These transactions were recorded through June 25.

Bordentown City

125 2nd St

Mary and Timothy Price to Anthony November, $240,000.

58 Elizabeth St

Jason T and Vanessa Diveley to Christian Dyson, $160,000.

203 Lafayette St

Michelle A Larkin and Dawn Marie Nee to Danielle Dolci, $215,000.

9 Stanton Ave

Federal National Mortgage Assn and Fannie Mae to Joan Krulewicz, $190,000.

Bordentown Twp

18 Cayuga Rd

Adwoa Asante and Adwoa Adwobiasante to Gerald D and Vida Bivens Rich, $430,000.

26 Farmington Ct

Emad F Ghabious and Amal Abdel Malek to Michael McDonald and Cheryl Whinna, $372,500.

1 Liberty Ave

Margaret Mullen to Darren Pandolfini and Alyson M Vaccarella, $305,000.

Burlington City

22 Bisbee Dr

Michael Chioda to Lisa and Michael Holmes, $353,000.

283 Glenwood Ave

John T and Carol F Reeves Jr to Marie Ann Meador, $203,500.

335 Jones Ave

Lewis Speight to Ronald Stalling, $110,000.

741 Neptune Ave

Anthony J Carnivale Jr and Estate Of Anthony J Carnivale Sr to Michael J Jobes, $230,000.

Burlington Twp

54 Anthony Dr

Fofi S and Massah Baimba to Norbert Niakas, $374,900.

131 Hibiscus Dr

David R and Beverly J MacBrien to Brian D and Marianne M Lapp, $392,000.

14 Yearling Way

Robert J and Denise M Brand Jr to Daryl Fennell, $389,900.

25 Devlin Ave

Randy R and Cherly M Reeder to Christine McDermott, $180,000.

701 Jacksonville Rd

Joseph W and Jeffrey C Mingin to Jung Hwa and Eun Mi Seo, $315,000.

Chesterfield Twp

8 Front St

Richard Ridolfino to Shannon L Dyson, $235,000.

Cinnaminson Twp

711 S Belleview Ave

and Claude E Estate Of Howard E Ringo to Mercy Okwaisie, $150,000.

811 Westfield Dr

Lynne Allison Margolin and Estate Of Margaret Koppenhaver to Richard Holmes, $167,000.

Delanco Twp

312 Princeton Ave

Diane Allbright and Estate Of Mary Allbright to Kristine Brown, $205,000.

11 Wolverton Pl

Frank G and Eleanor Hess to Philip E and Barbara A Lamb, $353,000.

Delran Twp

6 Foxglove Dr

Robert Cubbage to Thomas F Laverty IV, $61,572.

168 Westover Dr

Robert L and Virginia C Arvay to Mark S and Kelly B Schoenholz, $415,000.

Eastampton Twp

56 Willowbrook Way

Christopher G and Jaime Miller to Robert Todd and Danielle D Holm, $305,000.

Edgewater Park Twp

1119 Mt Holly Rd

Sharon Warner to Patricia Marshall, $215,000.

Evesham Twp

8 Prince Andrew Ct

Jeffrey A and Gaily P Lynch to Joann Muraglia, $369,900.

118 Walnut Ave

Robert and Jacqueline A Hollingshead to Glen C Horay Jr, $275,000.

1102 Westerly Dr

Michael and Olga Gurevich to Bryan and Diana Giordano, $215,000.

1909 Woodhollow Dr

C&B Investors LLC to Carrie Ferrano Zadina, $172,500.

102 Dorchester Cir

Albert H and Marie T Kemp to Leigh Anne Spotts, $247,500.

3703 Elberta Ln

Massimo Epifanio and Rosanna Scotto to Jason J Kuntz, $220,000.

57 Lady Diana Cir

Nicholas L and Melissa A Carpineto to Jose and Christine Melendez Droz, $277,500.

22 Majestic Way

Karen E Flint to Nadine Ciccantelli, $260,000.

15 Provincetown Dr

Edward A Turner to Christopher R Roswell, $202,000.

33 Teaberry Ct

Thomas and Marion Kaczar to Diana L Livingston, $152,500.

21 Violet Ct

Mary S Bergman to Donald M and Dolores A Kreal, $337,500.

15 Wyndmere Rd

Steven R Neuner and Bankruptcy Estate Of Joseph E Bubnis to Christopher F Jones, $239,900.

8 Yorkshire Ct

Kristine L and Kevin Focht to Mark R Brandreth and Deanna L Hiltner, $385,000.

16 Abington Ave

Giuliano and Christine Richeda to Theresa Lepek, $255,000.

