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Delaware County real estate transactions

Delaware County

These transactions were recorded in August.

Aston Twp

2620 Bancroft Dr

Vito D DiCamillo to Debra A Gilman, $292,500.

41 Bunting Ln

Natalie Pagano to Kimberly Dashkiwsky and Brandon P Short, $185,300.

1311 Cherry Tree Rd

Sue A Pfeil to Gerald L and Colleen Collins, $249,000.

13 Stuart Dr

Richard Mrozowski to Joseph C and Laura L Brooks, $226,000.

27 Venuti Dr

Baker Residential of Pa LLC to Clare and David Williams, $498,673.

34 Venuti Dr

Baker Residential of Pa LLC to Christopher T and Michele S Dormer, $518,356.

Bethel Twp

1110 Poplar St

Foxfields Ilp LP to Murray and Irene Farkas, $226,922.

1112 Poplar St

Foxfields Ilp LP to Joseph F and Mary R Kane, $249,723.

1209 Poplar St

Foxfields Ilp LP to Francine M McKay, $217,947.

269 Sulky Way

Jennifer R Day to Wryan Lamar and Kati Maria Oday, $238,000.

Brookhaven Boro

4951 Madison Dr

William Livingston to John P and Cindy E May, $108,500.

228 Upland Rd

Richard W Lucas to Michail and Hasmik Maroulis, $217,500.

3618 Victor Ave

Lori Rossi Downs to James D Davidson, $245,000.

Chester Heights Boro

91 Bayberry Ct

Lawrence G Weathers III to Ronald P and Rosa M Bernard, $217,000.

Clifton Heights Boro

72 N Sycamore Ave

Elizabeth Jean Fortunato to Patrick J Kennedy, $139,000.

Collingdale Boro

310 Roberta Ave

Joan M Devinney to Kevin J Devinney, $90,000.

644 Spruce St

Nicholas A Esposito to Robyn Paschall, $189,900.

Concord Twp

244 Baltimore Pike, Unit 221A

Fox Valley Associates LP to Richard R and Ruth M Pottier, $226,662.

1703 Century Ln

Michael and Arlene Bincsik to Karin A Giacomini, $352,000.

1815 Red Fox Ln

J David and Patricia E Obrecht to Edward F and Joan A Voelker, $308,500.

69 Station Rd

Hai Tsao to John D and Laurie A Fish, $590,000.

Darby Boro

513 Chestnut St

Phillips Real Inv to Eliza W and Emmanuel K Davies, $97,500.

216 Spring Valley Rd

Winston Roper Jr to Jahmelia Davey, $105,000.

413 Walnut St

Delco Realty Assoc LLC to Dennis Massimo, $110,000.

Darby Twp

1076 Cedarwood Rd

Leonard J Sweeney et al to Betty J Crockett, $140,000.

652 Magnolia Ave

Ty Bernhard to Gail A Kaiser, $155,000.

807 W Surrey Ln

John A McGowan III to Anna Marie and Timothy F Lewis Sr, $145,000.

1025 Tremont Dr

Denise Lamb to Angela Corrato, $169,900.

Eddystone Boro

736 Ashland Ave

Herbert F and Cheryl L Wright to Katherine and Michael Magga, $119,600.

Edgmont Twp

129 Columbus Ave

Nvr Inc to John A and Diana R Calderaio, $522,151.

Folcroft Boro

533 Charmont Ave

Ralph E III and Linda J Roam to Samson and Jeanne Robnett, $180,480.

916 Taylor Dr

Dominic J Martino to Rennita Jardine and Paul M Cross, $134,000.

Glenolden Boro

604 W Ashland Ave

Everhome Mortgage Co to Michael Burns, $111,000.

Haverford Twp

232 Cherry Ln

Avinash Bhandoola to Erin and Kevin Sheeron, $349,900.

16 Havcrest Cir

Keith J and Laurie M Kremer to Curtis H and Kathleen A Blessing, $363,000.

41 W Hillcrest Ave

Michael J and Alyson W Keating to Peter and Katherine Landrum, $410,000.

1323 Maryland Ave

Joseph A Segar to Michael E Jr and Kelly L Myhasuk, $294,000.

624 Paddock Rd

Christopher G and Aileen M Magee to Sandra L Klein, $506,624.

204 Pineridge Rd

Lee Ann and David Donato to Michael Denofa and Nicole Gramlick, $311,500.

