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Main Line real estate transactions

Chester and Montgomery County sales were recorded in August; Delaware County's sales in July




7 Ashwood Ln

Bentley at Charlestown to Jeffrey T and Virginia A Stannard, $1,759,500.

3495 Wells Rd

Michael Jr and Katherine L Deprince to Mitchel A Kling and Carol F Actor, $1,215,000.


503 Kent Pl

James Robert Haas and Jean McManus to Sameer Gaikwad and Runali Patel, $450,000.


199 W King St unit I-6

Mariko Yata to Donna E Linehan, $208,000.


83 Militia Hill Dr

The Murray Family Trust and Pamela Murray Maimone to Neil Kevles, $305,000.

487 Old Forge Crossing

Neil Kevles to Amy N Balog, $172,000.


3104 Cornell Ct

Rosemary E Burke and Rosemarie T Dempsey to Erich and Lissa Weigert, $315,000.

1 Rosewood Cir

Andrew J and Mona G Salisbury to Michael J and Marilyn L Clements, $465,750.



775 Ardmore Ave

William Volz to Andrew Marcinek, $219,900.

312 Crescent Hill Dr

Stanley A and Madelyn Karpinski to Ying Yu and Jing Sun, $324,000.

708 Darby Rd

Kevin Murphy to Dei Jie Wang and Phyllis Min Hue Hsieh, $195,000.

1140 Garfield Ave

Jennifer A Burns to Edward Donahue Pierson IV and Michelle Denise Collier, $259,900.

400 Glendale Rd, Unit C-30

John S and Nancy A Jones to Jessica L Karp, $176,000.

400 Glendale Rd, Unit K-52

Susan Tomassetti to Stephanie Frysinger, $108,000.

200 Kathmere Rd

Michael B and Emma M Kelly to Scott A and Molly J Balthaser, $266,100.

242 Lee Cir

Emanuel and Josephine Young to Thomas J and Stephanie P Ciccarelli, $325,000.

210 S Manoa Rd

Thaddeus J Machowski to Jordan Amos and Rachel Elizabeth Ketner, $229,900.

20 Mifflin Ave

Patricia A Nickles to Paul McLarnon, $137,500.

110 N Morgan Ave

Warren A and Mary G Kuehnle to Michael J and Colleen A Wusinich, $505,000.

168 Morlyn Ave

William E McCormack to Edward W and Jennifer H Carr, $392,000.

26 Myrtle Ave

Brian M and Patricia M Barrett to Veronica Hally, $279,900.

2949 Oakford Rd

John Fair to Dan Vasey, $333,000.

480 Olympic Ave

Catherine Marlowe to Daniel and Meredith Doogan, $180,000.

21 N Ormond Ave

Edward Weiss to Hoa and Nuoi Hua, $425,000.

113 N Ormond Ave

Scott E and Rochelle M Meier to Brian M and Patricia M Barrett, $390,000.

2932 Rising Sun Rd

Vincent B Sherry to Joseph A DiAngelo III and Maire E Donovan, $316,000.

1055 Sproul Rd

Steven D and Jane S Logue to Lawrence Cohen, $385,000.

1713 Sue Ellen Dr

Aaron and Sharon Kanze to Joy and Jason Baxter, $385,000.

12 Tenby Rd

William M and Jane Curnow to Michael J Gorman, $349,000.

527 Upland Rd

David A and Diane E Epstein to John C Philip, $280,000.

309 Village Newport

Nicki Berkowitz to Stefanie M Koch, $227,000.


108 Deerfield Rd

Kenneth and Marian E Reynolds to Eugene D and Teresa J Battista, $470,000.

401 Marple Woods Dr, Unit A

John Zurcher to Mathew Philip, $222,000.


6 Denford Dr

Stephanie J Laios to Argyris N Kligos and Sophia Fokas Kligos, $450,000.

161 E Kenilworth Rd

Abigail Caspar to Molly J Phillips, $226,000.

115 Oxley Ct

Helen Heron to Derrick Schwarz, $215,000.


3 Cushman Rd

William P and Lanell R Proctor to Cory Owen and Emily Geer Hippler, $625,000.

850 Lewis Ln

F&H Main Line LP to Metin and Nicole W Duran, $385,000.

303 Liberty Ln

Saba Sarol and Thomas Rodriguez to Hamid Bassiri and Ashlyn Eaton Bassiri, $380,000.

125 Locust Grove Rd

Kathryn G and Jeffery B McCarron to William E Sr and Genevieve S McCormack, $535,000.

138 Montrose Ave, Unit 25

Philip T Cahill to Mary Lee and William B Lex, $360,000.

108 Petrie Ave

William J Dare to Michael J and Joan M Emmi, $505,000.

204 Spruce Tree Rd

G Wallace Long to Howard J Peterson, $579,000.

305 Williams Rd

Paul F and Mary T Overbeck to Joseph A McBride and Jennifer W Leopold, $342,000.

961 Wootton Rd

George Dulgerian to Louis DeSanto, $1,800,000.


Lower Merion

429 Anthwyn Rd

Daniel J and Kristen Kirk Mayock to Thomas S Morton and Thuy T Tran, $650,000.

224 Booth Ln

Debra S Liberman et al to Trine Vanderwall and Eric Conklin, $1,110,000.

