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Montgomery County real estate transactions

Montgomery County

These transactions were recorded in August.

Abington Twp

964 Bradfield Rd

Lynn D Dimitri et al to Ralph Epperson, $220,000.

1578 Edgewood Ave

Rene M and Jonathan F Stahl to Meghan Connolly and Robert Prione, $218,500.

1502 Elkins Ave

Gilbert J and Mary I Guim to Chui C Lam, $356,000.

862 Fernhill Rd

Leon and Bernice I Shore to Ronald Charles and Karen Kristen Waterfall, $339,800.

1223 Fitzwatertown

Julianne K and Andrew J Larue to Andrew Hansen and Sarah H Weidner, $215,000.

1379 Fitzwatertown

Billie and David I Diersen to Kenneth and Monica Wilson, $301,000.

1733 High Ave

Jessie L Washington to Sandra and Robert McKnight, $249,900.

2028 Jenkintown Rd

William P Cole to Holly C Conniff, $238,500.

2437 Jenkintown Rd

Christopher C McCollum and Tracy L Hull to Andrew and Julianne K LaRue, $330,000.

614 Kelly Ln

Matthew J and Kristina M Balitzky to Ann Moffatt-Rossi and Kevin D Rossi, $298,000.

1802 Kimball Ave

Jacob Persofsky to Drew Yoder, $225,000.

2180 Kirk Ave

Charles E and Marie L Rementer to Brian and Adrianne Murdoch, $300,000.

2831 Lamott Ave

Hoa K Chau and Thanh H Nguyen to Diana M Belke and Charles W Chase, $275,000.

2033 Parkview Ave

Elizabeth Y Lee to Jennifer L and Michael D Hoffmann, $307,970.

2546 Pierce Ave

Cheryl Carrington and Ann Thrower to Garnet Muse, $150,000.

133 Ray St

J Leonard and Barbara A Paradise to Richard O'Brien, $270,000.

1493 Shoemaker Rd

Samir Ouzomgi to Maureen Gallagher, $330,000.

310 Valley Glen Rd

Susan B and Sean E Frankel to Jeffrey D Schmidt and Erica N Green, $220,000.

709 Valley Glen Rd

Andrew Miller et al to Arthur C and Edith Leiber, $195,000.

594 Wanamaker Rd

Mildred Taub to Hui Zhang and Baohua Yang, $230,000.

Ambler Boro

253 Ridge Ave

Courtney and Christian Militello to Daniel T Donovan, $296,500.

275 Southern Ave

Jason Ellmore to Paula and Daniel E Giunta, $203,000.

232 Trinity Ave

Susan R and John P Bonfiglio to Steve DiPietro and Nellie Forst, $249,000.

Bridgeport Boro

135 W 5th St

Stella F Sabol and Susan F Puleo to Dale Centofante, $130,000.

329 Hurst St

Henry H and Gina M Virkler to Jason M Fenske, $290,000.

Cheltenham Twp

517 Central Ave

Francis Doberstein and Shannan Hines to Dawn G Biggs, $159,000.

162 Keswick Ave

Kerry Arnold and Bernadette Laster to Timothy B and Carrie L Cochran, $174,900.

7942 Montgomery Av

Debra L Braverman and Sharon C Meles to Thomas H Fiegel and Laura E Caffey, $379,900.

Collegeville Boro

240 6th Ave

Marie H and James J Beppel to Sianny Christanti and Daniel W Berkey, $355,000.

180 Glenwood Ave

Matthew Mizenko and Andrea Cooper to Eric S and Kathy J Lookofsky, $380,000.

Conshohocken Boro

402 E Elm St

Ava Landholding Inc to Ralph E Webb, $434,900.

200 W Elm St, Unit 1403

Horton DR Inc to Michele Espada, $461,420.

109 Spring Mill Av

David A Watson to Anastasia Bottos, $190,000.

Douglass Twp

80 Jackson Rd

David W and Linwood L Schlegel to Thomas W Morrow, $150,100.

10 Linden Ct

Deborah A Kociban to Adam J Hudak, $196,900.

42 Martin Ave

John Paul Kielar and Bobbi Lynn Embody to Richard Flowers, $240,000.

