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Bucks County real estate transactions

Bucks County

These transactions were recorded in August.

Bensalem Twp

1505 Barn Swallow Dr

Andrew M and Suzanne Knight to Rita Bharat and Bharat S Patel, $343,000.

2390 Bowman Ave

M Adeline and Russell Ray to Jeffrey C and Carol Henderson, $224,500.

901 Bridgewater Rd

Michael and Caryn Israel to Deborah Dilks, $396,000.

2510 Buffalo Ave

Old World Bldrs Inc to Kimberly Bui, $320,000.

4714 Chelsea Ct

Andrey and Lina Krivich to Daniel C Fincken, $181,000.

2550 Clara Dr

Antoinette M Waters to Albert Babinskas, $229,400.

6073 Mark Cir

Thomas and Kathleen Magallanes to John M Jr and Cecilia A Pine, $395,000.

619 S Mt Vernon Cir

Gerald P Kent to Stephen J and Lynn Montemuro, $268,000.

6705 Pickwick Ct

Tuyen and Hanh Nguyen to Simon Chi Cheng, $245,000.

2941 Quincy Turn

Melvyn Schwartz to Marco Ricca, $210,000.

Bristol Boro

316 Cleveland St

Anne A Keen to David J and Michele MacConnell, $200,000.

417 Dorrance St

James McKenna to Dawn Kubis, $170,000.

Bristol Twp

18 Arch La

William Booker to Jose A Moran, $216,000.

1336 Dixon Ave

Thomas D Carmody to Diane Gable, $140,000.

523 Excelsior Ave

William H Engle II to Angela Passaro, $250,000.

43 Goodrock Rd

Robert P Kelly Jr to Edward J Richick, $214,900.

46 Holly Dr

John and Ann Hanczaryk to Richard Fedder, $205,000.

281 Holly Dr

Christine Romantini to Robert Milner Jr, $149,480.

41 Idlewild Rd

Scott T and Elizabeth A Anderson to Antonio and Kelly Sue Rodriguez, $215,000.

30 Kenwood Dr South

James Gary III and Kristie M Rogy to Maelin Diaz, $206,000.

3500 Llamberis Ave

Jacques R and Marie J Kline to Hope N Silvera, $185,000.

224 Mill Dr

Jeffrey A Logan to Keri Komraus, $202,400.

38 Mintleaf Rd

Jill Macaluso to Marvin A Reyes, $195,000.

163 Naomi Ct

Gloria Taylor-Lewis to Scott T Greco, $216,000.

58 Poplar Rd

Robert F and Mary E Shores to Michael P Whalen, $200,000.

27 Wildflower Rd

William E and Lilly L Powers to Roy E Hudec Jr, $221,000.

1921 Willow Ave

David Sharpe to David and Rachel Moeller, $185,000.

1320 Woodbine Ave

Mary P Rutecki to Robert Milner Jr, $206,444.

Buckingham Twp

3867 E Brandon Way

Shahbaz and Karen A Ahmad to Francisco Martinez, $585,000.

3089 E Brighton St

Toll Pa LP to Ryan Downie, $346,702.

4210 Greenspire La

Toll Pa LP to Jeffrey R and Penny A Blom, $893,905.

4812 Mechanicsville Rd

Knipe Bldg Grp LLC to Wendy M and Robert J Weckerly, $934,393.

4223 Miladies La

Christopher J Day to Matthew T and Ann Marie Manelski, $407,500.

3829 Nanlyn Farm Cir

Peder Falch to Noel E and Lenore M Delapaz, $392,000.

2375 S Whittmore St

Toll Pa LP to Jeffrey S Smith, $399,277.

Chalfont Boro

163 Cardinal Rd

Garry E and Janis L Fleisch to Matt J and Joann E Bresnan, $400,000.

126 Megan Cir

to Robert J and Andrea L Raynor, $224,900.

Doylestown Boro

225 Hillcrest Dr

Miranda Barrett to Matthew and Ronni Wilkinson, $390,000.

Doylestown Twp

2-6 Aspen Way

Joseph M Reilly to Donna Lea Wiggins, $149,500.

6-12 Aspen Way

Robert S Whitefield to Lori A McDevitt, $210,000.

147 Cottonwood Ct

John P Jr and Christine M Bogue to Edward J Organ and Betty S Moran-Organ, $391,000.

170 Progress Dr

McGrath Tr to Elsa A Smitheman, $280,000.