5 Bettlewood Rd

Robert J and Lisa A Sinclair to Scott Gilchrist and Nicole Bailer, $240,000.

32 Bridgewater Dr

Jeffrey Snover to Suzanne Smith, $182,000.

121 Cambridge Ave

Susan Tomkinson and Kathleen Missimer to Jennifer L Martin and Kevin M Tomkinson, $250,000.

17 Clydesdale Ct

Alfred N and Penny S Boughton to Michael and Shannon A Coluzzi, $680,000.

176 Crown Prince Dr

Daniel and Kelley Miller to William and Stephanie Pavlou, $205,000.

250 Fir Tree Ct

Ajit and Gita Shah to Iris Sanchez, $216,500.

16 Gloucester Ct

Harry R and Helen M Davis to Frank G Konrad Jr, $290,000.

Fieldsboro Boro

237 Washington St

Linda C Jones to Frederick Porter III and Frederick Porter IV, $164,000.

Florence Twp

301 Broad St

Mei Hwa Lin and Jenny Liu to Qiao Y Huang, $150,000.

122 Fairbrook Dr

Harold L and Mary R Miller to Anil Alluri, $455,000.

403 Wilbur Henry Dr

Gregory R Kohfeldt to Elvis Samuel and Crystal Gracia, $257,500.

Hainesport Twp

8 Cloverdale Ct

F P Francks Inc to Vijayendra K and Parveen K Verma, $275,000.

105 Hastings Ln

Louis and Sharon L Montagano to Anthony Moscatello and Christy Springer, $338,000.

1326 Woodgreen Ln

Lorraine Rosemonde and Frank Chappine to Andrew P and Alison J Bunting, $250,000.

Lumberton Twp

204 Ashley Ln

Patricia N Brining to Patricia E Alexander and Lee Levenberg, $389,000.

216 Sandstone Ct

Lawrence and Susan Sapp to Willie Mina Y Kekulah, $140,000.

41 Westminster Dr

Brian P and Melina B Giffin to Brad A and Grazia Stober, $500,000.

812 Woodchip Rd

Debra Goad to Jerome C Vicks, $145,000.

Mansfield Twp

19 Ambrose Dr

Lyle J and W Jean Hals to Dianna Scherlin, $315,000.

Maple Shade Twp

212 S Pine Ave

Josephine A Brophy to Eulith L and Tamika M Rankines Jr, $255,000.

608 Princeton Ave

Lisa Ambrosino to Pattana P Burudpakdee, $230,000.

Medford Lakes Boro

178 Lenape Trl

Edward and Doris L Frank to Christopher and Mary Anne Garrido, $257,900.

Medford Twp

3 Corlen Ct

Joseph and Lisa M Sorrentino III to Carylann Bautz, $255,000.

3 Norwood Ct

Michelle Moran to Lynne Manero, $227,000.

Moorestown Twp

412 Kenilworth Ave

Brian D and Sherrie L Stephens to Doris B Kaufman, $79,509.

1004 Riverton Rd

Janet K and Dennis J Burleigh to William P and Lynn M Barry, $505,000.

Mount Holly Twp

6 Chenault Ct

Francis J and Florence Tomczak to Charles T Staradumsky, $235,000.

30 W Monroe St

Walter Spiehs and Colleen Glavin Spiehs to Virma Salazar, $135,000.

57 Ridgley St

Pamela Kotzin and Estate Of Deborah A White to Christopher and Jennifer Frazier, $247,000.

Mount Laurel Twp

4605a Adelaide Dr

James and Michele Difillippo to Donna Lee, $180,000.

28 Crows Nest Ct

Anne Marie Midiri to Venita Smith, $129,812.

333 Ericson Ct

Tuyet Nga Le to John C Kelly, $228,000.

1008a Scotswood Ct

Doris A Breen to Gertrude M Hoffman, $172,500.

23a Sumac Ct

Louis William and Nancy A Bainbridge to Thomas F and Melissa D Shank, $169,000.

10 Taconia Ct

Bonnie R Tallo and Estate Of Sanford Suslow to David and Anne Aliff, $228,000.

550b Willow Turn

Qing and Ping Chen to Jason Hoffman, $156,000.

1801a Yarmouth Ln

Dawson I Harmon to Jason Zuccarelli, $184,900.

5215c Aberdeen Dr

David A and Jenna Walker to Ian J McComas and Amanda L Baldt, $173,000.

5713a Adelaide Dr

Natalie Disner to Lawrence R and Brigitte E Johnson, $172,500.

101 Ashby Ct

Donald A and Leslie McQuiller to Joann Oneill, $200,000.

6 Longbridge Dr

Ahmed Shehata and Randa Foda to Anne Marie Midiri and Ruben Parker III, $367,000.