931 Bowman Ave

Christopher J Gluesing and Tamara K Johnston to Susan Sullivan and James Goniea, $540,000.

747 Braeburn Ln

Joyce E and Thomas A Santora to Justin David and Renee P Cohen, $570,000.

39 Chatham Rd

Paka Renovations LLC et al to Amy Solana and James W Whitaker, $325,000.

331 Cherry Bnd

Shlomo and Lucie Darwish to Judith B and Gary L Stein, $775,000.

1001 City Ave

Steven E Rosen et al to Samuel A and Sydelle Levine, $375,000.

415 City Ave

Douglas K and Susan H McCormick to Edith D McAlpin and William H Grosnick, $238,400.

127 Colwyn Ln

Brenda J Wilson to Mina F Obbehat and Arastoo Vossough, $640,000.

22 Colwyn Ln

Miriam and Arthur D Shapiro to Pam E and William M Lashner, $1,194,000.

600 S Conshohocken

Anne M and C Terrence Graham to Stacy L Moers, $624,000.

115 David Rd

John C and Megan O Grugan to Stuart M and Shana R Abelson, $420,000.

1465 Flat Rock Rd

Paula B and Michael D Sieger to Vatinee Bunya and Jason Hsu, $1,450,000.

1124 Gainsboro Rd

Gary and Anne J Stein to Joel B and Amy N Albert, $575,000.

238 Harrogate Rd

Linda P Falcao to Celia Jackson and Alejandro D Monteagudo, $442,500.

41 Henley Rd

Lea M Gooneratne et al to Jennifer A and Robert Michael Shockley, $465,000.

425 Hidden River R

Josephine R G Lecks to Sue-Yen Pupo and Anthony J Voci, $625,000.

212 Idris Rd

Monique R Mogyoros et al to Patricia K and Konrad A Hicke, $365,000.

78 Jefferson St

Curtis E Weigner et al to Robert Sherman, $285,000.

249 Kent Rd

Margaret S Oravetz to Kathleen M Abplanalp and Charles G Douglas, $675,000.

104 Lyle Ave

Paul Kimbiris and Erika V Hauber to Scott Gerald and Kara Lynn Shall, $244,000.

432 W Montgomery A

Rebecca Anne and Darren Bramen to Nancy K Wolff, $290,000.

3 Morris Ln

Anand Tati and Rupa M Kota to Regina Villari, $283,600.

1750 Oakwood Ter

Amy E Foster to Thomas J and Frauke Casey, $281,000.

1522 Old Gulph Rd

Donald W Lowery to Steven Alles and Simon Trowell, $700,000.

20 Penarth Rd

Lauren K and Bradley E Sinrod to David J Bell and Teresa D Langford, $770,000.

812 Potts Ln

Stephanie and Warren Cohen to Theodore A and Toni A Rosen, $1,180,000.

191 Presidential B

Daniel and Eleanore Kursman to Edith S Ressler, $550,000.

1418 Rene Rd

James T Crispino to Boris and Tatiana Aronzon, $790,000.

50 Righters Mill R

Sherman N and Carole Sherman Leis to Suzanne and Jeffrie J Keenan, $1,970,000.

19 Rockhill Rd

Priya D Kothari to Glenn K Bertrand, $204,000.

137 Rose Ln

Josephine F and Randolph P Zelov to Susanne S and Norman P Robinson, $975,000.

1278 Round Hill Rd

Ellis and Geraldine Promisloff to James W and Mary Margaret McLane, $1,150,000.

360 W Spring Ave

Tracey Chambers Fisher to Schueren Properties, $90,000.

166 St Pauls Rd

Deborah Stevenson and Rose M Aiello to Bridget Donlan and Steven Murphy, $205,000.

151 Trent Rd

Samantha Woods to Lydia S Tan, $332,500.

220 Valley Rd

Barbara Deramo and E William Pastor to Susan M and John B Bowie, $505,000.

503 Valley View Rd

James T and Shigeko Kawano to Gary N Holzman and Cheryl L Walenta, $550,000.

63 S Warner Ave

Leighona T Curry to Rachel R Shaw, $79,457.

801 Waverly Rd

Francis J Mirabello, Barbara R Cobb et al to Howard and Linda Denenberg, $1,425,000.


302 Windsor Ave

John A Kenney to Lisa Krouse and Louis Delmar, $293,000.

17 Woodbine Ave

Louise R Johnston to Sharon Kaye Allen and Mark Dunn, $450,000.

Upper Merion

132 Boro Line Rd

Karen A Votta and Francis R Burdo to Lan and Thao Dinh, $300,000.

247 Jasper Rd

William E Stribrny et al to Thomas J and Beth Ann Stribrny, $300,000.

425 Lynrose Ct

Stephen C Orleski to Camille C and Michael L Winter, $361,250.

429 Matsonford Rd

Daniel J and Diane Wilson to Debora L and Thomas Peyton, $999,000.

363 Radar Dr

Stephen J and Sharon E Kovacic to Eric E Reed and Beth A Knapp-Reed, $430,000.

710 Tannery Dr

Christopher L and Dianne L Kinney to Chi Hung Chui and Anastaisa Peng, $390,000.

119 Timothy Cir

Elizabeth M Nagel to Elizabeth C and T Keith Fogg, $400,000.

319 Valley Forge R

Mary Jo and James Greco to Salvatore J and Geraldine Greco, $300,000.