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Camden County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through June 28.

Audubon Boro

245 Cedarcroft Ave

Orem Management Corp LLC to Dorothy J Moore, $363,000.

48 Harvard Rd

Paul M Juel to William F Chester and Shelly A Fry, $258,900.

Barrington Boro

310-312 Clements Bridge Rd

Michael N Kouvatas and Evelyn Koiuvatas to Eugene Koehler IV, $195,000.

225 Edwards Ave

Michael Y Bush to Lisa McCleary, $193,000.

223 Willmont Ave

Thelma A and Thelma A Banner Trustee to Jack S and Heather L Logan, $180,000.

Bellmawr Boro

526 3rd Ave

Matthew McCloskey to Deanna Eastwick, $160,000.

1008 Alcyon Dr

Darin M Peters to Lucia Figueroa, $114,000.

Berlin Boro

103 Marshall Ave

Harry J Janice Jr to David and Samayne Everitt, $190,000.

Berlin Twp

116 Fairview Ave

Michele McMullen Admin to Brian and Heather Schafer, $288,800.

195 Haddon Ave

Holly A Ruckel to Teena Yannarella, $148,000.

1036 Industrial Dr

to Eric Schepps, $800,000.

Brooklawn Boro

218 Noreg Pl

Kevin Edwards to John A Cicale Sr, $205,000.

501 Paris Ave

Jo Ann Wolbert Exec to Scott R Carlisle, $114,900.

120 Pershing Rd

John A and Marie C Parisi to Yvonne M Gonzales, $120,000.

Camden City

1107 S Merrimac Rd

1269 Morton LLC to Neal Barron Blaxberg, $92,700.

2827 Pleasant St

Manuel Casas to Gabriel A Gonzalez and Xiomara Mola, $92,000.

300 Rand St

Michael Dwyer to Joseph and John Joseph Youssef, $55,000.

499 Rand St

St Joseph Carpenter Society to Gladys P Zapata, $75,000.

448 Royden St

Betty Fains to Adolfina Anaya, $92,900.

3061 Waldorf Ave

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Francisco Saldana, $74,200.

901 N 34th St

Ovidio and Jacquelin Mendez Rodriguez to Carmen Iris Colon, $90,000.

1042 N 3rd St

Alberto A Pichardo to Fausto D Ruiz, $105,000.

419 N 42nd St

Lester S Talbot to Miriam Renteria, $100,000.

2519 Baird Blvd

Jaime and Moriam Hernandez Sr to Angel J Rivera Jr, $97,000.

657a Berkley St

Juan R Rodriguez to Brandon S Conwill, $71,000.

2800 N Constitution Rd

Marc Sorrentine to Ben Saalkin, $57,000.

3142 S Constitution Rd

Sookdeo Rankhalawan to Jeffrey Kuni, $62,000.

Cherry Hill Twp

800 New York Ave

Estate Of Domencik Mattia and Dominick Mattia III to Juana Valle, $132,500.

21 Pawtucket Dr

Marie Padula and William J Janssen to Pan Chi Lee and Ann Kuo, $445,000.

1522 Squire Ln

Ali and Maike Rizvi to Dionisio and Marissa Pecarsky Ortiz, $190,000.

353 Tavistock

Dana Lynn Petrone Prisco to Bruce D Schlegel, $199,900.

10 Winding Way

Josph M and Christine Mardino Sr to Adam and Jami Luginbuhl, $230,000.

516 3rd Ave

Lawrence D Greco to Phillip S and Kathy S Sharman, $225,000.

505 Balsam Rd

Marianne E Brown to Tamiko E Overton, $315,000.

1503 Chanticleer

Benjamin L and Iris M Snyder to Earl Joseph and Gail Schlafer, $325,000.

111 Cherry Parke unit D

Asuman Sahin to Marco Rivera, $131,000.

111 Chestnut Pl unit 406

Mlsc Inc to Dane Fantasia, $154,900.

401 Cooper Landing Rd unit 31

Grazia Adele Eglin to Arhanud and Maria Bastien, $84,000.

911 Deland Ave

Derek F Kennel Exec to Derek F Kennel, $110,000.

11 S Forge Ln

Nicola and Elise L Croce to Enrico and Angela Crucitti, $443,253.

1 Greentree Way

Hong Yu and Keliang Cai to Bruce Giroux and Suntha Somanath, $385,000.

7 Highgate Ln

Remigio M and Lolita M Ramos to Claire M Bonetti, $300,000.

120 Keats Pl

Jerome and Frances B Ackerman to Eun Hee Kim, $245,000.

129 Kings Croft

Christian B and Cathy Igh Harris to John R Culbertson, $205,000.