East Greenville Boro

222 Jefferson St

Deutsche Bank to Steven Seaman, $125,000.

East Norriton Twp

3301 Dekalb Pike

Eric S and Layal S Ebert to Metropol Properties, $290,000.

205 W Hartranft Av

Ruth S Raubertas to Michael Sweeney, $260,000.

3126 Shirlene Rd

Estate of Mary E Smith to Susan Laird and Gene Strikwerda, $256,000.

121 Teakwood Ct

Jeff George and Gloria Arlene Mieszek to Silver Star LLC, $200,000.

Franconia Twp

947 Alycia Ln

Carl R and Zoya Schnabel to Raymond and Alane Kidwell, $387,000.

107 Anjou Ct

Chad M Hinkle to James K Jones, $265,000.

120 Cherry Ln

Candace Serra and Michael Chevalier to Shaun E Permar and Meghann L McCracken, $290,000.

122 Fox Hunt Dr

Gary L Behler to Manuel Hernandez-Tapia and Manuel Hernandez-Ayala, $316,000.

348 Godshall Rd

Emma Lou and John L Fawthorp to Doris M and Frederick N Bergman, $302,150.

640 Halteman Rd

Robert B Medicus to Deborah C and Steven C Tuccillo, $329,900.

853 Kulp Rd

Donald S and Jean A Detweiler to Paula T and David L Vlock, $410,000.

223 Morwood Rd

Allen R and Marianne Hibbert to Jeffrey A Wright, $350,000.

131 Norfolk Ct

Irmgard Haas et al to Eric and Denise Ferretti, $399,000.

38 Valley Dr

Shaun A and Kristine G Acevedo to Beverly O'Connor, $205,000.

296 Westminster Ln

John DeStefano to Shirley W Russell, $310,000.

Green Lane Boro

769 Lumber St

Patrick E Ferry and Rosemarie E Barnes to Matthew J Giuliano and Jennifer L Tracy, $160,000.

Hatboro Boro

32 Broad St

Shawn McKeon and Judith Widdis to Victoria M Hyers, $295,000.

15 Hatters Ct

Walter E Johnson and Edward C Johnson to Phillip D Hochman, $132,500.

120 W Lehman Ave

Elaine C and William H Kemp to Louise S and Kevin L Webster, $160,000.

328 W Monument Ave

Madeline V and James R Hays to Colleen M Kirschen, $415,000.

415 Springdale Ave

James T Halton to William G and Hennrietta A Turner, $280,000.

538 Windover Rd

Virginia L and Andrew A Kastenhuber to Kathleen A Keyser and Jeffrey W Marsden, $318,750.

Hatfield Boro

115 S Main St

Michael Rivera and Mark S DeLongis to Eileen K and Michael J Gazdik, $235,000.

Hatfield Twp

45 Arbor Cir

Kiwook Kim to Tsae-Yun and Ming-Hsiung Chang, $335,000.

3146 Arbor Greene

Lance E and Kathy A Cappello to Peter M Thomas, $349,900.

1506 Bellevue Ln

Th Prop LLC to Bharat and Kalpita Deolekar, $499,401.

619 Brighton Dr

Nathan D Bivans and Alyssa R Richman to Cortney Drenkhahn and Christopher Mahoney, $343,000.

1068 Grayson Dr

Th Prop LLC to Noris D and David Lugo, $430,207.

1307 Grayson Dr

Th Prop LLC to Diane V and Paul M Barrett, $507,801.

1600 Hartford Cir

Th Prop LLC to Lien Hoang and Joseph Pae, $407,586.

1506 Tarrington Wa

Mary R and Stanley S Smith to Dominic J and Theresa A Vatalare, $300,000.

Horsham Twp

42 Ash Stoker Ln

Mitchell J Murdoch to Edmond R Bargeron and Rachel S Eckard, $188,902.

232 Beatrice Ave

Mary R Hess to Joseph P and Debbie Riley, $330,000.

531 Brumar Dr

Estate of Dorothy L Schnell to Michael F and Bethann Schneider, $355,000.

624 Cedar Hill Rd

Mary and John Okolowicz to Anthony J Cafagna and Doreen E Roman, $435,000.

