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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded Dec. 6-8, 2006, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded Dec. 6-8, 2006, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

1206 N 2nd St

Ioannis and Eleflherios Amperidis to Jeffrey Nicolary, $272,000.

5708 N 3rd St

Anna E Ruppert to Marie Jerome, $115,000.

1127 S 3rd St

Alexander Adelsberger to Matthew H Gregg, $270,000.

824 S 3rd St

Cartus Financial Corp to Gary M Allen and Cornelia A Freeman, $515,000.

5815 N 4th St

James D Riley to Hai Thach and Huong Son, $105,000.

713 N 4th St

Carol N Scott to Becky Goldschmidt, $315,000.

1607 N 11th St

Eddie Taylor to Elijah A Golden Jr, $115,000.

1815 S 5th St

Victor Sakyamuni to Joseph D Elrassi, $140,000.

820 S 8th St

Scott and Kathy Arnauer to Michael and Daphne Parker, $301,000.

411 S 9th St unit 1f

411 Acquisitions LLC to Peter J Riviello, $260,000.

314 S 12th St

Vincent Salceto and Estate Of John J Salceto to Michael T Connor, $530,000.

250 S 13th St unit 13e

Janice Price to Roy L Brewer, $285,000.

5132 N 15th St

Lamont Davis to Robert Sandler, $83,945.

1535 S 15th St

Geraldine Morgan and Estate Of Nicholas J Scafidi Jr to William Dalessandro, $160,000.

1714 S 16th St

Danny Chang Hung Chen to Lelia Girsang, $135,000.

1529 N 20th St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Christine Harding, $82,500.

803 S 20th St

S 20th St LLC to Douglas C Franklin, $420,000.

2219 S 24th St

David R and Anna T Morrell to Stephen P Trantas, $142,000.

903 S 55th St

Patricia Randolph to Carline Rucker, $91,200.

1042-1056 S 57th St

Abd El Kader Colin to Olusegun Jaji, $150,000.

1518 N 60th St

New Hope Community Development Corp to George E Pinder, $84,000.

712 N 63rd St

Theresa Skylar to Greechia Burris, $190,000.

2311 Afton St

Marilyn P Goodman and Sandra B Coffman to Anwar Gill, $170,000.

6738 Akron St

Li Q Zhang to Pei Qing and Shi Liang Liang, $118,000.

6751 Akron St

Edward Pocrass and Ernest R Artur Jr to Maria Santos Lovell, $115,000.

6214 Algon Ave

Nathaniel M Croston III to Komalam Joseph, $152,000.

3147 Almond St

Stanley and Kimberly Mychack Jr to Anna Krzyszton Payne, $163,000.

312 S American St

Bryan D and Amy M MacIntyre to Lori Cohen, $950,000.

5152 Arbor St

Joseph Thomas to Luis Rodriguez and Irene Nunez, $129,900.

516 E Ashdale St

Luis G and Irma N Rivera to Ricardo S Cruz, $100,000.

1943 Ashley St

Shawn Gee to India R Newman, $117,000.

2448 Aspen St

Joshua Zissman and Joan Becker to Brian D and Jenna Williams, $425,000.

851 Atwood Rd

Anna Mae Bruno to Shawna Sidibe, $102,820.

11981 Audubon Ave

Michael and Frida Davidovitz to Arevik Bagdasarova, $300,000.

3055 Belgrade St

Log Investments Inc to Cynthia M Devers, $157,000.

950 Belmont Ave

Thorton Norman to James Watson, $150,000.

2641 S Bialy St

The Heatherwood Group to Ronald and Harriett B Brown, $98,700.

5402 Bingham St

Tom Le Nguyen and Kim Lien T Pham to Tuyet Thi Bui and Vy Tai Hoang, $80,000.

1123 Bridge St

Carlos Zayas Jr to Clover A Moxey and Tedesia N Thomas, $115,000.