217 Kings Croft

Frank A and Janet E Chiacchio to Richard Dunlap, $245,000.

Chesilhurst Boro

406 Harvey Ave

Joseph W and Rita B Moisell III to Jason M Stetser, $181,000.

Collingswood Boro

624 Collings Ave

Min Zhang to Zhe Zhuo Zou and Ru Weng, $135,000.

316 Lees Ave

Janet Monell to Alec and Rosanne Hewitt, $280,000.

Gibbsboro Boro

5 Wexford Rd

David Garber and Karen B Bell to Joshua and Colleen MacFerren, $259,900.

Gloucester City

807 Middlesex St

Roseann Kilcourse Admin to William P Johnson Jr, $100,000.

213 Monmouth St

James M Bennett Jr Exec to Joseph C Myers, $110,000.

1408 Oriental Ave

Barbara E Barker to Michael E Walters, $117,860.

29 Springdale Dr

Brazer Homes Corp to Richie Wells, $266,850.

323 Market St

Timothy T and Helen C Johnson to Nathan L and Hennifer L Hulfish, $154,000.

418 Market St

Reasonable Homes LLC to Steven A Boorstein, $137,000.

938 Somerset St

Raymond F and Laura M Coxe to Robert A Kay Jr, $152,900.

37 Springdale Dr

Beazer Homes Corp to Richard A and Cheryl Jackson, $265,785.

Gloucester Twp

27 La Costa Dr

Dion L and Irene E Buffo to Keith Thatch, $280,000.

1 Presidential Dr

Heather Ann Stiles to Robert Wells Jr, $120,000.

34 Saint Moritz Dr

Jane McFaul to Moriamo Obajinmi, $233,000.

1104 San Jose Dr

Concetta T Risilia to Kristy McNulty, $195,500.

227 San Pedro Dr

Frances R Destefano Exec to Jennie L Gibson and Ronald A Cilurso, $126,500.

14 Shelly St

Pasquale and Dorothy T Pilone to William J Bogle, $230,000.

87 Sherbrook Blvd

Elizabeth R Thiel to Matthew Neborak and Heather Silverberg, $210,900.

352 Somerdale Rd

Christopher P Burke to Mary L Pascale, $163,000.

20 Spring Ridge Ct

Blaise and Deborah Lafrance to William A Martin, $369,900.

33 Sugar Bush Dr

Eugene L Siminski to Dana Pyle and Jesse Hicks, $238,000.

24 Woodmill Dr

Charles P and Laurie A Conant III to Sara and Stacy Moore, $199,900.

3 Banyon Dr

Erica and Tood Stangeland to Carol A and Michael Kemble, $308,000.

907 Berwyck Ct

Christine E Teehan to Jillian S Hanks, $95,000.

3 Birch Ct

Victor E and Catherine M Calkins to Elizabeth and Michael Humphreys, $275,000.

317 Crestview Ave

Eugene Robert Devine and Patricia A Dubois to Raymond R Makowski Jr, $363,000.

Haddon Heights Boro

1616 Oak Ave

Joseph R and Kelly L Smith to Vincent Dougherty and Kimberly Sebastiano, $239,000.

1721 Prospect Ridge Blvd

John and Elizabeth Burke to Arline J Hilfiker, $290,000.

Haddon Twp

201 Cuthbert Blvd unit C45

Evelyn Joan Flynn to Stephanie and Timothy Jones, $125,000.

200 Hampton Rd

James G McAleer Trustee and James A McAleer Family Trust to John L and Julia E Rothwell, $338,400.

239 Hopkins Rd

Richard T and Lucille M Long to Leonard B and Zhanna P Riloff, $362,500.

Haddonfield Boro

124 N Haddon Ave

Joseph M and Diane Weinberg to Michael P Cornely Jr, $258,500.

679 Maple Ave

Pjw Services LLC to Kevin and Lesley Mayer, $820,000.

306 E Park Ave

Thomas P and Kathleen T Kelly to Timothy O and Stephanie P Malloy, $725,000.

Lawnside Boro

419 N Warwick Rd

Mary Games to Stephanie Gindele and Protus Mayunga, $103,900.

Lindenwold Boro

599 4th Ave

David J and Mary E Eodice to Lawrence Skolnick, $180,000.

448 9th Ave

Harry Foster to John Maksymowicz Jr, $140,900.

Magnolia Boro

170 N Albertson Ave

Elizazbeth J McNair to Ryan M Fischer and Tiffany G Leech, $212,000.

742 E Evesham Ave

Home Front Solutions LLC to Steven Baker, $250,000.

602 Harrison Ave

Kevin J and Christine L Worrell to Michelle Ricacho, $185,000.