606 Dunburry Dr

Deepak K and Sonia H Khanna to Jennifer and Chuan Ngo, $575,000.

502 Norristown Rd

Angela M and Peter J Mele to Growth Horizons Inc, $399,000.

303 Willowbrook Rd

Paulette R and Caroline J Crockett to Debra A Shulski, $260,000.

Jenkintown Boro

410 Runnymede Ave

Tina M and Robert Rock to Eugene J and Carolyn M Batdorf, $390,000.

236 Summit Ave

Alice Hennessy to Dale M Drury, $850,000.

Lansdale Boro

906 Andover Rd

Michael Carr to Tan Le, $169,000.

1065 Delaware Ave

Donald C Alexander and Sherrianne M Johnson to Anne R Axilrod, $222,125.

733 Pennbrook Ave

Beverly R and James H Knight to Jeffrey A Tomczak, $222,900.

737 Spruce St

Soon J and Young S Kim to Carlee and Patrick Wheeles, $282,500.

802 Wedgewood Dr

Sandra and Robert McKnight to Michelle Cole, $184,000.

14 Woodland Dr

Sandra L Myers to Robert E Nicolucci et al, $360,000.

Limerick Twp

1812 Foxmeadow Cir

Daniel J Costantini to Carisa W Benner, $181,000.

2004 Foxmeadow Cir

Andrew Hays and Michelle Maack to Michael R Balik, $198,000.

5 Victory Way

Nancy L Davis to Michael and Joy Young, $352,000.

4403 Waterford Way

Michael T and Colleen M Demetor to Teresa I Murphy, $249,000.

Lower Frederick Twp

42 Kratz Rd

Banner C and Ann M Dougherty to Lorraine Grater and Natalia Kilkenny, $650,000.

Lower Gwynedd Twp

812 Brushtown Rd

Mary S Demott to Marlena M Surrena, $620,000.

105 Cypress Ln

Betty W and Allen Ross to Xianghan Lu Lu and Yonghong Li, $340,000.

155 Kent Cir

Ruth A Swingle to Hyun Yun Jeon, $340,000.

861 Penn Oak Rd So

Ralph Philomeno and Carmen Salamone to Victor and Elizabeth Hsu, $2,080,000.

Lower Moreland Twp

3215 Maple Rd

Melissa M and William H Firman to Joshua A and Sandra E Crandall, $280,000.

455 Moreland Rd

Bernard Charles Ruddy to Jayasree Suresh and Suresh Babu Chandrasekharan, $435,000.

3562 Oriole Dr

Sung S and Seung H Lee to Steven John and Astrid Carroll Arnott, $430,000.

21 Primrose Ln

Ludmila and Edward Patlakh to Jayapradha U and Uday S Kanamalla, $700,000.

3777 Sipler Ln

Phyllis D Paranzino to Amy Thach and Cuong Hung Lam, $515,000.

89 Steele Way

Maria and Ronald Zeisler to Jaisy Isaac and Isaac P George, $536,000.

2528 Valley View D

Mary F Stabb and Robert C Dellinger to Sunny and Mini Sunny Mathew, $365,100.

Lower Pottsgrove Twp

2016 Deer Ridge Dr

Rosalie Norman-McNaney and James McNaney to Colin M and Kira J O'Brien, $268,500.

3309 Walnut Rdg

James O Burger to Azah C Karisa, $142,000.

Lower Providence Twp

26 Glenwood Ave

Jennifer and John Bodek to Jason A and Katyann P Wilkinsky, $274,900.

144 Steinbright Dr

Carl Alves and Michelle Vasko to John and Jennifer Bodek, $574,900.

Lower Salford Twp

248 Kulp Rd

Larue A Hendricks to Nicole L and Blaine T Moyer, $190,000.

359 Lonely Goose C

Peter Werner to Susan N and N Scott Cook, $229,000.

196 Main St

Esther G Moyer to Ross A Ziegler, $625,000.

329 Pondview Dr

Susane Cody and Patricia M Cody to Jean M and Anthony Leone, $218,000.

128 Skippack Crk

Jeffrey A and Ginger M Flairty to John David and Emily A Schaeffer, $397,500.

