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Camden County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through Oct. 17.

Audubon Boro

212 S Logan Ave

Myrtle B Lightcap to Bryan Patrick Bechtel and Katie McGarvey, $183,000.

Barrington Boro

1 3rd Ave

Dennis M Bargas to Thomas W Ripman and Debora A Rippman, $121,000.

Bellmawr Boro

336 1st Ave

Gary J Bates to Michael Reed, $180,000.

3 Braisington Ave

Hector M and Yolanda Velez to Patricia K Wright Crandell, $212,500.

306 E Browning Rd

Everlast Enterpirses East LLC to Nancy Brooks, $265,000.

309 Majestic Ave

Everlast Enterpirses East LLC to Brian and Rosemarie Schad, $358,249.

18 Vaughn Ave

Edward K and Robert L Friedrich to Patricia Friedrich, $80,000.

Berlin Boro

30 Glacier Dr

Lonaconing East LLC to Carl Darrell, $298,325.

196 Hearthstone Dr

Anthony C and Marion D Suppa to Harry and Sylvia Eardley, $215,000.

Berlin Twp

331 Minck Ave

Walter C and Darlene P Lindsay Jr to Eric Costino and Shannon Nolan, $206,000.

15 S Walnut Cir

Charles M Bernheimer to Lauren A Schindler Terilla and Soctt L Bayer, $134,000.

Camden City

1406 S 10th St

Jorge Caban to Richard C McGuire, $54,900.

1029 N 23rd St

Sharon Maddred to Isidro and Laura Hernandez, $78,000.

1071 Bergen Ave

Anthony Lombardi to Aime De Los Santos, $60,000.

1589 Bradley Ave

Wells Fargo Bank to Robin Glasco Jones, $110,000.

583 Clinton St

St Josephs Carpenter Society to Barry Rogers, $60,000.

2835 Lincoln Ave

Hud to Antonio Rosado, $83,750.

1027 Lois Ave

Vicente Caba to Marcos A Concepcion, $80,100.

3041 Porter Rd

Ralph R Jones Jr to Susan K Kemp, $88,500.

1227 N 22nd St

David and Grecia Rodriguez to Jonathan John Pagan Sr, $85,000.

825 N 32nd St

Javier Roman and Jose Berrios to Reosendo S Treminio, $78,000.

832 S 3rd St

South Jersey Real Estate Holdings to Barry and Danielle Douglas, $89,500.

Cherry Hill Twp

10 7th Ave

Richard L and Nadina Montgomery to Christina Ritz, $215,000.

7 Andrew Ln

Ken S Gao and Jin S Zheng to Victor and Karen Rubinson, $303,000.

1225 Crane Dr

Ryan and Christine Tola to Jay and Kaie Wilson, $323,000.

2022 Crescent Way

D R Horton Inc New Jersey to Esther Brown, $308,990.

419 Downs Dr

Todd L and Wendi R Cohen to Samuel and Mildred D Cohen, $468,000.

101 Greenvale Rd

Beatrice De Fazio to Barbara Hirsch, $236,500.

47 Southwood Dr

Donald P and Karlyn Shapiro to Robert D Sheldon and Beverly Y James, $915,000.

605 The Woods

Ronald C Floyd Jr to Evelyn Maoya and Justin Moya, $165,000.

612 Woodland Ave

Albert Faiola and Steven Prizychowic to Walter and Maryann Campbell, $525,000.

404 Belmont Dr

Christopher P and Kathleen M Niemann to Phong Vay and Raymond F Tang, $350,000.

111 Chestnut St unit 109

David J Knott to Meghan Giuliani, $96,900.

1840 Frontage Rd unit 607

Hazel A Lampf to Bahman Vojdani and Parvaneh Arvand, $119,000.

124 Greensward Ln

Paul and Mary Ann Donegan to Helen Benash, $285,000.

620 Kenilworth Ave

Jeffrey and Jennifer Staepel to David Ingraham and Melissa Mushinski, $213,000.

910 Orlando Rd

Joseph M Bittner to Gregory Geraci, $250,000.

511 Rhode Island Ave

David J and Tracy C Mueller to Matthew and Cynthia Albrando, $294,000.