132 Lincoln Ave

Anthony J Pezzella Jr to Scott P Flynn, $120,000.

Merchantville Boro

192 Church Rd

Donald M and Shannon M Rendfrey Jr to Dominic V Fuscia and Michael Antinore, $210,000.

110 Lexington Ave

Genaro Depascale and Dianne Dipascale to Richard J Buckwalter and James N Uricchio, $500,000.

Mount Ephraim Boro

410 Bell Rd

Eugene M Panero to Garrett A and Charissa J Ray, $193,000.

Oaklyn Boro

7 W Cedar Ave

Anthony J Caltabiano to Michael and Erin Zavarello, $185,000.

Pennsauken Twp

2806 Pfeiffer St

Goldner Investments LLC to Joshua L Walston, $119,000.

6738 Rudderow Ave

Steven R and Lori Schomp to Lauren E Praesel, $180,000.

8240 Smiley Ave

Joseph and Linda M Gilliano to Audrey Barnes, $233,000.

3712 Terrace Ave

Anthony T and Terri L Davis to Ravenna S Taylor, $90,000.

3712 Terrace Ave

Ravenna S Taylor to Cheryl M Daigle and Jeffrey A Adams, $93,000.

5509 Whitman Ter

Joshua L Torres to Nakisha and Otabode O Abodunde, $200,000.

1722 48th St

Magnolia W and Lonnie S Branch to Regina Floyd Jones, $180,000.

352 Curtis Ave

Floyd Jose and Vontonya J Borden to Robert Galasso Jr, $188,000.

3732 Garden Ave

Miguel Figueroa and Gennadiy A Medvedovskiy to Lydia E Negron, $156,000.

6911 Githens Ave

William and Diane P Generao Jr to Jose and Maria E Estrada, $257,500.

6733 Grant Ave

Mark P and Heidi L Bensel to Alberto and Yvonne Soto, $206,000.

Runnemede Boro

12 W 7th Ave

Violet E Straub and Patricia Ann Sosinski to John and Rosemary Cook, $143,000.

10 S Oakland Ave

Joseph A Fontana to Ciro Victor Maselli, $196,000.

Stratford Boro

13 W Harvard Ave

Anthony and Traci Lee Devalerio Jr to Jean and Victoria Mathurio, $279,000.

Summerdale Boro

19 Hartner Ave

Carmen J and Linda S Sammartino to Ruby N Nguyen, $193,000.

823 Valley Dr

Jason A and Mona C Borthwick to Tara L Jones, $180,000.

Voorhees Twp

2049 Lucas Ln

Mary P Salpas to Mia Primas, $120,000.

9 Matlack Dr

Pulte Homes Of Nj LP to Joann K Mower and Allen S Zeller, $305,510.

16 Woodglen Ln

Steliga Homes Of Voorhees LLC to Gary S and Carol J Kalustyan, $1,253,900.

18 Camden Ave

Rita Parzniewski to Craig Lipkowitz, $190,000.

18 Edelweiss Ct

Ashok R and Shaila A Bapat to Pavel Grebenshikov, $1,070,000.

5 Fawnwood Dr

Susan S Barry to Ravneet S and Rakhi S Bhandari, $1,075,000.

6252 Main St

Ho C and Eun Y Choi to Pil Jae Chang, $250,000.

Waterford Twp

2532 Andria Ct

Catherine D Howard to Teresa Pasquarello, $183,000.

949 Maple Ave

John F and Linda Tweed to Bruce Shelton, $375,000.

Winslow Twp

10 Aberdale Ln

Lamar and Christine Bronson to Michael Bradley, $175,000.

9 Berwick Ln

Joseph F and Carol L Ramagano to Walter Crumbley and Ruth C Rumbley, $240,000.

102 Christmas Tree Ct

White Cedars Assoc LLC to Yaw Konadu and Gifty Clottey, $334,300.

117 Christmas Tree Ct

White Cedars Assoc LLC to Anthony and Donna Sciarretto, $366,419.

21 Covington Dr

William and Linda Waller to Christopher and Varbah Konneh, $299,900.

89 Eastmont Ln

Kathleen Giovinazzi to Karen Campbell, $157,000.

100 Golden Meadow Ln

High Pointe Development LLC to Malika S and Obawtaye Folayan, $525,000.

123 Hearthstone Dr

Nvr Inc to Melvin P and Rosalie Arties, $322,760.

Woodlynne Boro

214 Cedar Ave

Hud to Renee M Cuyler and Anthony C Hugee, $64,755.

300 Laurel Ave

VI Thuong Thong to Paul Cheng, $100,000.

220 Powelton Ave

Gerald Deludicibus to Shawn L Robinson and Keith Carter, $114,000.