463 Wilshyre Way

Edward H and Catherine A George to Alexander J and Elizabeth M Korsch, $315,000.

Marlborough Twp

1046 Gravel Pike

Jill S and Paul J Simko to Sean Clark and Dawn Fryer, $350,000.

1015 Penny St

William J and Jennifer D Kelly to Nikolos L and Nathan L Yoder, $217,000.

Montgomery Twp

111 Bridle Path Rd

Steven M Tolton to Julaine and Edward J Martin, $335,000.

215 Country Club D

Patricia A Drucis to James Kevin Glah and Jennifer Enoch, $348,000.

105 Jonathan Dr

Terry W and Marjory B Herron to Frances Gramigna, $257,800.

135 Knapp Rd

Suphon Phongsak and Jon Chandara Sok to Patrick and Denise Huff, $335,000.

109 McKean Ct

Peter D and Elizabeth Keyser to Jennifer Renee Boyle, $188,500.

104 Ross Ct

Dawn P Keyser to Christine and Jon Morris, $325,000.

New Hanover Twp

2766 N Layfield Rd

Deutsche Bk Nat Tr to James and Sheryl Nuskey, $155,500.

2485 Wagner Rd

Reynolds V and Erica M Robinson to John David and Deborah G Long, $390,000.

Norristown Boro

1715 Arch St

Central Penn Prop to Theresa Weldon, $147,000.

301 W Freedley St

Emily V R Smith to Stephanie S Battallio, $245,000.

716 George St

Brian Monahan et al to Kurnia K Winoto and Matthew Elliott Oritz, $139,200.

1416 Harding Blvd

Tiffany M Lett and Bryant H Martin to Eric Beretsky, $182,000.

239 E Oak St

Dorothy Payne to Lydia L and Wayne D Hayward, $85,000.

1009 Stanbridge St

Amy I Herr and Stephen L Billetta to Michele E and Davide G Deparo, $164,000.

507 Thomas Cir

Anthony Wilborn to Romola Lucas, $267,800.

1230 S W Lafayette

Mollie D and Sylvester M Robbins to Vincenzo Mandarano, $210,000.

403 Walnut St

Maria F and Rodrigo Escalante to Carl L Milbourne, $125,000.

100 W Wood St

James Moran to Anthony J and Olga I Antonuccio, $144,300.

Perkiomen Twp

491 Bridge St

George H Heinrich Est Tr to Michael W Mordan, $200,000.

121 Raleigh Rd

Jennifer A Doyle to Amy Z and Darrin Whiteside, $312,000.

399 Wartman Rd

Elizabeth H Ulrich to Grace H Johnston, $311,475.

Plymouth Twp

1900 Johnson Rd

Marlene Martin and James J Surrena to Adam D and Heather L McLaughlin, $550,000.

339 Weymouth Rd

John F Hundermark to Sandra M and Donald Ziegler, $370,000.

Pottstown Boro

64 W 9th St

Lisa and Barry L Moyer to Richard and Sheryl J Duvivier, $185,000.

298 Diamond St

Jonathan D Zeleznick to Jacob M Scholl, $123,000.

387 Potts Ct

Wells Fargo Bk to Chad Albright, $130,900.

Red Hill Boro

922 Vanguard Dr

Kimberley A Poust and Robert R Poust to Rachel C Sullivan and Graham J Plews, $300,000.

Royersford Boro

401 S 4th Ave

Kelly Lynn Raggazino and Kelly Lynn McClaine to Deann Sidman, $188,000.

236 Summer St

MERC Associates to Richard B Friedemann, $300,000.

Schwenksville Boro

293 Main St

Joan Ahlum to Gerel L Elsetinow, $198,000.

Skippack Twp

1047 Collegeville

Stephanie Foerst Barberra to Scott D and Sheila L Grant, $439,900.

4822 Perkiomen Cre

Thomas G Bacheler and Nan Weniger to John A and Susan A Wilson, $376,750.

Souderton Boro

82 Hillside Ave

Jeffrey F Kratz to Marguerite F Kratz, $197,500.

59 W Summit St

Phyllis A Kooker et al to Knechel Realty LP, $135,000.

