These Atlantic and Cape May County transactions, recorded Dec. 16, 2006, to June 15, are compiled from information on file with the counties. They represent sales of $50,000 or more.



46 Delray Ln

Beazer Homes Corp to John Vaupel, $241,162.

315 Oak Ln

Christopher Downey and Lisa Downey to Leonard Bianchi III, $257,500.

700 Pitney Rd

Allan Darby Sr and Elizabeth Darby to Allan Darby Jr, $300,000.

Atlantic City

78 Anchorage Ct

William McLees and Winifred McLees to Jennifer Campbell and Matthew Flesher, $283,500.

3305 Atlantic Ave

Andrew Breder to Harinder Kaur and Inderjit Singh, $650,000.

408 N Indiana Ave

Yi Shu Lin to Karen Da In Chang, $303,850.

15 Sextant Dr

William Warner III to Nancy Nistico, $310,000.


445 Lafayette Blvd

George Edwards to Paul Tankle, $299,999.

Buena Vista Twp

716 6th Rd

Barbara Rodgers to Mildred Velazquez, $193,000.

Egg Harbor

409 Boston Ave

Juan Rivera to Noemi Gonzalez, $238,000.

Egg Harbor Twp

21 Country Juniper Ln

John Cure III and Theresa Cure to Nadia Perez, $127,500.

205 Genoa Ave

Estate Of Helen McCann to Barbara Winter and Carl Costanzo, $322,000.

531 Glenn Ave

Cedar Crest Associates LLC to Kimberly Townsend, $425,000.

112 Grant Ave

Robert Tichaz to David Parker and Kristine Parker, $182,000.

145 W Kennedy Dr

Atlantic Land LLC to Hugo Arias and Obdulia Arias, $432,451.

130 Roberta Ave

Florence Thomas and Florence Lester to Lawrence Gross, $220,000.

209 Spray Ave

Nicholas Goodman and Cassandra Goodman to Denise Leisner, $245,000.

114 Springfield Ave

Us Home Corp to Joseph Kotokpo, $323,000.

1 Standish Rd

Signature Homes At Reega Estat to Jose Salas and Felicia Espinosa, $327,405.

331 Sunflower Dr

D R Horton Inc to Norman Hirschfeld and Carol Hirschfeld, $276,655.

105 Warf Rd

Joseph Burchell and Elaine Burchell to Kenneth Bishop and Lauren Bishop, $100,000.

23 White Oak Dr

Somerset Lakes LLC to Theodore Washington and Dina Washington, $415,000.

Galloway Twp

56 Arapaho Pl

Frank Johnson to Ashley Gerald, $152,250.

143 Driftwood Ct

Ching Chan to Carol Ostroski, $128,500.

15 Killarney Ln

Charles Goodson Jr and Celeste Goodson to Ronald Quinn and Karen Quinn, $313,000.

20 Meadow Ridge Rd

David Wood to Ann Marie Jarensky, $127,000.

Hamilton Twp

828 Blackwood Clementon Rd

Nrll East LLC to Ezra Samuels and Lydia Rivera, $55,000.

5928 Clover Leaf Dr

Matthew Datilio to John Datilio, $255,000.

207 Pheasant Run Rd

Baker Residential Penn LLC to Amphone Louangaphay and Xaysana Vorachack, $304,983.

Hammonton Twp

31 Alexander Dr

Pulte Homes Of Nj LP to Patricia Kelley, $242,400.

34 Alexander Dr

Pulte Homes Of Nj LP to Karen Coston, $280,490.


12 N Brunswick Ave

Stanley Silverman and Ellen Silverman to Benjamin Hendin and Elinda Hendin, $710,000.

613 N Douglas Ave

Samuel Troilo and Dana Trolio to Michael Handwerker, $500,000.


140 E Leeds Ave

Juventina Ortiz to Jose Diaz, $277,000.

225 W Leeds Ave unit 110

Roxanna Castillo and Wilson Tejada to Rafaela Williams, $143,500.

1051 Mallard Pl

H K G Development Inc to Marc Cousins and Emily Berzen, $254,950.

1130 McConnell Dr

Thomas Martin and Mary Jane Martin to Carlos Villa and Maria Sanchez, $195,500.

11 E Park Ave

David Buzby and Leland Buzby to Agustina Ramirez and Maria Ramirez, $235,000.


355 Hampshire Dr

Cindy Jackson to Thomas Glenn and Elyssa Glenn, $257,000.

Weymouth Twp

906 Blake Dr

Thomas Bramble to Andrew Littley, $157,500.

Cape May


66 E 15th St

John L and Maureen D Pollard to Frances M Glomb, $2,495,000.

Cape May

1161 Illinois Ave

William J and Sheryl K Bergman to Francis X and Patricia Keeney, $375,000.

1360a Pennsylvania Ave

Michael J and Catherine Wolfe to Rinaldo and Charis Iacovella, $342,000.

Dennis Twp

37 Sutton Ln

Elizabeth Russell to William Gouse and Barbara Agens, $227,400.

Lower Twp

34 W 3rd Ave

Stephen Earl and Kelly Gittle Jr to Katie Quay, $245,000.

603 Atlantic Ave

Ralph C and Susan M Wiseley to William D and Natalie A McFeeley, $455,000.

8 Beaver Dam Rd

Mary Louise B Wengert to Patricia E Hurchalla, $250,000.

5 Carlton Dr

Frank J Dalicandro to Robert and Eileen P McKelvey, $240,000.

15 Centennial Dr

Ronald and Marie Floria to Frank A Frolo and Marcia M Palmer, $313,000.

211 Deborah Ln

Michael Hober to Jonathan Hinker, $250,000.

1715 Morris Ave

Diane Hooyman and Diane Del Corio to Robert and Lorraine Fritsch, $205,000.

104 Tomlin Ave

Kathleen M MacAulay to Kathleen L Jackson and Michael Biersbach, $200,000.

100 E Wilde Ave

Carol Ann Obanion to Ryan W and Amy L Litton, $175,000.

Middle Twp

28 Acorn Ln

Robert C Eldon and Lynn Smith Eldon to Edward A Catalone, $425,000.

203 Davis Rd

Commercial Service Co Inc to Christopher S Keeler and Jessica R Leeburg, $225,000.

422 Dias Creek Rd

Stanley N and Dorothy Elizabeth Mutter to Louis P and Mary A Turner, $317,500.

3 Haman Ave

Bartleson & Snyder Modular Homes LLC to Charles McDonnell Jr and Jennifer Kirk, $270,000.

142 Meadowview Ln

Richard D Stocker to Clifford and Katherine J Russell, $1,100,000.

North Wildwood

222 E 25th Ave unit 145

Erin Shores Development LLC to Larry Barker, $299,900.

317 E 25th Ave unit 100

M W M Of New Jersey Inc to Nancy C Kaufmann, $349,900.

112 E Spruce Ave

Eleanor and Paul Slavin to E Dean Gormley and Peter Boylan, $550,000.

Ocean City

129-31 Central Ave unit D

William A and Kathleen B Torlucci to Kevin J Humes, $220,000.

920a Ocean Ave

David J and Doris L Roper to Daniel S Bready, $380,000.


214 E Nashville Ave

Ann Louise Wright and Estate Of Alice S Fairlie Tilton to David and Mary C Benson, $510,000.