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Chester County real estate transactions

These sales were recorded in September Caln 1452 N Red Maple Way Stephen B and Diane Janiec to James H and Phyllis W Yester, $352,000.

These sales were recorded in September


1452 N Red Maple Way

Stephen B and Diane Janiec to James H and Phyllis W Yester, $352,000.


313 Buchannan Dr

Anthony Sr and Juanita Jacks to Jenel M and David E Iceland, $177,500.


350 Mary St

Marc and Kathleen Lucenius to Andrew L Polvino and Tiffany L Marciano, $169,900.

East Brandywine

798 Creek Rd

Trudie Slimmen and Trudie Powell to Kulraj Singh and Neeraj Gaind, $110,000.

32 Cumberland Dr

Cumberland Ridge Development LP to Mitchell E Blumenfeld and Kristen J Coben Blumenfeld, $1,040,058.

4 Hawk Hill Rd

James J and Phyllis W Yester to Heather K and Katherine G Poehler, $375,000.

East Caln

100 Winding Way unit A-3

Jack P Morrison to Christopher E Walker, $116,000.

East Fallowfield

129 Cyprus Ln

DHLP Manchester Farms LP to Jeffrey P and Diana L Wildermuth, $408,412.

East Goshen

1124 Muirfield Dr

Will of Linda Ann Jellenik to Robert E and Gloria D Banks, $400,000.

401 Scofield Ln

John D and Rosemary W Diederich to Mark T and Lynne Halligan, $651,200.

1716 Towne Dr

Timothy J and Linda M Percarpio to Kevin Michael and Kathleen Cecilia Patton, $865,000.

East Marlborough

727 Willowdale Ln

Patrick A and Helen M Scott to Paul S Bell and Lisa R Spera, $644,000.

East Pikeland

403 Thistle Dr

Kimberton Meadows Development LLC to Venkata Panchumarthi and Swetha Kongara, $521,600.

East Vincent

216 Brownbacks Church Rd

Claudio and Bethany A Maestri to Edmund J and Lynn K Dracup, $825,000.

164 S Wall St

Michael A and Gwendolyn L Schell to William C Saar III, $230,000.

East Whiteland

27 Broad Leaf Trail

L Sterling Heins and Petra Larsen to Ronald and Elizabeth D Farina, $545,000.


2147 Fox Creek Rd

Estate of Patricia M Ryan to Kenneth Laird, $862,500.

411 Waynesbrooke Rd

Jack R Hughes to S Brooke Cheston, $595,000.


1925 Barren Rd

Melanie D Wilson to Bridget McFadden and Fenella Oflynn, $525,000.

208 Victoria Ln

The Bluffs At Big Elk Creek LLC et al to Douglas Sr and Dawn Hild, $495,958.


22 Stoneridge Dr

James E and Gail A Bland to Barbara G Balmer, $750,000.


557 Chesterville Rd

Cora Ellen Stroud and Nancy E Blake to Max and Heather Heitman, $269,900.

Honey Brook Borough

35 Waynebrook Dr

N P Dodge Jr and National Equity Inc to Kelly L Koup, $227,900.

Honey Brook Township

955 Birdell Rd

Estate of William Miller and Barbara M Domsohn to James J and Charlotte Ferrell, $285,000.

2875 & 2905 Cambridge Rd

Dorothy A Kieffer to Benuel K and Lillian B Riehl, $130,000.

Kennett Township

104 School House Ln

Estate of J Clarence Fogg to Ross T and Ann W Causey II, $235,000.

London Britain

7 Chesterton Dr

Scott A and Theresa M Cole to Vinay Sharma, $425,000.

London Grove

1 Belmont Cir

John C and Kelli H Kukura to Ranbir Singh and Sudarshan Kaur, $484,000.

780 Clay Creek Rd

R Craig and Meghan M Johnston to Carmen L Negron and John Blyden, $260,000.


139 Church St

Estate of Ellen A McAllister to Peter G Foster, $175,000.


18 N Brandywine Ave

Abbas Purmalek to Giselle Cosentino, $105,000.

New London

117 S Deer Run Dr

Michael R and Denise M Byers to Edward O and Janelle K Gillespie, $319,500.