Springfield Twp

1412 Cromwell Rd

Estate of Doris M Mamet to Michael A Soto and Gloria Rodriguez Soto, $220,000.

416 Glenway Rd

Priscilla S and Larry S Kraut to Jean M Hammitt, $297,000.

1021 Southampton A

Ignacio Valencia and Marcella Herrera to Bret Cohen, $225,000.

Telford Boro

4 Ryan Ct

Arbour Green LLC to Mary E Gumpper, $296,209.

Towamencin Twp

305 Jamestown Ct

Patricia A Swantek to Suleyman Erdem, $325,000.

6 Linden Way

William J and Violet R Cooney to Coleen and Gary H Schurr, $403,000.

233 Musket Cir

Darlene V and Cyril P Duricek to George H Adams, $415,000.

23 Saratoga Ln

Stephen J and Loraine T McGee to So-Ryung No, $355,000.

Trappe Boro

38 E 3d Ave

Elizabeth and W Hughes Ulrich to Robert C Sole and Dana N Adelizzi, $281,000.

840 Dewees Pl

Elisa and Nathan M Kennedy to David J and Carmella C Blackwell, $215,500.

418 Franklin Ct

Brian G and Jill A Blasek to Dianna L Graham, $240,000.

300 Jefferson Ct

Amy and Brian Vassalluzzo to Brian Bieber, $240,000.

619 Muhlenberg Dr

Michael S Reilly to Christopher Skalski, $218,900.

309 Speaker Pl

Martina M Curran and Philip A Herbert to John M Petrei, $275,000.

Upper Dublin Twp

1552 E Butler Pike

Nicole G Strasser to Helga Vutz, $280,000.

505 Dogwood Dr

Sharon M Eisenmann to Judith S High, $365,000.

407 Dresher Woods

Christine Lesicko to Dongkun Chu, $249,900.

709 Dresher Woods

Ruth O Santamaria to Yung W Lee, $255,000.

321 Linden Ave

Gregory White and Ronald Elwell to Kelli McNeal, $199,900.

326 Logan Ave

Deborah A Bazinet to Upper Dublin, $210,000.

312 Mill Rd

Michael J and Rita M Linus to Simpson Living Tr, $340,000.

2702 Navajo Path

Patricia E Emery to Adam Hester, $242,000.

751 North Hills Av

Barbara Elston and Barbara W Richards to Lawrence J Schlarmann, $169,900.

214 Rech Ave

Albert Pinter to Michael and Suzanne Hanlon, $300,000.

303 Tyler Ct

Denise R and Mark S Cartwright to Laurie Spoll, $289,900.

Upper Frederick Twp

1246 Hunter Ln

Shelly Taylor and Eric Roger Walker to Howard N Greenberg and Bozena Glazewski, $205,000.

1250 Pin Oak Dr

Danielle and Daniel J Bliss to Michael P Jellen, $200,500.

1164 Valley Strm

Christine Bond and Mark Bond to Christine M Wilk, $197,000.

Upper Gwynedd Twp

216 Bradford Ln

Gregory Henry to Valerie Fuller, $249,900.

1606 Clearbrook Rd

Philip W and A Pauline Keithley to Karen and Gregory S Howard, $447,000.

2 Delancy Ct

Xin-Min and Su Wang to Gloria Ann Bean, $201,900.

121 Royal Ave

Straup Revoc Living Tr to Jason Theodore, $320,000.

14 Shannon Dr

Veronica Escudero and Jose J Velazquez to Billee Kvedrowicz, $149,800.

312 Upper Valley R

Susan M Lowery et al to Michelle and Christopher Simrak, $325,000.

84 Wexford Dr

Cortney Drenkhahn to James W and Ruth A Geisel, $167,000.

Upper Hanover Twp

3054 Finland Rd

Bank of NY to Dolores Alderfer, $170,000.

2368 Otts Rd

Kimberly M Saylor and Rory M Palm to Lynda D and Douglas L Fisher, $375,000.

Upper Merion Twp

716 Edgewood Rd

Claire and Sidney N Chuse to Mary G Freeman, $300,000.

300 Overlook Ln

Helene M Kennedy to Karin Elaine Prince, $475,000.