912 Brighton St

Florence Brodman to Larry Olivera and Katherine Olivera Torres, $159,900.

9229 Burbank Rd

Sheila S Grossman to Michael J Horin Jr and Denna M Yeager, $350,000.

301 Byberry Rd unit C14

Marc Malkin and Wendy L Kazam to Sergey Guberman, $190,000.

10104 Calera Rd

Tracy L Schmid and Tracy L Kolakowski to Jeffrey W Lowry, $210,000.

11009 Calera Rd

Kenneth R Parsons to Louis J and Megan M Marchino, $205,900.

2437 S Camac St

Margaux Messina to Frank Perri, $157,000.

9990 S Canterbury Rd

Robert W Foran to Jenifer and Minh Ho, $180,000.

6236 Cardiff St

Yun Chen and Guan Gui Lin to Xin Ya and Kai Xun Huang, $110,000.

10905 Carey Ter

John J Dous to Kevin Biederman and Bridgit Mooney, $211,000.

6146 Carpenter St

Mary R Efuwape to Clarence W Smith, $155,000.

639-41 Catharine St unit 100

Catherine Street Lofts LP to E Jeffrey and Nonnette Cyd Wiernik, $530,240.

6218 Charles St

Craig Slover to Tina A Gates, $160,000.

1404 Cherry Blossom Way

Devin Trinh and Cindy Troung to Rohit Kumar and Sumithra Nalla, $434,000.

1500 Chestnut St unit 5a

1500 Chestnut Associates LP to Kelly M Klein, $400,000.

1911 Christian St

Cubit Real Estate Inc to Stephan Benzekri, $470,000.

1538 Church St

Christine L McGuigan to James Panetta, $79,900.

1610 E Cliveden St

William C Tier and Estate Of Claire Tier to Paul Fairfax, $190,500.

3008 S Colorado St

Edward Quaranta to Nicholas M and Concetta Glielmi, $165,000.

375 Conarroe St

Michele A Warren to Ronald I Kraft, $200,000.

5029 S Convent Ln unit F

Carlos M and Dora C Pruna to Donna and Norman Deeley, $171,900.

923 Daly St

Feng C Zheng to Cynthia Eisenberg, $129,100.

1233 Day St

Financial Equity Inc to Joseph T Napoleon, $117,000.

1516 Devereaux Ave

Julian J and Phyllis A Gerson to Jenny Yang, $100,000.

219 Devereaux Ave

Niosha S Gibson to Wanda D Bunch, $134,900.

229 Devereaux Ave

Richard S Whitaker Jr to Qiqi Celestine Wharton, $125,000.

6726 Dorel St

Myra Weaver to Fatu F Moses, $95,000.

513 W Duncannon Ave

Paul Tran and Ngoc Nguyen to Carlos J Moscoso and Eva G Martinez, $85,000.

12311 Dunks Ferry Rd

Edward J Reilly and Kathleen R McBride to Lawrence Hansen and Jennifer Agyemane, $179,900.

367 Durfor St

Thomas J Borda to Thanh M Trinh, $235,000.

619 Earp St

Qing Yu Lin to Andy Jaya, $82,000.

6708 Eastwood St

James and Areti Nicoludis to Mark and Karen Spinelli, $143,000.

2562 Edgemont St

James R Harris to Gregory Precht, $150,000.

3237 Edgemont St

Frederick J Banford Jr and Estate Of Frederick J Banford to David Olsen and Tom Elliott, $100,000.

1415 Ellsworth St

Mary Galcik to Derrick W and Willa Clinton Joynes, $102,000.

5946 Ellsworth St

Joseph William Davis Jr to Felix and Mary Lopez, $123,000.

5944 Elsinore St

Bonefish LLC to Nicole Davis, $92,800.

7624 Fairfield St

Annette Haldman to Khalil Jones, $188,000.

428 Fanshawe St

Felicita M Daukaus to Shu Bin and Yao Zheng, $183,000.

