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Burlington County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through Sept. 17.

Bordentown Twp

855 East Dr

Deborah S Hill and Estate Of Edward F Hill III to Shelly Marchetti, $250,000.

15 Winchester Ct

Christian Breza to Matthew L Anderson, $225,000.

Burlington City

31 Fawn Hollow Rd

Felix A and Manuelita Diaz to Andrew P and Sheila D Parrott, $347,000.

330 Fernwood Ave

Bruce A and Carol A Franz to Mollie Zaires, $247,000.

418 Jones Ave

Leopold Shields and Estate Of Robert B Shields to Jeffrey R Drake, $63,000.

814 Mt Rd

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co and Vendee Mortgage Trust 2001-3 to Rickie Douglas Richey, $86,730.

827 E Route 130

Jlc II LLC to Ian Frazer and Pranay Maisuria, $75,000.

Burlington Twp

335 Fernwood Ave

Robert F Pallante to Richard O and Sandra L Wheatley, $210,000.

7 Mill Rd

Christine M Stefura to Wilfredo Rodriguez and Luz Maria Vazquez, $280,000.

173 Ridgewood Way

David P and Michelle Obrien to Joseph M and Doreen A Notte, $340,000.

Delran Twp

502 S Chester Ave

Alfred T and Francis I Selva to Joshua Jones, $226,800.

502 Nottingham Pl

Nicole and Timothy Morelli to Ian and Elizabeth H Lash, $310,000.

223 Swedes Run Dr

Cengiz Yalcin to Readus D and Josette M Garrett, $400,000.

195 Wildflower Pl

Joseph L and Sandra L Tallant IV to Eric Rosen and Lauren Tiedeken, $212,000.

16 Woodcrest Ln

Charles C and Theresa Hayes to Jonathan C and Erin E Odell, $239,000.

Evesham Twp

5101 Baltimore Dr

Thomas J and Heather M Masso to Tracy L Krause, $255,440.

767 Barton Run Blvd

Michele D Bennis to Susan M Brough, $291,250.

15 Boswell Rd

Anthony and Annamarie Riess to James A and Lora L Little, $293,500.

6 Chadwick Ave

Delores M Dean to Derek L Hamel, $273,500.

103 Colony Trl

William R Wilt and Miriam W Coll to Harivadan Patel, $65,000.

60 Dorchester Cir

Charles A Gill and Heather J Parker Gill to Janine Williams, $215,000.

102 Dorset Dr

Julia W Zaberer to Steven F and Lauren Monti, $186,000.

9 George Bingham Way

Louis C and Cara M Haenel IV to John J and M Colleen Hartnett, $698,000.

11 Georgian Ct

Lester J Pangilinan and Jacquelyn T Tonon to Russell Cohn, $300,000.

Florence Twp

750 E 2nd St

Kodiak Construction LLP to John and Portia Statuto, $318,000.

39 Florence Tollgate Pl unit 8

Jose G and Olga D Gonzalez to Rosemarie K McCloud, $70,000.

Lumberton Twp

83 Fawn Ct

Christopher and Katarzyna Michalski to Jaime Bennett and Cheryl Britton, $264,500.

16 Hemsing Dr

Kathy R Vitco and Kathy R Morris to Kevin and Deborah Vitale, $240,000.

19 Poppyseed Dr

Cartus Financial Corp to Michael V and Shandese Davis, $299,000.

28 Sherry Ann Dr

Raymond L and Paula I Tiver to Timothy W Weber and Elizabeth A Butler, $279,000.

22 Tynemouth Dr

Scott C Tranum and Jocelyn A Correll to Matthew E and Christie Jones, $483,000.

Mansfield Twp

39 Birmingham Dr

Zahir and Bibi Ahmad to Robert A and Tina L Marquez, $405,000.

89 Chestnut Hill Ln

Kathleen Carrick and Estate Of Margaret Carrick to Patricia Difrancesco, $220,000.

55 Lincoln Dr

Michelle M Jabeth to Marlene Y Bradshaw and Lester I Stephen, $390,000.

Maple Shade Twp

115 E Kings Hwy unit 151

Morton and Shirley Zeserman to Paul Rush, $165,000.

115 E Kings Hwy unit 235

Jose Ortez Alvarenga to Hakan Ozdemir, $155,000.

122 W Linwood Ave

Robert W and Albert Philip Smith to James Silvagni, $125,000.

1031 N Maple Ave

Dawn Crittenden McMillen and Albert Crittenden to Anthony Mitchell, $225,000.

216 Spruce Ave

Linda L Campbell and Richard W Tauscher to Jeffrey C Schneider, $161,000.

Medford Twp

44 Arrowhead Ct

James and Shirley Richardson to Donald C Griffith, $329,500.

31 Branch St

Robert T and Emma J Wozniak Jr to Thomas L Johnston, $285,000.