552 Wales Rd

Christine Dyer to Yvona Fierlinger, $230,000.

224 Westwood Park Dr

Sean McCaughan to Kevin J Roccio and Stephanie M Lamb, $265,900.

910 Woodland Dr

Alice F Hall to Christopher J Lesovitz, $174,640.

Lansdowne Boro

191 Bryn Mawr Ave

Geoffrey C and Vania M Falen to Scott A and Jennifer J Kittrell, $249,900.

289 Green Ave

Nancy Jean Nowicki to Aaron and Layda Fulner, $225,000.

19 N Lansdowne Ave

Irving S Moser to Inyand Philip and Inyang Angelina Udo, $160,000.

235 W Plumstead Ave

Michael P Dever to Terrence J Doyle II, $159,900.

Lower Chichester Twp

301 White Ave

John P and Patricia D Kline to Suzanne J Bitters, $106,000.

Marple Twp

137 3d Ave

Harry C and Margaret Rines to Deborah M Paolini, $245,000.

196 Cranbourne Dr

Charles A Ragucci to Michael Thomas Sr and Eileen Goldhorn, $329,900.

115 Ferguson Ave

Marcy C Chaitt to Kevin J and Elizabeth R Falciani, $381,000.

102 Gabrielle Ct

Delco Mather Associates LP to Nureddin O and Meriem A Aberra, $850,531.

2592 Gilbert St

Albert Bramley to Karen P Enders, $380,000.

498 Lawrence Rd

Guerino Muscelli to Turtleback Associates LLC, $211,700.

1000 Richmond Rd

Todd and Christine Netter to Patrick D Scannell, $435,000.

28 Willowbrook Rd

Edward and Patricia Hall to Glen J DiSantis and John G DiSantis, $329,000.

303 Yale Ave

Otto John and Martha M Vincen to Livia Angelucci, $318,000.

Media Boro

115 W 5th St

Cds Developers LLC to Robert T and Sally M Brown, $519,900.

315 N Orange St

Eva and Joseph W Watson to Catherine J Linck, $125,000.

Middletown Twp

474 S Middletown Rd

Ludwig D Huebner et al to Benjamin Grover and Rebekah Fetterman, $286,500.

Nether Providence Twp

27 Chester Rd

Bernhard and Brunhilde Laaken to Mary Jo Schendler, $200,000.

116 Maple Rd

Mark Davies to Christine M Houston, $200,000.

Newtown Twp

267 Green Briar Ct

Madeline Santaniello to Loreta Romeo, $175,500.

Norwood Boro

108 Harrison Ave

Francine M McKay to Frank Melfi IV, $215,000.

559 Mohawk Ave

John T and Deborah McLaughlin to Diana J Lieb, $192,000.

Parkside Boro

26 E Chelton Rd

Andrew R Werner to Ryan T Jackson, $125,000.

17 W Forestview Rd

Andrew B Shirlow to Lisa M Bobiak, $107,015.

100 W Forestview Rd

Karen E Sommers to Matthew F Cimino, $195,000.

2617-2623 Parkside Terr

Peter Meyer to Alfonso DiGirolamo III, $257,000.

Radnor Twp

254 Berwind Rd

Kendall B Castle to Meredith D Hardy and John K Strautnieks, $739,000.

908 Drexel Ln

Deborah A Altopiedi to Peter F and Patricia L Stokes, $2,150,000.

21 Oakford Rd

Wengui Wang to Songfeng Xie and Yi Wang, $425,000.

125 Summit Terr

Cristine Watrous to Macy and Marvin Guiont, $224,000.

236 Trianon Ln

John H and Helen B McKay to Richard C and Shirley S Hui, $947,000.

Ridley Park Boro

402 Glenloch Rd

Colin M and Mary Ann Black to Edward and Audra Ann Behrle, $345,000.

306 Lindsay St

Thomas R and Karen D Jones to Jeffrey Dugan, $235,900.

15 W Ridley Ave

Joseph Grostas Jr to Yamine Mermer, $250,000.

Ridley Twp

636 Agnes Ave

John A Eberwein Jr et al to Joseph V and Diane M Raspanti, $330,000.

184 Balignac Ave

Angelica M Masters to Carly E Johnson, $139,900.

1134 Harper Ave

Margaret Mary Rafferty to Javier Romero and Lia Espinoza, $180,000.