417 Trophy La

William F and Elizabeth C Plum to Nicole D Wiley, $500,000.

44 Woodcrest La

Martha D McMakin to Christopher and Gail Huber, $425,000.

Dublin Boro

128 N Main St

Brett Kane to Rockhill Developer LLC, $170,000.

Falls Twp

550 Austin Dr

Charles H and Mary L Hall to David M and Donna M Bovankovich, $417,999.

97 Hedgerow Dr

Janusz and Katarzyna Ciborowski to Stefanie F and Ryan J Donohue, $370,000.

1460 Old Route 13

Gordon Jr and Bertha Gilbert to Robert Milner Jr, $101,000.

48 Vividleaf La

Robert J Patterson to Jose M and Mercedes Hernandez, $253,000.

283 Wyandotte Rd

Deborah A Killeri to Michael G Rhodunda, $260,000.

214 Yorkshire La

John E and Heather L Oberhau to Lisa Vanhise, $275,000.

Hilltown Twp

105 Devonshire Way

Leonard and Carole J Bilello to Lee Zarelli, $345,000.

Langhorne Boro

202 W Richardson Ave

Edward C Graff to Emily and William K Jr Hannan, $437,000.

Lower Makefield Twp

2203 Brookhaven Dr

Mae E Margio to Teresa E Paulish, $229,380.

610 Chestnut Woods Dr

James and Laura J Kardas to Yogesh N Lakhani, $483,000.

187 Cinnabar La

Bruce and Maureen Paparella to Lee D and Angela J Alexander, $610,000.

501 Heritage Oak Dr

Robert J and Kelly M Winkler to Michael and Rennie Acker, $525,000.

1595 Lakeview Cir

Delia L Baldwin to William Potts, $325,000.

684 Springdale Tr

James S and Marian A VanSickle to James and Peggy Gallagher, $375,000.

6002 Spruce Mill Dr

James J Schrack to Wendy Mangum, $276,000.

2308 Sterling Rd

Jennie Anne Rooth to Nelson A and Christina H Peterson, $278,000.

4 Wilfred Dr

Michelle J Hoffmann to Serge Picard, $430,000.

Lower Southampton Twp

2425 Brownsville Rd

Gae and Eileen B Ciuccarelli to Christina Salley, $276,750.

516 Sterners Mill Rd

Wayne W Wright to William S and Yvette T Booker, $395,000.

Middletown Twp

40 Cameo Pl

Charles Harris to Robin L Winslow, $98,980.

17 High Rd

Gertude W Fischer to Steven B and Renate E Krivulka, $228,000.

1508 Highland Ave

William J III and Andrea R Ahern to James G Rogy III, $265,000.

142 E Highland Ave

Michael T and Heather A Solomon to William J and Kimberly L Morgan, $314,900.

12 Maplewood Dr

Mark A and Lynn A Indelicato to Derek Stewart, $337,900.

703 E Parker St

Warren Roach Jr to Andrew Howell, $193,000.

52 Shady Brook Dr

William R and Ann L Britton to Helen Elson, $480,000.

92 White Swan Way

Gregory M and Connie L Bohardt to Sean Khov, $429,900.

Milford Twp

1848 Buttonwood La

NVR Inc to Peter and Nadine Baj, $533,040.

2530 Hillcrest Rd

Adam J and Jennifer L Kukowski to Bradley E and Tracy A Cianciola, $365,000.

Morrisville Boro

607 Benton La

Mindaugas Barzda to Rui Ying Liang, $225,000.

New Britain Boro

29 Lamp Post Rd

Robert D and Dorothy M Sterner to Marian J Barford, $525,000.

Newtown Boro

31 S Lincoln Ave

Toll Pa VIII LP to Luciano Blancato and Paul Blancato, $820,390.

101 Madison St

Toll Pa VIII LP to Richard T and Linda A Hartman, $1,083,175.

20 Watson Mill La

Toll Pa VIII LP to Stephen M and Hye Cha Seidman, $1,077,593.

Newtown Twp

14 Colchester Pl

Rita N Epstein to David J and Rosemary S Wagner, $310,000.

1104 Diamond Dr

Christine and Francis J Jr Smolcynski to Albert C Low, $210,000.

1804 Diamond Dr

David and Pamela Neal to Carol Smith, $207,000.

418 Mahogany Walk

Christine Rauschkolb-Loeffler to Matthew S Geib, $365,000.