508 Oliphant Ln

Gregory L Smith and Amy E Frazier to Gregory L and Daniel W Smith, $125,500.

305 Oswego Ct

Stephen C and Sharon D Brangman to Nicholas Borisow, $234,900.

2 N Peppergrass Dr

Wallace Strauss to Myron I and Judith M Kessler, $284,000.

134 Preakness Dr

Kurt F and Theresa A Freeman to Bryon W and Jennifer Lockhart, $605,000.

116 S Saint Andrews Dr

David and Susan Burns to Christopher and Gail Burnett, $390,000.

Palmyra Boro

609 Pennsylvania Ave

Richard P and Florence Laura Martin to James P Wang, $183,000.

Pemberton Twp

13 Estate Rd

Alfonso W and Micaela A Clarke Sr to Alfonso W Clarke Jr, $225,000.

306 Mohawk Trl

Brandon and Joyce H Rich to Caliph Robertson, $244,000.

85 Sepulga Dr

Jeffrey A and Kristen Avery to Richard K and Megan F Myers, $230,000.

101 Arrabella Ave

John H and Tae S Selnekovic to Matthew and Nicola Johnson, $255,000.

140 Jones Way

Allen Whitbeck to David L Snead, $88,000.

302 Note Boom Ave

Hud and Federal Housing Commissioner to Ricky K Undercuffler, $90,700.

405 Rhode Island Rd

Arthur R Vitale to Joseph M Barden, $209,000.

1540 Route 70

New Jersey Home Construction Inc to Claudine Idani, $895,000.

240 Villanova Ave

Citimortgage Inc to Wilfredo Perez, $173,000.

Riverside Twp

702 Bridgeboro St

George C Maute to Denis J Gallagher, $90,000.

529 Jefferson St

William H and Linda L Bowker Jr to Richard M and Linda A Briles, $240,000.

124 Pulaski Ave

Edward Michael and Jean Marie Otto to Jeffrey S and Cheryl J Hankins, $249,000.

Southampton Twp

45 Mill St

and George The Estate Of Wilma Flato to Michael Mooney and Barbara C Hughes, $260,000.

885 N Westminster Dr

James M and Maryann C Schill to Louis S and Carol R James, $257,000.

214 Front St

Ray L and Barbara E Drayton to Christopher J and Lisa A Zito, $295,000.

1 Serenity Ct

Joseph E Cairone and Gregory Riedel to Adam L Lazarus and Gayle Krohn, $535,000.

27 Windsor Rd

Howard R and Theresa Harrell to Carol C Rossmann, $185,000.

Tabernacle Twp

252 Oakshade Rd

Jeremy T and Abigail R Toyer to Jeffrey A Avery, $280,000.

Westampton Twp

606 Bloomfield Dr

Young Kyon and Hyun H Kim to Angel Aguilar, $216,000.

110 Bradford Ct

Patrick Salmon and William Barksdale Jr to Vernita Bell, $162,000.

1846 Burlington Mt Holly Rd

1846 Burlington Mount Holly Road LLC to George Achebe, $270,000.

509 Downing Ct

Barbara Pierce and H Lee Farmer to Glenn and Marlene Rosenzweig, $136,000.

64 N Hill Dr

Jason Corter to Nyja M Grant, $210,000.

Willingboro Twp

100 Middlebury Ln

Allen T and Beryl K Schaefer to Reynaldo Muniz, $177,500.

109 Rockland Dr

Alyson P Merget and Estate Of Rosarie Lee Otoole to Nicole C Hinton, $115,000.

126 Rockland Dr

Jill E Risbrudt to Golinda Jones, $163,900.

34 Elmire Ln

Mary Green to William and Jaqueline D Roldan Jr, $177,000.

12 Genesee Ln

Deutsche Bank Trust Co Americas and Saxon Mortgage Services Inc to Carla E Thomas, $163,000.

42 Hewlet Ln

Melvin Mickle Jr to Mark Campbell, $205,000.

98 Niagara Ln

Patricia E Tate to Ava Brown, $235,000.

10 Pine Ln

Don V Bailie to Richard Alspach, $54,000.

16 Berkshire Ln

Jesse P and Xanthia Thompson III to Jeffrey A Rich, $164,900.

6 Bloomfield Ln

Cosmo Madaffari to Angela Heiser, $100,000.

171 Hazelwood Cir

Barry and Danielle R Douglas to Nana Amponsah and Mary G Johnson, $225,773.

Woodland Twp

4 Johnson Rd

David R and Linda H Cossey to Bruce R and Elizabeth A Earley, $325,000.