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Shore real estate transactions

These Atlantic and Cape May County transactions, recorded Dec. 16, 2006, to June 15, are compiled from information on file with the counties. They represent sales of $50,000 or more.

These Atlantic and Cape May County transactions, recorded Dec. 16, 2006, to June 15, are compiled from information on file with the counties. They represent sales of $50,000 or more.



46 Delray Ln

Beazer Homes Corp to John Vaupel, $241,162.

315 Oak Ln

Christopher Downey and Lisa Downey to Leonard Bianchi III, $257,500.

700 Pitney Rd

Allan Darby Sr and Elizabeth Darby to Allan Darby Jr, $300,000.

Atlantic City

78 Anchorage Ct

William McLees and Winifred McLees to Jennifer Campbell and Matthew Flesher, $283,500.

3305 Atlantic Ave

Andrew Breder to Harinder Kaur and Inderjit Singh, $650,000.

408 N Indiana Ave

Yi Shu Lin to Karen Da In Chang, $303,850.

15 Sextant Dr

William Warner III to Nancy Nistico, $310,000.


445 Lafayette Blvd

George Edwards to Paul Tankle, $299,999.

Buena Vista Twp

716 6th Rd

Barbara Rodgers to Mildred Velazquez, $193,000.

Egg Harbor

409 Boston Ave

Juan Rivera to Noemi Gonzalez, $238,000.

Egg Harbor Twp

21 Country Juniper Ln

John Cure III and Theresa Cure to Nadia Perez, $127,500.

205 Genoa Ave

Estate Of Helen McCann to Barbara Winter and Carl Costanzo, $322,000.

531 Glenn Ave

Cedar Crest Associates LLC to Kimberly Townsend, $425,000.

112 Grant Ave

Robert Tichaz to David Parker and Kristine Parker, $182,000.

145 W Kennedy Dr

Atlantic Land LLC to Hugo Arias and Obdulia Arias, $432,451.

130 Roberta Ave

Florence Thomas and Florence Lester to Lawrence Gross, $220,000.

209 Spray Ave

Nicholas Goodman and Cassandra Goodman to Denise Leisner, $245,000.

114 Springfield Ave

Us Home Corp to Joseph Kotokpo, $323,000.

1 Standish Rd

Signature Homes At Reega Estat to Jose Salas and Felicia Espinosa, $327,405.

331 Sunflower Dr

D R Horton Inc to Norman Hirschfeld and Carol Hirschfeld, $276,655.

105 Warf Rd

Joseph Burchell and Elaine Burchell to Kenneth Bishop and Lauren Bishop, $100,000.

23 White Oak Dr

Somerset Lakes LLC to Theodore Washington and Dina Washington, $415,000.

Galloway Twp

56 Arapaho Pl

Frank Johnson to Ashley Gerald, $152,250.

143 Driftwood Ct

Ching Chan to Carol Ostroski, $128,500.

15 Killarney Ln

Charles Goodson Jr and Celeste Goodson to Ronald Quinn and Karen Quinn, $313,000.

20 Meadow Ridge Rd

David Wood to Ann Marie Jarensky, $127,000.

Hamilton Twp

828 Blackwood Clementon Rd

Nrll East LLC to Ezra Samuels and Lydia Rivera, $55,000.

5928 Clover Leaf Dr

Matthew Datilio to John Datilio, $255,000.

207 Pheasant Run Rd

Baker Residential Penn LLC to Amphone Louangaphay and Xaysana Vorachack, $304,983.

Hammonton Twp

31 Alexander Dr

Pulte Homes Of Nj LP to Patricia Kelley, $242,400.

34 Alexander Dr

Pulte Homes Of Nj LP to Karen Coston, $280,490.


12 N Brunswick Ave

Stanley Silverman and Ellen Silverman to Benjamin Hendin and Elinda Hendin, $710,000.

613 N Douglas Ave

Samuel Troilo and Dana Trolio to Michael Handwerker, $500,000.


140 E Leeds Ave

Juventina Ortiz to Jose Diaz, $277,000.

225 W Leeds Ave unit 110

Roxanna Castillo and Wilson Tejada to Rafaela Williams, $143,500.

1051 Mallard Pl

H K G Development Inc to Marc Cousins and Emily Berzen, $254,950.

1130 McConnell Dr

Thomas Martin and Mary Jane Martin to Carlos Villa and Maria Sanchez, $195,500.

11 E Park Ave

David Buzby and Leland Buzby to Agustina Ramirez and Maria Ramirez, $235,000.


355 Hampshire Dr

Cindy Jackson to Thomas Glenn and Elyssa Glenn, $257,000.

Weymouth Twp

906 Blake Dr

Thomas Bramble to Andrew Littley, $157,500.

Cape May


66 E 15th St

John L and Maureen D Pollard to Frances M Glomb, $2,495,000.

Cape May

1161 Illinois Ave

William J and Sheryl K Bergman to Francis X and Patricia Keeney, $375,000.

1360a Pennsylvania Ave

Michael J and Catherine Wolfe to Rinaldo and Charis Iacovella, $342,000.

Dennis Twp

37 Sutton Ln

Elizabeth Russell to William Gouse and Barbara Agens, $227,400.

Lower Twp

34 W 3rd Ave

Stephen Earl and Kelly Gittle Jr to Katie Quay, $245,000.

603 Atlantic Ave

Ralph C and Susan M Wiseley to William D and Natalie A McFeeley, $455,000.

8 Beaver Dam Rd

Mary Louise B Wengert to Patricia E Hurchalla, $250,000.

5 Carlton Dr

Frank J Dalicandro to Robert and Eileen P McKelvey, $240,000.

15 Centennial Dr

Ronald and Marie Floria to Frank A Frolo and Marcia M Palmer, $313,000.

211 Deborah Ln

Michael Hober to Jonathan Hinker, $250,000.

1715 Morris Ave

Diane Hooyman and Diane Del Corio to Robert and Lorraine Fritsch, $205,000.

104 Tomlin Ave

Kathleen M MacAulay to Kathleen L Jackson and Michael Biersbach, $200,000.

100 E Wilde Ave

Carol Ann Obanion to Ryan W and Amy L Litton, $175,000.

Middle Twp

28 Acorn Ln

Robert C Eldon and Lynn Smith Eldon to Edward A Catalone, $425,000.

203 Davis Rd

Commercial Service Co Inc to Christopher S Keeler and Jessica R Leeburg, $225,000.

422 Dias Creek Rd

Stanley N and Dorothy Elizabeth Mutter to Louis P and Mary A Turner, $317,500.

3 Haman Ave

Bartleson & Snyder Modular Homes LLC to Charles McDonnell Jr and Jennifer Kirk, $270,000.

142 Meadowview Ln

Richard D Stocker to Clifford and Katherine J Russell, $1,100,000.

North Wildwood

222 E 25th Ave unit 145

Erin Shores Development LLC to Larry Barker, $299,900.

317 E 25th Ave unit 100

M W M Of New Jersey Inc to Nancy C Kaufmann, $349,900.

112 E Spruce Ave

Eleanor and Paul Slavin to E Dean Gormley and Peter Boylan, $550,000.

Ocean City

129-31 Central Ave unit D

William A and Kathleen B Torlucci to Kevin J Humes, $220,000.

920a Ocean Ave

David J and Doris L Roper to Daniel S Bready, $380,000.


214 E Nashville Ave

Ann Louise Wright and Estate Of Alice S Fairlie Tilton to David and Mary C Benson, $510,000.