherman, $189,000.

538 Westminister Rd

Ida Mae Trout and Robert M Reed to Robert W H Reed Jr and Karen D Shinton Reed, $170,000.

Glassboro Boro

5 Hollybush Dr

Matthew R and Jennifer L Dermott to Marilyn S and David G Manley, $292,000.

111 Jefferson Ave

Robert C and Lorraine Walter to Michael A and Theresa Grecco, $290,000.

341 Overbrook Ave

Salvatore L and Katherine A Alibrando to Michael N and Sandra E Ricciardelli, $250,000.

96 Stoneshire Dr

Matthew and Kimblery M Clark to Charles D and Joann M Chiarlanza, $215,000.

Logan Twp

91 S Bridgeport Rd

Robert H and Elizabeth Bullock to Mary K and Scott T Reynolds, $225,000.

Mantua Twp

111 Brook Dr

Helen A Devine to Kathy Holzer, $185,000.

1 Rosewood Ln

Steven and Tracy R Nevelos to John and Karen L Greco, $385,000.

40 Woodbrook Dr

Sofia Pechlivanidou to Jill L Terch, $175,000.

13 Woodleigh Ct

Michael S and Julia M Leitner to Andrea Monte and Robert Dunmire, $335,000.

Paulsboro Boro

441 Cook Ave

David A and Shannon A Forand Jr to Maria E Kraemer, $75,000.

South Harrison Twp

1 S Branch Ct

Matteo Manzella to Greg Myslinski, $345,000.

1518 Commissioners Rd

Samuel J and Colleen M Sorbello to Tracy Anderson, $350,000.

Washington Twp

1002 Briarwood Ct

Loretta R Boucher to Brian Schmidt, $175,000.

34 Bryant Rd

Home Assist LLC to William T and Melissa McGinness, $288,500.

316 Bucknell Ave

Richard and Sharron Hoffman to Glen E Evans, $253,500.

215 Cambridge Rd

Ammar and Lina Alkozbari to Ryan J March and Colleen M Fonash, $264,175.

521 Coach Rd

Laura V Trull to Joann F Semeriglia, $220,000.

630 Covington Ct

Alecia Cimaszewski and Alecia Avellino to Denise Tarsitano, $153,900.

23 Cricket Ln

Mark E and Loriann Catania to Shelagh Foley, $266,000.

30 Derby Dr

Brice E and Lillian M Allen to Neil A Levin, $295,000.

21 Dorothy Dr

Salvatore Acerba Jr to Joseph W and Kimberly A Cartafalsa, $485,000.

31 Equitation Way

John and Kathleen B Lizzio to Matthew and Sharon Viola, $400,000.

19 Haddock Dr

Eun Hee Kim to Edward L McGoldrick and Carol D Schneider, $381,500.

1020 Hancock Dr

Robert W Birttingham III and Judith A Brittingham to Alan D and Victoria A Tedesco, $243,000.

15 Joann Ct

Bernard and Estelle Grizzaffi to Adam M and Heather Vinick, $310,000.

115 Maple Leaf Cir

Alben J and Marilou Wragg to Joseph G Notaro, $241,900.

529 Revere Dr

Edward S and Susan A Weber to Mario J and Anita M Arizzi, $241,570.

18 Sherwood Dr

Anne Marie Kulinski to Gregory and Elizabeth Bogart, $252,500.

25 Thornfield Cir

Paul and Renee R Leonardis to Vincent A and Jeanette Tagliaferro, $399,000.

58 Trent Rd

David M and Regina G Black to Philip L and Nancy M Jackson, $278,000.

Wenonah Boro

104 N West Ave

Barbara D Schultes to Sean and Kristi Jennings, $335,100.

West Deptford Twp

78 Highbridge Ln

Andrew W Reddin to Federico Bilotti, $192,500.

1133 Parliament Way

James R and Barbara M Pizzo to Christine Vaux, $388,000.


244 Deptford Ave

Joan M Conte to Charles D Forker, $170,000.

320 Edith Ave

Paul A and Cheryle L Johnson to Paul Allamby, $110,000.

30 Euclid St

and Shane M The Estate Of Stephanie Gerber to Daniel P and Marita A Gallagher, $370,000.

478 Hemlock Ter

Luke and Kristine Bowe to Mary Ann Bitto, $195,000.

21 S Jackson St

Bruce D Vennell and The Estate Of Marilyn B Vennell to Luke P and Kristine L Bowe, $150,000.

241 Leona Ct

Ryan J and Danielle M Arnold to Amalia Chiuccarello, $145,000.

73 Rugby Pl

William Swahl and Thomas Balla to John M and Kiyomi E Meason, $420,000.

Woodbury Heights Boro

435 Beech Ave

Raymond P and E Nadine Sweeney to Robert Preziosi, $264,000.

732 Chestnut Ave

Rizzo Valenti Inc to Jade S Solem, $279,000.

245 Nolly Dr

Robert B and Nadine S McFeeley to Kristen R Myers and Harold W Peterson, $273,000.

Woolwich Twp

209 Dominics Ct

George M and Kristin M Barnard to Young and Ji Won Ahn, $920,000.

31 Fredrick Blvd

Yan Shi and Xin Chen to Yuzhong Wu and Anda Zhao, $371,000.

106 Heatherton Rd

James M and Gina M Curley to Larry Floyd and Like Kumala Ferrill, $395,000.

18 Mansion Dr

K Hovnanian At Woolwich I LLC to Frederick and Patricia L Pratta, $331,143.

26 Mansion Dr

K Hovnanian At Woolwich I LLC to Carl P and Catherine A Vicere, $334,450.

311 Moravian Church Rd

Christopher L and Michelle M Shelderfer to Kathleen Morgan and Christopher Pauliks, $725,000.