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Main Line real estate transactions

These sales were recorded in August



4020 Howell Rd

David D and Maryann Glass to Gregg W and Ellen D Winter, $1,125,000.

102 Longwood Ct

Peter and Christiane Petrillo to Christine M Putz, $354,750.

East Whiteland

2 Wood Ln

Louis J and Corinne Mancini to George R Jr and Claudine A Fritz, $390,000.


453 Devon State Rd

Fernando Jr and Jacquelyn N Becattini to Kenneth B Trippe, $567,500.

317 Lenape Dr

John and Kara Goodchild to James D and Kathryn B Sheets, $775,000.


1455 Anthony Wayne Dr

Eugene A Riccio Revocable Living Trust to Harry and Mineela Chand, $456,000.

107 Devon Rd

John D and Kathleen D O'Brien to John C and Marian W Pottage Jr, $950,000.

63 Drummers Ln

Kathleen M Drennan to Meredith Albitz, $196,000.

302 Fairfax Ct

Bryan and Rhana Cassidy to Melissa A Merker, $314,900.

747 Hickory Ln

Thomas J and Lauren D Roberts to Matthew N and Jennifer I McKenzie, $620,000.

4 Highfield Ln

Delores W and Laurence P Dillon to Susan C Haabestad and Robert F Rink, $544,000.

1697 Knobb Hill Ln

Luiz G M Araujo and Selma F Sebastiani to Roger A and Lisa J Hunter, $1,050,000.

19 Painters Ln

Bruce and Catherine M MacPhail to Fumihiko and Akiko Koh, $483,000.

305 S Valley Forge Rd

Robert V and Erika S Murdocca to Realdi and Meghan Demollari, $320,000.

4 Walnut Ln

Christopher B and Xiaofang Schaffer to Catherine C Bansbach, $445,000.

12 Winding Way

Johann G and Irene Heuberger to Kristina and Scott Miller, $570,000.


7 4 Winds Ln

Douglas R and Barbara S Fitts to James D and Ann M Kershner, $550,000.

Delaware County


1212 Pritchard Pl

Elizabeth Branson to Carolyn Jewett, $236,180.


2918 Belmont Ave

Matthew C and Andrea S Wilson to James N and Christina Marshall, $368,000.

5 Foster Ave

Xin Sun to Adam Ziedonis and Kimberly Baron, $345,500.

245 Frederick Rd

Joseph J and Holly A Ungrady to Robert P Ainsworth and Lauren Dellheim Ainsworth, $357,000.

840 Penn St

Adam Ward Kegley to Thomas F McNeill, $269,900.

536 Wales Rd

Timothy J Dean to Jason W and Amy M Kraiza, $255,000.

525 Woodland Dr

David Riordan to Jamie Pieri and John Kneafsey, $225,000.


510 Marple Woods Dr, Unit B

Michael Mullen to Brandy Melewsky, $218,250.

507 Rosehill Rd

William V and Joan E Lessig to Michael J and Patricia A Cipresso, $348,000.


623 Glendale Rd

Daniel J and Mary J Fitzgerald to Todd and Mary Kate Trusk, $1,008,000.

601 Newtown St Rd

601 Development Partners LP to Louis and Eileen Mignosi, $2,375,000.

114 Rockwood Rd

Frank R and Jean M Dean to Frank D Jewett, $252,500.


304 S Devon Ave

Ricardo J DiIsidoro to Brian Conwell and Earl Sheeley, $205,000.

316 S Devon Ave

Carl J Rosin to Elizabeth A Black, $357,500.

1030 E Lancaster Ave, Unit 515

Jonathan Kemmerly to Michael R and Judy A Mann, $180,000.

1030 E Lancaster Ave, Unit 530

John R DiSimone to William Joseph Cameron, $182,500.

335 Overhill Rd

Robert A Fitzgerald to Carl J and Kathryn L Rosin, $417,500.

235 S Wayne Ave

Prudential Relocation Inc to Chad W Brecher and Sara G Byala, $1,200,000.


Lower Merion

107 Ashland Ave

Lucille and Edward J Beale to Claudette and Michael D Kelly, $250,000.

261 Barwynne Ln

Sanjeev and Chetana Kothare to Edward Kim and Samantha S Y Chan, $607,500.

935 Bowman Ave

Kasumi C Mihori and Mark H Johnston to David W and Amanda L Banner, $538,000.

1005 Canterbury Ln

Harold A and Ann R Sorgenti to Helene Kendall, $1,775,000.

516 S Conshohocken

Glenn K Bertrand and Leslie Meriya Bertrand Schneider to Kerry P Larkin, $405,000.

41 Conshohocken St

Mildred H Diamond to Michael J and Carol Y Berman, $280,000.

105 Highland Ave

David R and Marie France McIntee to David M Kaplan and Debra L Markowitz, $490,000.

346 E Lancaster Av

Helen M Denault to Marie S Cole, $220,000.

105 Llanfair Rd

Helen J Rosen and Robert C Blair to Raphael and Atara Yemima Eis, $338,000.

514 Mercer Rd

Geraldine W Lyver to Jodi Gail Pines and Charles Kavitsky, $500,000.

1640 Oakwood Dr

Lynn Coren to Marc Adler, $177,500.

321 Old Forest Rd

Daniel Bernd to Kathleen and Michael I Ryan-Strimban, $439,000.

138 Rolling Rd

Alan J Hochman Inc to Drew C Ries, $667,000.

361 E Spring Ave

Barbara J and Harold S Cross to Yuejie Gu and Min Li, $347,350.

344 Thornbrook Ave

Michele S and Richard D Cappellano to Julie C and Michael J Harris, $1,800,000.


1334 Montgomery Av

Judith Ann and Judith A Falconi to Eric K Pham, $212,000.

610 Shady Ln

Robert N and Emily Carey Cronin to C Scott and Danielle V Kulicke, $660,000.

Upper Merion

587 A St

Constance A Brady to Heather Guidice and Dara Noble, $212,900.

1130 Croton Rd

Edith G Parnum to Elizabeth S Limaye, $640,000.

606 Essex Cir

Joseph and Darren Defrancesco to Heather L Dare and Brandon M Mascia, $320,000.

141 Forge Rd

Charles L and Suzanne T Cutshall to Lindsey Perkins, $245,000.

324 Glenn Rose Cir

Kathleen T Oberg, Kathleen T John et al to Christian T Wilson, $345,000.

302 Manor Ln

Amit Gupta and Nikhil Gandhi to Thomas M McShane and Robert T McShane, Robert W McShane, $222,556.

502 Philadelphia A

Rachel M and Scott L Stauffer to Paul J Corrigan and Annette M Ferran, $245,000.

316 Rees Dr

Mary Ann Carfagno to Melissa M and Shane D Edge, $375,000.

442 Robin Hill Rd

Susan Moore Everett to Edith G Parnum, $402,000.

800 Rosehill Dr

Laurie Ersek to Peng Jin and Rongrong Wang, $335,000.