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Camden County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through Oct. 12.

Audubon Boro

14 Cedarcroft Ave

Thoams N and Julia Crowley to James C and Carolanne McAdams, $213,500.

6 Cedarcroft Ave

John H and Jacqueline Dizio to William J Becker, $189,000.

28 N Davis Ave

Robert G and Margaret C Hoinkis to Csilla Brenkusova, $181,000.

222 E Pine St

Kenneth G and Colithen N Faucett to Gary L Herman and Jennifer Thomas, $218,000.

211 Prospect Ave

Jason and Michele Mylan to Michael B Greene, $289,000.

Bellmawr Boro

126 Glenview Ave

Susan Ann Hougendobler to Zachary R Wilson and Holly A Barnabic, $175,000.

125 Kennedy Blvd

Thomas A Verratti to Alison Noyes and Thomas Giordano, $195,000.

233 Warren Ave

Christopher and Kristi Valeriano to Jason Allen, $157,000.

Berlin Boro

12 Glacier Dr

Lonaconing East LLC to Timothy J and Veronica R Parrotte, $268,285.

14 Glacier Dr

Lonaconing East LLC to Lori B Levine, $261,465.

16 Glacier Dr

Lonaconing East LLC to Alina K Longarzo and Ian Caldwell, $282,435.

2 Harmony Ln

Andes Way LLC to Shoeb and Shabana Jafri, $94,700.

35 Ridgeview Ave

Chris A Schiavo to Alan H and Elaine C Blair, $145,000.

4 Winding Way

Miriam G Bennett to Paul Albertson, $265,000.

Berlin Twp

192 Dill Ave

J Michael and Nicole Peeler III to Ashley and David Stafford, $183,000.

280 Grove Ave

540 Property Holdings LLC to Andrew and Joann Simone, $100,000.

385 Minck Ave

Andrew Simone Construction Inc to Balbir Singh, $242,000.

Brooklawn Boro

215 Pennsylvania Rd

Ted and Regina R Warner to Ian and Jennifer A Groatman, $149,000.

Camden City

3142 S Constitution Rd

Jeffrey Kuni to Angel S Fisher, $90,600.

106 Eutaw Ave

Reynaldo Gonzalez to Ana Alicia Rivera, $53,000.

1935 Filmore St

1826 Filmore LLC to Judith Frank, $61,000.

839 Jackson St

Avrohom Chase to Tyrone E and Dana Baker Jr, $57,000.

932 Lansdowne Ave

Herbert R Lambert to Lisa Jenkins, $85,600.

3014 N Merrimac Rd

John Hayes and Michael Boehm to Eric and Jennifer Schmitt, $83,500.

925 Morton St

James L Griffin to Orlando Villanueva and Angel M Martinez, $106,000.

1421 Ormond Ave

Terrance Johnson to William St Michael Allen, $110,000.

1355 Park Blvd

Sheila Walker Administrator to Rodney Bush Rowland, $65,000.

521 Pine St

Joseph Dino to Victor Ingram, $80,800.

1235 Sheridan St

Ayesha and Willie Copling to Leona D Pellot, $69,900.

2912 Thompson St

Jeramy Cohen to Wanda Accetti, $95,650.

951 Trent Rd

Charles Malloy to Milton E Corsey Jr, $59,000.

3040 Tuckahoe Rd

Liuis A and Jessy I Rodriguez to Marcus Thompson, $106,000.

Cherry Hill

31 Haddonfield Rd

Ljaban and Ruzica Pilic to Melba Gonzaga, $169,900.

23 Karen Dr

Allen I Oodman and Sheila J Goodman to Lawrence and Cheryl Hanover, $344,500.

319 Kings Croft

James A and Norma R Naughton to Angela E Bartelt, $268,000.

326 Nature Dr

Lawrence D Kaplan and Kathie Steinberg to Andrew D Brinn, $275,000.

4 Paige Ct

John R MacKenzie to Tema L Steele, $310,000.

509 Park Rd

Earl W and Diane A Seely to Brian D and Martha L Howard, $288,000.

12 Poplar Ter

Romulo M and Omaida Velazquez Cuy Jr to Art Abahazy and Jen Abahrzy, $310,000.

25 Staffordshire Rd

Walter W and Janice K Jablonowski to Boon Thau Loo and Sy Yann Ng, $339,900.

263 Tavistock

Manifred G and Shelly R Kanther to Joshua Sadat, $190,000.

1902 The Woods

Another Option Properties to David Chang, $182,000.

1 Wedgewood Cir

Kyle Calder to Robert H Tor and Phyllis J Tort, $615,000.

103 Woodfield Ct

Eric A and Michelle C Rodia to Yexing Yang and Qing Sun, $256,000.