129 Rebel Rd

Lawrence Devlin et al to Carolyn and Nicholas Alexaki, $180,000.

443 Weadley Rd

Mark R and Margaret T Ferguson to Stephane Buliard, $307,000.

288 White Ave

Margaretha E Beck to Brian and Derrick Greer, $259,500.

Upper Moreland Twp

4025 Blair Mill Rd

Larry A and Amie T Wagner to Edward H and Jeanne A Pfeiffer, $289,000.

2030 Carlson Dr

Stephen R and Jillian M Brittin to Martin P and Tracy A Murray, $368,000.

217 Castello Ave

Thomas O Thran and Nancy D Hafer to Corinne T Morgan and Nathan H D Clark, $244,900.

16 Church St

Marylee E Winters to Kurt Kretschman, $127,500.

56 Church St

Charles W Jacobs to Maria H Guzman and Sergio Guevara, $160,000.

253 Lawnton Rd

Helen F Bennett et al to Mark and Christine Murray, $255,000.

Upper Pottsgrove Twp

1542 Farmington Av

John A Schneider and Kathleen Fitzgerald Schneider to Juan Carlos and Sandra S Sanchez, $255,000.

1723 Farmington Av

Jodi L McCusker to Christopher McKenrick, $149,000.

56 Stone Hill Dr

Th Prop LLC to Megan E and Darcy A Williams, $211,684.

76 Stone Hill Dr

Th Prop LLC to Jennifer L Straub, $280,403.

Upper Providence Twp

63 Goldfinch Cir

Robert F and Brooke A Feehery to Guillermo Ibarra Ortiz and Norma A Garcia Sanchez, $820,000.

38 Hunt Club Dr

John J Rossiter to Nandini and Joydeep Chatterjee, $291,000.

1205 Longford Rd

Ferne S and George D Motto to Ronald Rutledge and Marybeth Pastino, $200,000.

534 Quincy St

Stephanie J and Richard A Fleming to David Tong, $295,000.

Upper Salford Twp

948 Salford Statio

Alice L Shermer to Bryan F and Angela N Klock, $365,000.

West Conshohocken Boro

201 Front St

G Mason Van Sciver to Daniel Esposito, $216,000.

West Norriton Twp

535 Bassett Ln

Kelly Fryer and Jason Snyder to Melissa Terlecki and Matthew Frawley, $210,000.

226 Brandon Rd

William E Milus to Helene M Gillogly, $180,000.

1105 Kennedy Ct

Fern R Welsh to Gretchen Goller, $291,000.

134 Plowshare Rd

Brett and Tawnya Amdor to Michael and Megan Corbo, $310,000.

1763 Ridge Pike

Harold A and Cindy Lee Schwartz to Kurt Jablonski and Donna Farinella, $150,000.

106 S Schuylkill A

Kenneth F Lynch and Jamie L Martin to Carmen A and Jean W Branco, $460,000.

107 Truman Ct

Norma M Butera to Alissa Eden Halperin and J Kenneth Butera, $285,000.

422 Wendover Dr

Margaret M O'Hara to Brian D Love, $172,500.

145 William Penn D

Jean T Powel to Joan Schaffer and Catherine Ramsey, $190,000.

West Pottsgrove Twp

269 Lemon St

Charles E Lucas to Tara E Tabor, $80,000.

Whitemarsh Twp

2138 Birch Dr

Kiran C and Katie P Raju to Steven M and Christin M Glassman, $346,000.

122 Red Rambler Dr

Morris and Ellen Lebofsky to Robert G and Katie F Willauer, $225,000.

Whitpain Twp

1081 Carriage Ln

Patricia A and James E Linus to Sookyung Jun, $525,000.

191 Gleneagles Ct

Kimberly Nitzky and Jonathan Hyman to Keith Kreitz, $370,000.

341 Maple Ave

Silvia Garcia to Carlo and Maria Dambruoso, $110,000.

651 Morris Rd

Dorothy M Tobin to Dimitrios C and Melissa J Tsiobikas, $495,000.

950 Stony Brook Dr

Megan Bailey and Lee King to Elizabeth Rossell, $430,000.