Nockamixon Twp

25 Fachets La

John and Hazel J Smoluk to Scott and Maryann Milford, $265,000.

Northampton Twp

73 Banbury Ct

Enrico J DiRienzo to Christopher S Basse, $260,000.

25 Birch Ave

Nathan M and Bridget J Demetsky to Nicholas Floro, $366,000.

19 Creekside Dr

Neil J and Karen Model to Michael J and Rebecca L Roosevelt, $860,000.

3265 Durham Pl

Chad K Markowitz to Kristen Overberger, $259,900.

1103 Hopkins Ct

Michele A Esposito to Kurt Bergmann, $240,000.

32 Legacy Oaks Dr

Arthur G and Janet E Ruth to John B Jr and Margaret B Taulane, $385,000.

87 Mulberry Dr

Nancy J Schaffer and Rachel M Schaffer to Edward J Donnelly and Mary Fox Donnelly, $302,000.

11 Rucker Dr

William F and Teresa N Iacobellis to April and John A Thomas, $539,900.

Perkasie Boro

327 E Walnut St

Justin and Melissa Metzler to Lori A Rosensweig, $225,000.

Plumstead Twp

4007 Captain Molly Cir

Kyle T Walton to Brandon R Wescott, $220,000.

3899 Miriam Dr

Susan Spadafora to Troy and Kathy Largmann, $454,200.

5475 Rinker Cir

Tracy D Swartz to Indravadan R Patel, $223,000.

5522 Rinker Cir

James G and Susan S Wulf to Rebecca M Marcolini et al, $211,495.

Richland Twp

1471 Cobblestone Way

Kevin and Christine B Lentz to Elena Kalbach, $398,500.

Sellersville Boro

120 Hughes Ave

Thomas M and Sandra L Horan to Karine M Bryan, $173,000.

Springfield Twp

5890 Route 412

Douglas A and Sandra M Barnhart to Maurice Heckscher, $330,000.

Tullytown Boro

11 Locust La

Robert R and Susan R Nied to Vivian and James R McKenna, $225,000.

274 Main St

Edward H and Stephanie Bergmann to Larraine Lucisano, $90,000.

105 Stonybrook Dr South

Winifred Lambert to Lynne and Carmine Maggio, $225,000.

Upper Makefield Twp

118 Beaumont Dr

Lucas G and Cecelia R Axiotakis to James and Laura J Kardas, $775,000.

725 Eagle Rd

Frank T and Marjorie Hunter to Pineville Invest LLC, $411,000.

107 Glenwood Dr

GMAC Global Rlctn Serv Inc to Paul T and Susan J Stone, $540,000.

52 Lenape Dr

James McElwain to Mihong Park, $645,000.

310 Mill Race La

Marvin and Stephanie Anzel to Timothy N and Mary T Timmerman, $1,100,000.

Upper Southampton Twp

1041 Cherry La

Michael C Meister to David J and Rose V Foulke, $300,000.

1701 Fredendall Cir

Ronald F and Mary A Sliwinski to Michael M Hickey, $250,000.

1358 Orcap Way

Carol H Lehman to John J and Patricia A Malone, $382,000.

Warminster Twp

593 Lowell Rd

Raymond E and Dolores Bauer to Riki Fire, $260,000.

510 Spencer La

James F and Mildred N McDonald to Rick L and Svetlana Penecale, $338,000.

Warrington Twp

842 Geranium Dr

Joann Connor to John R and Marilyn J Lorenzi, $330,000.

302 Goldenrod Ct

Michael K Clime to Michael T Zerbe, $235,000.

Warwick Twp

2401 April Dr

Cutler Grp Inc to Scott and Jacqueline Morein, $815,000.

918 Harrison La

Sandra L Perchick to Victor and Barbara Klarberg, $460,000.

4105 Knox Ct

Doris M Geyer to Frank P Cervone, $255,000.

Wrightstown Twp

120 Jane Chapman Dr West

Toll Pa XI LP to John F and Catherine M Bucsek, $1,451,857.

124 Jane Chapman Dr West

Toll Pa XI LP to Larry and Elen Snyder, $1,664,668.

68 Williams Ave

Chester E and Hideko Keyser to Philip J and Rochelle L Bray, $315,000.

Yardley Boro

62 Ferry St

William C and Dorothy M Kubick to Bruce Slager, $85,000.

410 Yardley Commons

Edward Organ to Edward F Markey Jr, $183,500.