629 Fanshawe St

Lance Larsen and Stephaine M Pisano to Keith A and Tara Bradford, $153,500.

4117 Farmdale Rd

Dorothy Delossantos to Jorge D Covarrubias and Susana Perez, $170,000.

11040 Ferndale St

Andrew Edwin Johnson to Anthony Chiarolonza, $221,340.

7960 Ferndale St

Patrick W Bodor to Anne Szymkowski, $245,000.

110 Flagstaff Rd

Frank E and Donna M Checkovage to Shawn Renz, $396,122.

1512 Fontain St

Miriam B Decena to Nicholas and Susan Pizzola, $136,000.

560 Fountain St

Donna Jaconi to Michael and Cheryl Wolberg Mann, $222,000.

1767-1769 Frankford Ave unit 4

Chris and Richard Ricchetti to Rocco Cedrone, $200,000.

5037 Frankford Ave

Henry Deluca to He Zhi Qiang and Sai Zhen Chen, $100,000.

6831 N Franklin St

Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church Of Phi to Jasmine Williams, $125,000.

5625 Frontenac St

John Paul Curran to Miguel Alvarez, $99,000.

3577 Gaul St

Christina Urban to Selena Kotwicki, $106,000.

572 Geneva Ave

Jose J Simbana to Keely Mack, $114,900.

6350 Gillespie St

Ellen Krause to Michele Lyn Di Pretoro, $108,000.

352 Gladstone St

Scott Becker to Jonathan Peck, $79,000.

537 Gorgas Ln

Joseph I and Dorothy Baratta Jr to Henry J Dolch Jr and Deborah A Donzelli, $255,000.

941 Granite St

Maryann Mangini and Joanne Daniels to Joanne Bradley, $85,000.

5021 Griscom St

Arthur Santos to Daniel and Theresa Gallagher, $115,000.

7800 Halstead St

Ham Ok Youn and Ham Ok Jun to James J Roberts and Connie M Michael, $197,500.

2001 Hamilton St unit 720

Philip and Beverly A Pio Jr to Adam Cickay, $253,000.

810-820 N Hancock St unit 4

Fernden Mews Associates LP and Fernden Mews General Partner LLC to Debra Cullerton and Darlene Poudrier, $353,000.

6130 Hawthorne St

Maria H Miller to Lourdes Dejesus, $120,000.

4915 Hazel Ave

Louise Ford and Linda M Tyler to John Tredinnick Jr, $180,000.

6332 Hegerman St

Dorothy M Schroeck to Nicole C Fisher, $100,000.

438 Hoffman St

Es3 Holdings LLC and Woodcrest Consulting LLC to James Madia, $79,000.

5263 Horrocks St

Elpidio Perez to Carmen A Alvarez, $80,000.

2555 E Indiana Ave

John L Augustino to Joseph S and Debra Rizzo, $163,000.

9528 James St unit B

Mary E Lalor to Keith G Mayer, $190,000.

8134 Jeanes St

Bernice N Cramp to Thomas J Franklin, $201,000.

1823 W Jefferson St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Shannon A Morris, $82,500.

1829 W Jefferson St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Janea Jordon, $82,500.

2509 W Jefferson St

Trijam Properties LLC to Lionel Griffin Jr, $134,000.

6137 W Jefferson St

Lasalle Bank Na and Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust S to Damien Allen, $108,000.

932 Johnston St

Michael Dolpies and Jamie Locascio to Can Min Tan and Chun H Zhang, $250,000.

558 N Judson St

John Paul Dogum to Thomas J Giordano Jr, $455,000.

710 S Juniper St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Gary W Davis, $209,873.

712 S Juniper St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Nytara K Hall, $209,873.

810 Kerper St

Joseph and Despina Scanlon to Shawn Sims, $218,500.

3311 S Keswick Cir

John M Bartol to Patrick Heron Jr, $220,000.

6730 Kindred St

Wanda T Houston to Qing and Li Qing Lin, $134,000.

