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Main Line real estate transactions

All sales were recorded in August




72 Sagewood Dr

Toll Bros to XI Ping Zhang and Xiangdong Ren, $447,060.

East Whiteland

54 Granville Way

Jan M Migeot to J Frank and Monica Braceland, $466,500.

38 Kelmar Ave

Michael J and Jennifer A Murray to Aneta Nalesnik, $225,000.

15 Weightman Dr

Fieldbrooke Development LLC to Michael B and Kelli M Barrett, $975,000.

5 Woodcrest Ln

Donna S Spoto to Elizabeth C Goltzer, $345,000.


331 Abbey Rd

Ian M and Ellen C Worling to Gerald and Whitney Murphy, $515,000.

203 Bella Vista Rd

David E and Leslie H Blake to John Michael and Catherine A Kunsch, $429,000.

523 Doral Cir

Kumar and Shoba Sharma to Jiang Jin and Dan Wang, $1,008,000.

416 Littlebrook Rd

Estate of C James Maxfield III to John M Braxton, $335,000.

20 Manchester Ct

J Michael and Joseph Bryne Considine Jr to William G and Catherine D Siple, $580,000.

604 Midland Cir

Thomas H and C Leigh Myers Shaffer to Geoffrey S and Sarah R Kenneck, $432,500.

1005 Millbrook Rd

Breezewood Homes LLC to Thomas A and Lori Beth Whiteman, $1,560,000.

533 Morris Ln

Karen C O'Brian to Jeffrey S and Marla P Fialko, $1,165,000.


800 Caldwell Rd

Robert L and Mary J Storey to William M and Kim M Gradisek, $1,150,000.

43 Constitution Ct

Justin Vidal to Chao Wang and Jianmin Lin, $365,000.

967 Contention Ln

Andrew J Henderson and Cissy S Young to Robert P and Melissa L Freiling, $585,000.

413 Huntington Dr

Cartus Financial Corp to Paul D and Tarin A Cataldo, $887,500.

378 McMull Dr

Priscilla Press et al to Judy Uosikkinen, $350,000.

319 Old Forge Crossing

Timothy W Subotkowski and Timothy W Subotkouski to Angela Nudy, $196,500.

332 Strafford Ave

Keith A and Laurie Cooper Brogan to Michael A Montello and Sara K Vose, $437,500.

705 Strawbridge Ln

Junko Schubert to David P and Tina Webb, $1,540,000.

820 Weadley Rd

Francois J and Connie Cnockaert to Lee and Ilona Tarnoff, $485,000.


3406 Keswick Way

L Steven and Beverly E Moore to Marc P Riddell, $328,500.

828 W King Rd

Michael and Lauren Desoi to Stephanie M Corfee, $454,000.

35 Stonehenge Ln

James R and Lucynda J Bollinger to Terence and Tara E Feury, $567,000.

40 Sunset Dr

Joseph J and Marie J McGuire to David A Cambridge and Meghan K McGrath, $286,000.

1406 Whispering Brooke Dr

Anthony V Bomis to Stavros Caratzoulas and Ionna P Petrounia, $387,000.



129 Columbus Ave

NVR Inc to John A and Diana R Calderaio, $522,151.


232 Cherry Ln

Avinash Bhandoola to Erin and Kevin Sheeron, $349,900.

16 Havcrest Cir

Keith J and Laurie M Kremer to Curtis H and Kathleen A Blessing, $363,000.

41 W Hillcrest Ave

Michael J and Alyson W Keating to Peter and Katherine Landrum, $410,000.

1323 Maryland Ave

Joseph A Segar to Michael E Jr and Kelly L Myhasuk, $294,000.

624 Paddock Rd

Christopher G and Aileen M Magee to Sandra L Klein, $506,624.

204 Pineridge Rd

Lee Ann and David Donato to Michael Denofa and Nicole Gramlick, $311,500.

552 Wales Rd

Christine Dyer to Yvona Fierlinger, $230,000.

224 Westwood Park Dr

Sean McCaughan to Kevin J Roccio and Stephanie M Lamb, $265,900.

910 Woodland Dr

Alice F Hall to Christopher J Lesovitz, $174,640.


137 3d Ave

Harry C and Margaret Rines to Deborah M Paolini, $245,000.

196 Cranbourne Dr

Charles A Ragucci to Michael Thomas Sr and Eileen Goldhorn, $329,900.

115 Ferguson Ave

Marcy C Chaitt to Kevin J and Elizabeth R Falciani, $381,000.

102 Gabrielle Ct

Delco Mather Associates LP to Nureddin O and Meriem A Aberra, $850,531.

2592 Gilbert St

Albert Bramley to Karen P Enders, $380,000.

498 Lawrence Rd

Guerino Muscelli to Turtleback Associates LLC, $211,700.

1000 Richmond Rd

Todd and Christine Netter to Patrick D Scannell, $435,000.

28 Willowbrook Rd

Edward and Patricia Hall to Glen J DiSantis and John G DiSantis, $329,000.

303 Yale Ave

Otto John and Martha M Vincen to Livia Angelucci, $318,000.


267 Green Briar Ct

Madeline Santaniello to Loreta Romeo, $175,500.