84 Eaves Mill Rd

Michele M Rowson to Ashley Gibbon, $143,600.

3 Larsen Park Dr

Phyllis Adams and Phyllis E Billig to David and Cheryl Lockett, $410,000.

Moorestown Twp

434 E Camden Ave

Fentell Housing Corp to Charles and Elizabeth Berry, $859,495.

630 N Lenola Rd

Linda C and Cheistopher A Humes to Chirag and Gunjan Sheth, $201,000.

Mount Holly Twp

60 Brainerd St

Troy and Shannon Tucker to Marvin A Jordan, $213,000.

84 Dawn Dr

Robert Daugustine and Estate Of Marie C Daugustine to Matthew P Thompson, $235,000.

21 Green St

Eugene P and Betty Ann Murphy to Lannie Austell and Kinga Kozlowska Austell, $220,000.

Mount Laurel Twp

2408 Bluegrass Dr

David W and Margaret J Lipscomb to Laurence and Eileen Huff, $208,000.

103 Chatham Rd

Mildred L Bunting to Seong Oh Seo and In Suk Jo, $289,000.

201 Coral Ave

Decker Enterprises LLC to Ridgway Grace, $192,000.

119 Crystal Ave

Betty R Paul and Joseph Trumbetti to Arthur Scott and Samantha Constantine Jr, $224,900.

15 Fulton Dr

Kevin C and Karen C Kaighn to Robert E Edelson and Jane S Fox, $425,500.

3016c Greenwood Ct

Nina L Tate and Nina L Gerber to Vincent L Nardello, $145,000.

305 Hialeah Dr

Dominic L and Annik G Smith to Kevin and Sonia B Costello, $569,900.

Palmyra Boro

428 Cinnaminson Ave

Jason Bleistein to Jeremiah Trombley and Anne Kearney, $143,000.

425 Hubbs Dr

Sherry and Keith Marnell to Cheryllynn M James and Joseph M Steinheiser, $236,000.

136 Maryland Ave

John R and Elaine Gulliford to Salvatore and Sara Ercolono, $192,500.

809 Morgan Ave

Michael T and Marguerite J Turley to Cynthia M Aragoncillo, $185,000.

5205 Riverfront Dr

Matthew J and Allison Korbich to Lee A and Madeline M Bondy, $267,500.

Pemberton Twp

113 Hanover Blvd

Amiano Custom Homes LLC to Charles D and Estrella Gamblin, $339,900.

161 Heather St

William B and Regina M Walker to Dinah and Nicholas Laezza, $199,000.

18 Jarvis Way

Lisbeth Inge to William K and Marian Bender, $223,000.

159 Lemmon Ave

Henry and Julia Gilyard to David G and Tanya Fletcher Scott, $77,000.

115 Massachusetts Rd

Eva Lohner to Shawn M and Toni A Wiser, $346,000.

Riverside Twp

147 N Fairview St

Capital Area Properties LLC to Debra Sozio, $160,000.

144 Paine St

Gilton Braga and Cristina N Castro to Diana E Ott, $130,000.

319 Paine St

Rhonda E and Randy Whatley to Bryan J Montgomery, $213,500.

117 Spring Garden St

James A and Lauren Younglove to Craig J Dittmar, $155,000.

Southampton Twp

2361 N Firelane Rd

Bruce R and Kathryn L Ice to Tara Lebofsky, $211,000.

327 Retreat Rd

William and Carol Dehart to John F Richardson and Judy F Cohen, $310,000.

20 Robbins Way

Thaddeus E and Maureen A Lewinski to Thomas and Beatrice Mjaland, $360,000.

Westampton Twp

7 E Dogwood Ct

Steven M and Susan L Ambrosini to Mark and Adrienne Elberfeld, $520,000.

40 Mayfaire Cir

Laurence J and Eileen V Huff to Lois Riley, $325,000.

32 Meadowbrook Dr

Maudette Griggs to Damir and Gina Marjanovic, $300,000.

158 Winstead Dr

Rebecca Neindorff to Robin D Anderson, $200,000.

Willingboro Twp

460 Charleston Rd

Toni M Price and Estate Of Merna M Casalaspro to Argean Cook Blackwood, $184,000.

33 Echo Ln

Joseph and Virginia Rollek to Myeesha White and Geraldine White Brown, $270,000.

45 Fairmount Dr

Chomye Strother to Dana Watson, $160,000.

99 Hampshire Ln

Thomas J and Evelyn Cannon to Samuel S and Gratiana E Diony, $209,000.

10 Manor Ln

Cynthia Hargis Jewett to Jose Santos Orellana, $219,000.

78 Medford Ln

Robert A Coon to Shariat McCray, $244,000.

33 Nimitz Ln

Marshae Lawson to Bruce C Cooke and Evelyn M Pittman Cooke, $179,900.