1209 Knorr St

Joan Zhou to Joseph B and Emilienne Cadet, $175,500.

904 Knorr St

Stephen M and Maxine Manna to Paul Ramos, $250,000.

1900 Kohl St

Arnell Enterprises Inc and Jeffrey D Miller to Christine Edinger, $330,000.

3435 Lansing St

John P and Mary Ann J Navin Jr to Philip St Germain and Lucy L Pizzi, $149,500.

1541 Lardner St

Pui Sun Lui and Shu Yuan Lei to Sanaa Boudhar, $113,000.

1950 Lardner St

Gerald W Abramson and Estate Of Thelma Abramson to Boi Nguyen, $100,000.

1421 N Lawrence St

Laura Heyman and William John Wischmann to Gordon and M Elaine Jacoby, $275,000.

257 Lemonte St

Robert G and Susan L Kuneck to Daniel K Cho, $399,900.

3737 Linden Ave

William and Arlene M Drobish to Mary Ann Beckham, $208,000.

220 Lombard St

American Intl Relocation Solutions LLC to Eranga Kumar Haththotuwa, $1,025,000.

909 Loney St

Michael E and Barbara A Regan to Doreen J Belz and Madeline J Howiszak, $215,000.

7135 Louise Rd

Mitchell R and Eileen H Wolfson to Lindsay Moore, $97,000.

2215 Madison Sq

Peter Adels and Alan Greenberg to Eli D Massar, $359,500.

2950 Magee Ave

Harry and Joann Beam to Zhi Ying Cao, $133,000.

7232 Mallard Pl

Edna Belser to John A and Andrea M Williams Sr, $182,000.

4345 Manayunk Ave

Regina and Sarah Trainor to Matthew J Vassallo, $202,000.

314 Maple Ave

Joseph A and Ruth A Picozzi to Michael Powell and Melissa J Brobst, $270,000.

6723 Marsden St

Robert Cary Baysa and Anthony Louis Burni to Jeffrey D Seleyo and Lauren L Swope Seleyo, $147,500.

6728 Marsden St

Allen and Gwenn Bornstein to Jessica Ocasio, $85,900.

6831 Marsden St

Clc Development LLC and Clc LLC to Randi A and Sleata Jane Denofa, $107,500.

5455 N Marvine St

Laurynas Kalasanskas and Igor Fedenko to Judy Martin Lampart, $92,500.

118 McClellan St

Helen Ansley to Wayne T Zarnowski, $97,000.

905 McClellan St

Joanne Di Pasquale and Estate Of Dolores Bocelli to Clifford and Johann Carino, $154,000.

936 McClellan St

Joseph F Aliano to Roi Albuher, $117,000.

5622 McMahon St

Vladimir Barman and Gary Varvak to Gene Katsman and Gary Lerner, $132,000.

826 Mercer St

Rosanna Gmaz to Robert M Henderson, $150,000.

8564 Michener Ave

Rochelle R Peterson to Erica Davila, $154,500.

418 Monastery Ave

Michael Morsell to Andrew Eckert, $232,000.

7188 Montague St

Edward and Frederick Brennan to Richard E Bercute, $100,000.

5426 Mulberry St

Traci Buie and Traci Dales to Mercedes C Nunez and Pablo Rodriguez, $145,000.

6149 Mulberry St

Francis Rogalski to Tia Mays and Abraham D Johnson, $114,286.

6414 Musgrave St

Walter T Bailey Sr and Christopher E Sullivan to James L Woodrit III, $90,000.

3601 Nanton Ter

Anthony D Pellecchia and Rose Marie Paul to Margaret Plouffe, $189,900.

4250 Neilson St

Ellen Conrad to Vivian Camacho, $80,000.

3644 Newberry Rd

Sandra C and Joseph P Patterson to Bernadette Rebl, $169,900.

1617 North St

Kimberly A and Francis M McFadden to Monica C Reid, $698,500.