254 Berwind Rd

Kendall B Castle to Meredith D Hardy and John K Strautnieks, $739,000.

908 Drexel Ln

Deborah A Altopiedi to Peter F and Patricia L Stokes, $2,150,000.

21 Oakford Rd

Wengui Wang to Songfeng Xie and Yi Wang, $425,000.

125 Summit Terr

Cristine Watrous to Macy and Marvin Guiont, $224,000.

236 Trianon Ln

John H and Helen B McKay to Richard C and Shirley S Hui, $947,000.


Lower Merion

516 Anthwyn Rd

Kamel Khalili and Shohreh Amini to Bruce E Batzer, $575,000.

129 Broome Ln

Ilan and Sandra Katz to Yonit and Ziv Neeman, $1,050,000.

213 Bryn Mawr Ave

Sharon H Jackson to Sharon G Frisch, $418,000.

101 Cheswold Ln

Bernice Bogash and Bruce G Silver, James W Adelman to Janet Kronfeld, $1,000,000.

41 Conshohocken St

Irma Bronstein et al to Rhoda K and Charles Davis, $330,000.

925 County Line Rd

James J and Donna Harley to Angela T Walker, $187,000.

210 Elbow Ln

PNC Bank to Claudia M and Daniel L Quinn, $875,000.

95 Fairview Rd

Isom Family Trust et al to Neal H Abrams and Marcy Newman Hart, $1,640,000.

1600 Hagysford Rd

Matthew Digennaro to Beth R Steiner, $93,500.

630 Hazelhurst Ave

Cecil and Clyde Harris to 630 Hazelhurst Ave A, $500,000.

61 Llanfair Rd

Esther Maik to Kiandokht Malekniazi and Faraidoon Jamshidi, $175,000.

307 Locust Ave

Sarah B Montgomery to Barbara Bienkowska and Waldemar Bienkowski, $150,000.

8 E Lodges Ln

Sandrine Autran and Jean-Marc Tersen to Marwan Michel and Ute Kraidy, $555,000.

543 Mill Creek Rd

Barbara G Zehender to Pamela G Phelan, $550,000.

542 Montgomery Sch

Elisabeth H D Hickok et al to Jonathan R and Emily M Flora, $740,000.

617 Montgomery Sch

Rhoda K and Charles Davis to Constantinos and Heidi J Syropoulos, $700,000.

1835 Old Gulph Rd

Mary Garland Freeman to Arthur M and Barbara J Baur, $600,000.

389 Penn Rd

Lisa Johnson and Michael Pratt to Kimberly Heightchew and Christopher Bryan, $810,000.

121 Rockglen Rd

Omar J Mehdi to Paul D Hennigan, $289,000.

1127 Sandringham R

Steven M Levin, Mitchell E Pfeffer et al to Naciye and Mehmet Uzel, $615,000.

29 School Ln

Maureen Getzfread and Paul J Gallagher to Hillarey Rose Jones, $185,000.

122 E Spring Ave

Lynn Amy Krisay and Timothy J Sceurman to Larry J Palazzolo and Kara A McDonald, $244,900.

529 Spring Mill Rd

Stephen A and Julia B Burdick to Cathy E and Brian J Keane, $850,000.

1411 Sussex Rd

Phyllis Barbara Poorman Hykel and Carol A Dailey to Kerry C McDuffie and David A Yusko, $490,000.

39 Thomas Ave

Frank C Hayes to Thomas Avenue Proper, $250,000.

138 Union Ave

Eric E and Rae Ann Anderson to Kent and Cecile Steinriede, $349,000.

608 Wayfield Rd

Francis R and Mary Elizabeth Spitz to Debra E and Cary Coglianese, $665,000.


219 Lantwyn Ln

Charles and Marie A Hurwitz to Aude Simon, $387,500.

219 Williams Ave

Elyssa Corliss and Sybil T Gilmar to Sarah and Gregory Klein, $250,000.

Upper Merion

815 Brower Rd

Louis Nemeth & Hicks Construction to Michael and Terese P Marquez, $1,695,000.

211 Charles St

James and Ellen Bradford to Elizabeth and Bradley Tulig, $355,000.

716 Edgewood Rd

Claire and Sidney N Chuse to Mary G Freeman, $300,000.

581 Lindsey Dr

John and Wendy Haedo to John J and Barbara S Biegalski, $500,000.

300 Overlook Ln

Helene M Kennedy to Karin Elaine Prince, $475,000.

129 Rebel Rd

Lawrence Devlin, Nellie C Wondolowski et al to Carolyn and Nicholas Alexaki, $180,000.

665 U St

Gillian Cramer Cramer-Rankin to Celica L Bicocchi, $247,000.

1000 Valley Forge

Shirley Nelson to Diana S Roth, $206,000.

1000 Valley Forge

Evelyn Laken and Andrew Goldwater to Lois R Gordon, $291,000.

2000 Valley Forge

Parichese Hemassi Fard to Anita and Allen B Resnick, $216,750.

443 Weadley Rd

Mark R and Margaret T Ferguson to Stephane Buliard, $307,000.

288 White Ave

Margaretha E Beck to Brian and Derrick Greer, $259,500.