235 Hazel Ave

Howard E and Margaret V Rementer to Ronald W and Dawn M Rainey, $223,000.

108 Ladomus Ave

William R Shupe to Kathleen A Devaney, $189,900.

621 Stanbridge Rd

Stephen D Casper to Brian P and Kimberly Ganley, $240,000.

2631 Wood Rd

Coral Financial Inc to Christopher and Angela Dath, $189,900.

413 Wyndom Terr

George P Clark to John J and Fran Elena Laughlin, $185,000.

Sharon Hill Boro

346 Greenwood Rd

Lawrence P Bingnear to Wanda Morton and Chelena R Jones, $137,500.

Springfield Twp

828 Homestead Ave

Jason Koelewyn to Elizabeth Jean and Edward C Andrews Jr, $268,000.

92 Indian Rock Dr

Anthony T Marzano to Stephen R and Madelyn M Adamczyk, $347,500.

Thornbury Twp

7 Dylan Ct

Andre L Devegt to Gene F and Mary Kate Loconte, $595,000.

Tinicum Twp

307 W 2d St

Edward C Jr and Kathleen Cassidy to Ronald Davis, $180,000.

131 Saude Ave

Citicorp Trust Bank to Louis R Cicconi Jr, $114,900.

Upper Chichester Twp

1921 Bergdoll Ave

Fannie M Kessler to Patrick J and Marilyn J Cook, $263,500.

710 Cotton Ln

Edward Spotts to Eric Cevoli and Jill K Lynam, $236,900.

1314 Rolling Glen Dr

Scott Bartnik to Lori L Frantz, $165,000.

1926 Susan Ln

Cisco Corp to Toufeeq and Arsalan Mirza, $350,000.

Upper Darby Twp

718 Anderson Ave

Rachael Bien to Dominic and Donna Romero, $174,900.

1134 Bryan St

Spring House Property to Adrian and Kathryn Hughes, $220,500.

180 Chapman Ave

Stephen and Lisa DiPietro to David Disque, $125,000.

4062 Ellendale Rd

Shawn and Julie Stewart to Joseph A Pearson, $155,000.

416 Hampden Rd

Jeff Krane to Dwana Cleaves, $105,000.

7004 Hazel Ave

Sokunthea Chan to Hem Singh, $240,000.

127 S Keystone Ave

Shawn Roberts to Kwadwo Gyamfi, $128,870.

526 Larchwood Ave

Sajjad M Jaffery to Van Ngoc Ho, $118,000.

744 Laurel Ln

William A Layman to Daniel Hart, $149,000.

425 Littlecroft Rd

Julius Minarik to Earl Brown, $88,500.

561 Littlecroft Rd

Cool Valley Investments LLC to Paola Garcia, $127,000.

241 Long Ln

Delware Valley Property to Mofizur Rahman, $95,000.

607 Morgan Ave

Nirvana S Kacala to Ayyaz Sajid, $104,000.

1145 Myrtlewood Ave

Robert M Allan to Michael A and Rose M Wing, $152,775.

117 Terrace Ave

Thomas A Johnsen to Baldev Singh, $228,000.

631 Turner Ave

Mary Jane Moore to Ernest W and Rosemary M Knorr, $205,000.

5231 Westbrook Dr

Brian J Hudak to Dennis A Cetroni and Christina L Gross, $159,000.

1116 Wynnbrook Rd

Walter E and Sarah Sammons to Stanley E Morrissey III, $199,900.

Upper Providence Twp

250 Bobbin Mill Rd

Richard Brown to Ryan and Colleen Olivo, $440,000.

47 Kirk Ln

Craig and Ruth Ann Schmidt to Gary J Pascuzzo and Melinda B Parsons, $241,500.

35 Preston Rd

Theodore Volikas to Timothy T Volikas, $300,000.

125 Ridge Rd

Michael Alyanakian et al to Andrew R and Ann L Morris, $325,000.

30 Rose Tree Vill

Jill Christy Hess to Eric J Goodstein and Suzanne I Stempler, $259,800.

308 Woodland Ave

Stockton Valley Inc to Kurt R Brunden and Sherry J Beecher, $530,000.

Yeadon Boro

518 Fern St

Rosemary Thomas to Janea Drummond, $150,000.

512 Holly Rd

Housing and Urban Devt to Tariku Nedi, $102,000.