2505 E Oakdale St

Fran C Shaffer to Steven B Smith, $92,500.

7118 Oakland St

Nivia Rodriguez to Antonio and Carmen Perez, $159,900.

7203 Oakland St

Sally Meyer to Lori M Sanders, $87,750.

2721 E Ontario St

John Garrison to Joseph P and Jennifer Lowry, $172,000.

4400 Overbrook Ave

Richard J and Samantha Weitzman to Lawrence Thompson, $185,000.

5915 Palmetto St

Jeanne A Arena and Shari Markee to Jawana A Scott, $80,000.

1921 Pemberton St

Mildred E Allen to Michael Harris, $200,000.

5923 Penn St

Rafael A Ruiz De Porras and Estate Of Carmen De Porras to Ivory L Washington, $103,000.

901 N Penn St unit R2705

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Andrew R Shapiro, $312,000.

2401 Pennsylvania Ave unit 16b36

Joel Glassman to Edith V Duling, $230,000.

4536 Pennypack St

William H Bethel Jr to Valerie Reeves, $116,150.

8022 Pine Rd

Irving and Sandra Herzog to Joshua Cohen, $250,000.

9647-9649 Pine Rd

Thomas J and Anna Marie Whittle to Juel and Jessica Mendez, $250,000.

2030 Plum St

Agim Bajrami to Diana Carcano, $80,000.

1152 E Price St

William H Lublin and James Walsh to Anjail Reddick, $82,500.

5101 Pulaski Ave

Damon and Erica Jordan to Frank Witherspoon, $144,000.

7444 Rhoads St

Anita Birenbaum to Earnest Taylor and Kendra Davis, $150,000.

217 Robat St

Anh T Le to Gail Williams, $115,000.

1450 Robbins Ave

Elizabeth Nguyen to Nadesha and Jermaine Mercer, $131,000.

1306 W Rockland St

Ramcess Jean Louis to Hector Baez and Rani Makhoul, $126,900.

5622 Rosehill St

Charles Walsh to Marie Baillergeau Rahman, $90,000.

7430 Sandpiper Pl

Joseph V and Emmi Berlingis to Nita Chapel, $135,000.

1026 E Sanger St

Rhonda N Herring and Rhonda N Hatcher to Salvador E and Maria C Guerrero, $130,000.

321 Shawmont Ave unit G

Stanford Alvin Mumford Sr and Estate Of Ann Virginia Cox to John W Poole, $174,000.

921 Shelmire Ave

Shelmire LLC to Lori L Machado, $196,000.

6334 Sherman St

Patricia A Hoefer to Dontaya Devore, $265,000.

1739 Sigel St

Richard W and Janice C Chadwick to Lan A Le, $97,000.

717 Snyder Ave

Woodland Federal Realty LLC to Hiep Trinh, $200,000.

1704 Solly Ave

Brian F and Amy Leas to David and Elyssa Kushner, $215,000.

228 Stearly St

James M and Kathleen McCormack Ruane to Araba Nunoo, $129,900.

1514 Stevens St

Kevin M Mellon to Monica Jerome, $108,500.

1268 Stirling St

Helene R Wein and Estate Of Miriam Rosenblatt to Edward M and Carol E Grant, $139,500.

4116 Stirling St

James M Gilrain to Xavier Arroyo, $117,500.

8412 Strahle Ter

John F and Mary Noreen Costello to Michael J and Catherine Petrie McMahon, $249,900.

1517 Swain St

Robert and Clara Harris to Jay Hausher, $225,000.

2929 S Sydenham St

Estate Of Rita Simone and Patricia A Manion to Colleen A Byrne, $175,250.

2946 S Sydenham St

Anna Pratta Gilmore to Ralph Pomerico and Stacy Diplacido Goukas, $160,000.

617 Tabor Rd

David W and Sarah H Mackie to Luisina Fernandez, $95,000.

