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Divorce sites

Divorce is frequently a mess, including the complicated financial issues involved. These sites are aimed at helping to unwind the money in a marriage. Some are enthusiastically sex-specific.

Tips for women. The Web site divorce.360 provides a list of financial tips for women considering divorce. It includes this one: Don't accept a 50-50 split, on grounds that such a division of property is not necessarily fair. Other tips are to create a budget, learn the tax implications of divorce, and mind the money details.

Another article at divorce.360 notes 15 "costly financial mistakes" in divorce, such as "failing to recognize your enemy," namely the Internal Revenue Service.

Man's divorce. We'll stay away from the "secret divorce planning" sites. But win-win advice is still hard to find. The financial advice here aimed specifically at men says, "No one gets everything they want in a divorce settlement. Prepare for this by creating a short list of 'Must-Haves,' a longer list of 'Would-Like-to-Haves,' and a third list of 'Don't-Wants.' " Then, don't tell your ex what's on the third list.

Woman's divorce. Still more female-specific checklists on the financial impact of divorce are here. Near the bottom of the page are some links on financial issues after divorce, including reasons to get a prenuptial agreement before you get remarried.

Divorce mediation. Could a neutral mediator help you do a better job at all this? Here is a quick description of the mediation process.

DivorceNet. Since divorce laws are state-specific, the DivorceNet site first asks you to identify your state as you begin looking for resources. The state page is then a list of articles on law, credit and debt, pensions, property division, and so on, along with a slew of advice on all the other sticky, touchy, complicated subjects pertaining to ending a marriage.