Clementon Boro

34 Monmouth Ave

Marco Lombardi and Vanessa Rivera to Michael Weil and Christine Reale, $122,500.

Collingswood Boro

33 E Browning Rd

Joseph A and Michele Bartasius to Michele Chambers and Thomas Gabriel, $375,000.

825 Colford Ave

Nancy E and Damian J Sher to Andrew S Iacone, $335,000.

36 E Coulter Ave

Richard M and Toby Sproch to Mason R and Christine M Defrank, $240,000.

1020 Grant Ave

John D Mafrtosella to Lena M Bernard and Riley D Kennan, $214,900.

489 King Ave

Anthony R and Mildred C Giorgio to Rebecca S Lettner, $208,000.

108 E Narberth Ter

Robert D and Molly T Anderson to Betty M Guy, $225,000.

416 Virginia Ave

Paul Engle Admins to Virginia Batson and Peter W Grant, $215,000.

Gibbsboro Boro

33 Hilliards Rd

Eric and Michelle Wilson to Clinton and Melanie Laubaugh, $390,000.

Gloucester City

919 George St

Lawrence W and Joan Cugel to Carisma Weiss, $125,000.

12 Green Acres Ln

Beazer Homes Corp to Stephen and Frenie Wilkerson, $312,444.

25 Lane Ave

Gary Walker to Frank and Denise Krueger, $202,000.

17 Springdale Dr

Beazer Homes Corp to Ngoc Nguyen and Cac Tran, $267,035.

Gloucester Twp

62 Aberdeen Dr

Kimberly A Carson to Marica C Wells, $270,000.

3 Bethany Ln

Frank C and Karen L Dorazio to Stephen Belko, $414,000.

81 Edinburgh Rd

John S and Gisele Price to Emilia M and Ronnell S Santos, $268,000.

83 Edinburgh Rd

Lee J and Jacqueline Farino to Harold Oraye and Mariliza Ong, $260,000.

41 Essex Ave

Eric Palumbo to Elvin Delgado, $174,900.

216 Essex St

Mike and Kathleen Cammarota to Felix Cereceda and Lydia Garcia, $114,000.

60 Fairmount Ave

Main Street Mantua Investments LLC to Joseph W Hahn and Stacy J Holiman Hahn, $234,000.

421 Highland Ests

Broadacres Assoc LLC to Laverne A Lee, $164,990.

98 Kelly Drivers Ln

Lois J Intindole to Huoi Annis Diep, $365,000.

Haddon Twp

7 E Albertson Ave

Robert and Charlene Dempsey Sr to Eileen E Pavlow, $180,000.

1300 Grant Ave

Victor T Mangeney to Culberto Reyes, $185,000.

26 Hampton Rd

Thomas L and Julie Wellborn III to Anthony P and Laura T Scarpaci, $305,000.

248 Stratford Ave

Janice Caldwell to Patricia Knox, $189,000.

Haddonfield Boro

76 Center St

Nancy C Reynolds Executrix to Shawn M Dore, $200,000.

51 Chestnut St

John L and Betsy E Beaver to Andrew K and Tracy M Gardner, $800,000.

240 Rhoads Ave

Betty M Guy to Robert C Kirk and Ann Keith Kennedy, $387,500.

128 Wayne Ave

Harry L Christie to Kurt M and Julie A Andressen, $354,000.

Lawnside Boro

23 E Emlen Ave

Henry T Pryor Executor to Tyrone B and Lavinia V Taylor Jr, $140,000.

Lindenwold Boro

187 Crossing Way

Brian and Cartissa Kania to Mrugask Shah and Pooja Shukin, $175,000.

212 E Elm Ave

Andrea L Saggio to John J Bucykowski, $193,450.

43 Pine Grove Ave

Dung Le to Cecilia Preston, $150,000.

Merchantville Boro

25 Merwit Ct

Hugh Oconnell to Ann F Martinez, $158,000.

Mount Ephraim Boro

507 Garfield Ave

Martin W Maxvitat Executor to Matthew Lomonico, $123,700.

12 Harding Ave

Patricia A Flynn and George William Wolf Jr to Martin Seitz, $153,000.

1134 W Kings Hwy

Kelley L and Martin C Seitz to Jesus Salamatin, $179,000.

Oaklyn Boro

114 E Bettlewood Ave

Rita L Ott to Charles Heineman, $170,000.

36 W Clinton Ave

Salvatore C and Linda P Randazzo to Peter J and Rebecca H Szkotak, $245,000.

Pennsauken Twp

3440 Cooper Ave

Albert P and Victoria R Boggs to James Robert Jr, $200,000.