1114 Tabor Ter

Alexander and Donna Zinczenko to Anthony Biondo and Christine Slovik, $223,000.

4224 Teesdale St

Thomas J and Amy L Beck III to Robert J Thorpe Jr, $131,000.

4412 Teesdale St

Stephanie J Hearn to Reynaldo R Lopez Estevez and Carolina Herrera, $135,900.

4414 Teesdale St

Ann Marie Regimbal to Mahoumed El Sayed, $84,000.

1722 Titan St

Charles Walsh to Gregory L Starks, $109,900.

6713 Torresdale Ave

Joseph S Escher to Paul Bernard and Andrea Bryan, $125,894.

7933 Torresdale Ave

Hud and Shameeka Harris to Authur A Sterling, $90,150.

13036 Trina Dr

Jacob and Karen Riloff to Edmond J and Maricel D Gawaran, $360,000.

6222 Trotter St

Hud and Shameeka Harris to Andrea V Lee Stewart, $118,850.

7512 Tulpehocken St

William Frierson Jr to Dania St Louis, $171,000.

140 E Tulpehocken St

Arvisa Properties LLC to Colin G Choy, $94,900.

1507 N Uber St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Angela Gray, $82,500.

1519 N Uber St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Danielle Carter, $82,500.

1523 N Uber St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Gisele V Hamilton, $82,500.

1525 N Uber St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Tracey Howell, $82,500.

448 Van Kirk St

Gertrude Groves to Sherell Roberts, $137,800.

10113 Verree Rd unit 5b

Andrea Sokoloff and Joseph Rosenberg to Helen Szkilnyk, $160,000.

5410 Vicaris St

Prudential Relocation Inc to Christopher Obrien, $220,000.

4556 Vista St

Linda Lang to Ramona Vargas, $124,500.

126 Watkins St

Jill Ann and Christian Holt to Jessica A Morris, $200,000.

6429 Wayne Ave

Kati Gray Sadler and Beverly R Perry to Robert Gold and Zia Gajary, $492,500.

1526 Webster St

Steven Gibbs to Milica Smiljanic and Andrej Stipanicic, $237,113.

2617 Webster St

Wwc Group LLP to Jaclyn B Altman, $215,000.

1136 Wellington St

Reginald Irby and Tekia Lee to Paulo E and Maria J Camarco, $200,000.

3431 Wellington St

Carl Teti to Raul J Morales, $118,000.

665 E Westmoreland St

Roger V and Rhonda D Dickson to Shareef M Jones, $82,000.

4631 Whitaker Ave

David Gonzalez Perez to Jose B Delgado, $91,000.

4125 Whiting Pl

Lorraine J Norris to Beth Anne Rapp, $192,000.

217 Wickley Rd

Dennis and Barbara Miller to Eric Walker and Danielle Pine, $229,000.

4531 Wilde St

Janine Masci to James Gaddy Jr and Matthew Palczynski, $230,000.

813 Wilder St

Kathleen J Brown to Dustin Kidd, $185,000.

6529 Windsor St

Kim R Evans and Kim R Spraggins to Charles and Katherine Breeze, $105,000.

9813 Wistaria St

Stanley M and Linda Joyce Czajka to John A Iuliano, $205,000.

9992 Wistaria St

Jose C and Irma T Diaz to Herbert Stone and Evelyn Montalvo, $350,000.

454 Wolf St

Richard S and Seth N Glick to Hoi Phun, $110,000.

7534 Woodbine Ave

Floyd Schoenberg and Nusheen Rabiei to Dara J Stevens, $159,900.

5410 Woodcrest Ave

Lelar Donaldson to Ernest Johnson, $205,000.

7533 Woodcrest Ave

Phoinece M Green to Mary Flynn, $162,000.

6133 Woodland Ave

Kyung Min Lee to Kil Won Suh, $170,000.

1916 W York St

Kevin Mathisen to Jennifer Butler, $125,000.