4 Rooftree Rd

Wayne W and Sandra L Weaver to Eric XI and Jie Li, $425,000.

76 Saint Anthony Ct

Gary T and Meryl Wiesner to Stephanie Rappaport, $455,000.

211 Tavistock

Janet A Diesder and George R Dieser to Michael A Greenberg, $199,000.

355 Tuvira Ln

Mitchell J Uris to Jingjing Hu, $177,000.

233 Uxbridge

Jeannette and Walter Kram to Rosemary C Murray, $218,500.

127 Valley Run Dr

Jeanne Hesser to Juan and Kelly Serrano, $240,000.

608 Woodland Ave

Albert Faiola and James Campbell to Ana A Howell, $409,900.

Clementon Boro

1800 Huntingdon Mews

Maxine J Schneidt to Rebecca M Irish, $112,000.

203 Lake Ave

Charles J Lapollo to Wellington Tavarez, $170,000.

15 Point Breeze Ave

Estate Of Raymond J Cieslik to Ted and Regina Warner, $157,000.

45 White Horse Ave

Rosanna M Tucker to Richard and Lucia Bayer, $158,000.

Collingswood Boro

411 Comley Ave

James J and Angela Alpha to Edward J and Dr Johanna Vidal Phelan III, $300,000.

525 Tatem Ave

Joseph and Susan Kaminski to Joseph Baals, $243,286.

346 Woodlawn Ter

Robert M Whitekettle Jr to Carol A and Robert Whitekettle, $235,000.

Gloucester City

253 3rd St

Anthony F Gariano to Hilberto Loya, $99,000.

Gloucester Twp

1729 Briarwood Dr

Imperial Enterprises Inc to Janice C Jones, $345,000.

305 Brighton Ct

Robert Armstrong to Deena M and Glenn G Richards, $102,000.

164 S Burlington St

Luella Holshue and Edward Nelson to James Silvagni, $75,000.

8 Cat Briar Ct

Matthew J Shockley and Jennifer L Fulton to Wilbur and Angela Phillips Jr, $280,000.

48 Cherry Cir

Brian J and Karla D Boyce to Dale Sewell, $215,000.

512 Chestnut St

Frederick M and Joann Rach Jr to Dean and Cindy Russo, $217,000.

20 Edinburgh Rd

John G Henning and Donna M Difiore to Devin Carter, $182,000.

157 Hidden Dr

Gregory C and Colleen Barber to Candace L Curtis, $252,000.

11 Jasmine Ln

Gregory and Susanne Gleason to James and Victoria Ann Carmichael III, $229,200.

26 Kings Rd

Kimberly A Dilaurentis to Milon D Jenkins Sr, $132,000.

1705 Kingswood Pl

William and Wmarion Bishop to Qiana Glenn, $160,000.

8 Laguna Dr

Verna F Govoni to Shawn M and Kristine L Orcutt, $195,000.

16 Sawood Dr

Michael J Finacaro and Mary C Falladino to Carmelo and Gina Louisa Anguilla, $237,500.

1406 Tanglewood Dr

Matthew K and Diane E Doonan to Eileen B Fortune, $177,000.

102 Wimbledon Way

John and Diane Campanaro to Franics Charles Marciano, $170,000.

2305 Wimbledon Way

Rose Horn to Robert and Mary Jane Greiner, $186,000.

10 Yardley Ct

Mario and Maria Lapergola to Joseph C and Theresa M Leckerman, $391,000.

244 La Cascata

Mavid Management LLC to Leisa Ellison, $105,000.

34 Lane Of Acres

John C and Rosemary Saponara to Matthew J and Jennifer L Shockley, $165,000.

500 Lehigh Ave

Louis Altimari to Eric Duncan and Julie Stortini, $189,000.

512 Loch Lomond Dr

Britt Savarese to Michale Davis, $93,000.

39 Pinehurst Ct

Susan Carr and Ronald T Comer to Jamal B and Jana B Sukala, $210,000.

17 Sawood Dr

Patrick S Boden to Peter C and Christina Kuzniasz, $221,000.

2404 Wimbledon Way

John and Debra Hollinshead Lischak to Charles and Elizabeth Venzie, $185,000.