4514 Cooper Ave

Miriam K Nvella to Lonnie Manns, $193,000.

463 Delair Ave

Fred J and Mary Perechino to Matthew Cummings, $176,000.

2346 Finlaw Ave

Arthur S and Kathleen T Lieb Jr to William E and Eloise Twyne Jr, $210,000.

5014 Holmecrest Rd

Michael A Dejesus Sr to Carlos Vargas Barragan and Eliazar Vargas, $183,000.

5057 Homestead Ave

Hong T Le to Tam Luu, $150,000.

7013 Irving Ave

Lawrence W and Elaine L Palese to Steven Onesti and Tricia Cotter, $223,000.

7320 Maple Ave unit 224

Maples Urban Revewal Assoc LLC to Juanito J and Elziabeth S Arroyo, $212,990.

8329 Osler Ave

Housing And Economic Oppor Inc to Brian Di Giulio, $130,000.

3749 Schleicher Ave

Donald H and Cheryl R Langston Jr to Clara L Henry, $115,000.

6710 Walnut Ave

Felipe and Glenda Marrero to Robert and Caridad Cuevas III, $229,500.

4609 Woodland Ave

Nelson Tobolsky to William Figueroa, $129,700.

Pine Hill Boro

1070 Brace Rd

Brian and Carmen Moore to Syhan Roman, $158,000.

920 Kayser Ave

George Brown Jr to Christina Hendron, $160,000.

Runnemede Boro

14 W 3rd Ave

Rose M Panarello to Saumil Raval, $144,300.

632 Burt Rd

John and Karen Silvinski to Jeffrey and Regina Koltys, $220,000.

5 Kimberly Dr

John F and Heather L Dolena J to Mai Tran, $225,500.

Stratford Boro

48 Saratoga Rd

Ronald E Rauer Executor to Joseph A McCoy and Elizabeth M Fiorini, $257,500.

Somerdale Boro

902 Sunset Dr

Michael and Lauren Rivera to Maria M and Luis Roman, $229,900.

Voorhees Twp

7 Cranberry Pl

Daniel J and Mary C Sullivan to Craig F and Randi F Stoopler, $682,500.

2027 Lucas Ln

Peter C Beale to Cheryl Ann Corcoran, $120,000.

11 Regency Dr

Donald and Lisa Godleski to Paul M and Lisa A Welch, $535,500.

23 Rollingwood Dr

Gail and John Scardapane to James F Hammell and Chara E Pasternack, $460,000.

103 Round Hill Rd

Valerie Valerio and Julio Rodriguez to Stefano Lee, $285,000.

Waterford Twp

1004 Chateau Ct

Robert R and Lorraine Westenberger Jr to Michael P Bergamo and Christa L Catellini, $262,000.

238 Hayes Mill Rd

Anthony and Lisa Walczak Sr to Kay S Bill and Nicholas Megara, $135,000.

814 Judith Ln

Frederick C Immendorf and Stephanie L MacFerren to Linda A Forrest, $240,000.

967 Lincoln Ave

Michael J and Kathleen L Gillespie to Ervin and Cheryl Trueland, $185,000.

Winslow Twp

108 White Cedar Dr

Doc and Christine Dougherty to Richard and Nancy Quinones, $398,900.

23 Wildcat Branch Dr

Syvella E Cox to Maureen Carter, $303,000.

10 Woodstream Dr

Frank and Shannon Skinner to Timothy and Lindsay Miller, $217,500.

19 Ainsworth Ln

David R and Inez W Costin to Christopher and Sonya Peria, $190,000.

39 Buckingham Dr

Hovbros Winslow LLC to Joan P Anyim and Evadney M Williams, $358,966.

25 Chapel Cir

Michael and Cheryl Buono to David Reid, $273,750.

114 Crosley Dr

Charles Goos III and Nina Diventura to Shaun N Strain and Cara L Shaffer, $172,000.

1 Fletcher Blvd

Richard A and Susan L Parenteau to Bryan and Christina Bantle, $260,000.

4 Foxton Dr

Songil and Inja Park to Eric Grubb, $245,000.

109 Hearthstone Dr

Nvr Inc to Earline O Ross, $287,390.

110 High Meadows Dr

Lawonza Ramsey to Carla Green Abrams, $140,000.

184 Kenwood Dr

Groen And Mincer LLC to Patricia and Raymond Kennedy, $122,000.

5 Lamont Ct

Lena Belton to Michael Ricci, $86,000.

9 Martin Ln

Diane M Cammarota to Luiz A and Priscilla Costa Costa Filho, $265,000.

47 Meetinghouse Cir

Virginia D Schillig Administ to Robert D Tolz Trustee and Rhoda Daniels Trustee, $260,000.