538 Wheatland Ct

William C III and Margaret J Brown to Mario and Ingrid Falcone, $400,470.


701 W 2nd Ave

Edward J Lantz to Lee P Rowe, $230,000.


15 Franklin Ave

Estate of Richard F Cage to Kyle Zimmerer, $127,000.

572 W High St

Estate of Sophie Loretta Sikorski to Brian S and Marci A Rumsey, $118,500.

934 Woodlawn Ave

Sudhin Mandal to James O Burger and Stephanie E Wasek, $234,500.

Spring City

54 N Church St

Paul A Fontanes to Adrienne M and Neil D Wampole, $205,000.


133 Chaps Ln

Lusong Lue and Min Wei to Paul and Marie R Nordsiek, $368,000.


171 Daylesford Blvd

Susan Maguire McKeon to William J Leckey Jr, $560,000.

679 Mountview Rd

David S and Catherine C Brumbaugh to Robin and Phillip Edwards, $760,000.

1085 Old Lancaster Rd

Annalisa Pizzarello and Robert S Conway to Patrick W and Susan B Laffan, $735,000.

749 Upper Gulph Rd

Robert Warnock to Lori A Natale, $825,000.

Upper Oxford

2068 Ewing Rd

Robert C and Cynthia A Johnstone to Troy B and Andrea D L Graver, $435,000.

4447 Glenville Rd

Christopher G and Kathleen Phillippe to Robert Y and Barbara A Kline, $240,000.

Upper Uwchlan

1409 Hampshire Ln

Pulte Homes to Sachin and Sweta Haria, $428,090.


237 Biddle Dr

Dana and Marybeth German to Erik A and Ellen M Davis, $305,000.

3705 Davis Ct

Stephanie M Clark to Loretta A Grillo, $245,500.


404 Barlow Dr

Valley Farm Associates LP to Jonathan and Kelly Sears, $381,931.

40 Innisbrook Ln

Catherine D Proctor to Aisha C Purnell, $188,000.

20 Mineral Springs Rd

Albert A and Susan P Koenig to Joseph S Sofranko and Justine E Estelle, $325,000.


101 Mine Hole Rd

R Douglas and Lori E Horrocks to Robert John Stoudt II and Elizabeth M Woodruff, $250,000.

West Bradford

1526 High Country Rd

Bradford Pointe Development LLC to Joseph Edward and Natalie Simon, $750,000.

West Brandywine

115 Jamie Ln

Hurley Road Associates LLC to Heather L and Jason M Charron, $408,323.

West Chester

335 N New St

James A and Jeannine M Breslin to Brendan L and Mary B Corrigan, $225,000.

110 Price St

Thomas D Kramer and Pamela L Price to Donna E Wilusz, $335,000.

West Goshen

987 Frederick Dr

John E and Cecelia C Williams to Pengcheng Zou and Xiaowei Zhu, $380,000.

1161 Mallard Rd

Regina M Berger to Jason and Donna Sadeghi, $330,000.

West Marlboro

718 Church Rd

Vicki S Adamson and Vicki S Winward to Alfonso and Graciela Gutierrez Gonzalez, $390,000.

West Whiteland

9 Buttonwood Dr

Kevin Caimi to Anna Marie Oxenham, $289,900.

417 Edgewood Dr

Keith and Christine Larson to Samir M Saadeh, $386,000.

137 Fringetree Dr

Mark T and Lynne M Halligan to David Testa, $379,000.

509 Saint Annes Ln

William F IV and Kristin Lang to Michael J and Roseann Guinan, $387,000.

719 Timber Ln

Chao Chen and Jennifer Moriarta to Alexis A and Radana M Remillard, $320,000.


844 Arden Ct

Stephen J and Elizabeth Anne Filoon to Robert J Neal Jr, $364,900.

633 James Dr

Paul H Coleman and Charlene D Koretz to Jason and Cathleen A Schambers, $434,500.


20 Devon Cir

Peter and Alison C Roithmayr to Joseph and Melissa Kiely, $372,000.

7 Woodford Ln

Thomas J and Marilyn P Baldwin to Mary Jo Thomas, $750,000.