Haddon Twp

8 E Crystal Lake Ave

Jln Holdings LLC to Henry J Dera, $242,000.

414 Graisbury Ave

Jeffrey Hoch to Christopher and Nicole Pasquini, $370,000.

14 W Park Blvd

Weichert Relocation Services Inc to Jolie M Murphy and Anthony L Provost, $280,000.

Haddonfield Boro

358 Hickory Ln

David G and Deborah J Benjamin to Steven V and Theresa A Gostovich, $500,000.

55 Truman Ave

David Ryan and Paige H Nussey to Ann S White, $555,000.

Lindenwold Boro

2313 S Cuthbert Dr

Kyle C and Tyrone Thompson to Thompson Family Trust and Kynn Dewees Trustee, $97,732.

606 S Emerson Ave

Barbara Basallote Sweeney and John C Basallote to Andrea L Dalessandro, $182,000.

129 State Ave

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co to Carlos A and Sulma Montoya, $132,000.

710 Wayne Rd

David J Puckett and Ashlee M Jackson to Albert Siligrini, $199,900.

Magnolia Boro

112 Otter Branch Dr

Aprl Crane to Andrew J and Tracey M Peel, $200,000.

Mount Ephraim Boro

503 Winthrop Ave

Frances C Nichols to Scott W Chain Jr, $140,000.

Pennsauken Twp

2526 41st St

Beverly A Sheffield to Thomas R Sample and Gladys L Clayton, $165,000.

1847 45th St

Gary M Tunnell and Vielisse Rosario to Tia Joseph, $133,000.

3262 N 47th St

David and Dawn Soule Quinnan to Josefine and Angel Gomez, $205,000.

6313 Harvey Ave

Ruthann D Reppert to Adegbenga and Adebusola Adebanjo, $185,000.

1706 Lexington Ave

Kenneth J and Janet M Schwarz to Eddy Gonzalez, $170,340.

1942 Lexington Ave

Nancy L Young to Cesar Valencia, $160,000.

3918 New Jersey Ave

Kojeski Construction Co Inc to Mary S Tait, $268,500.

2637 Pettit Rd

Richard Thomas Cole and Sandra Wildonger to Dem Thach and Steve Kim, $255,000.

2205 Sherman Ave

Barry and Jennifer Frankel to Gerald P Spiece and Francis T Deconcini Jr, $225,000.

Pine Hill Boro

1307 Daniels Ave

Matthew J and Melisa Parsons to Julio A Burgos, $157,500.

26 Sherri Way

Robet J and Kathleen Victor to Michael and Elaine Ortiz, $250,000.

72 E Woodburn Ave

John Philbin to James R and Katherine M Philbin, $85,000.

Runnemede Boro

744 W 3rd Ave

Francesca Sollena to Joseph Santarsiero, $236,000.

420 Hill Ave

Keith and Robert Karwowski to Thomas T Pearse, $160,000.

Stratford Boro

117 Stratford Ave

Estate Of Theresa A Pauli to Lynne M Vassey, $137,000.

Somerdale Boro

12 Fairview Ave

Wells Fargo Bank Na to James Zimmerman, $94,000.

Voorhees Twp

8 Adam Ln

Michael Shilman to Loan Miller, $230,000.

16 Ashton Dr

Weichert Relocation Services Inc to Stuart and Gennifer Flaxman, $485,000.

1503 Britton Pl

Stephen J Risley to Michelina Moffa, $150,000.

1312 Roberts Way

Loretta McGrath and Stephanie Shreter to Lauren Hamill, $143,900.

1111 Rowand Ct

Dave and Bonita Webbe to Sheldon Baker, $200,000.

2108 Sandra Rd

Darren D Nguyen to Jennifer Sharman, $144,000.

Waterford Twp

1117 Beechwood Dr

Robert V and Catherine McDonald to Joseph and Christine Falzarano III, $228,000.

904 Hillside Dr

Howard W and April F Morgan Sr to Robert Stout, $239,000.

713 Pestleton Rd

Kieran and Katherine A May to John and Madilene E Welsh Jr, $489,900.

Winslow Twp

115 Blue Meadow Ln

U S Home Corp to Andre M Fuller, $365,000.

31 Conifer Way

Karen L Franklin to Leonis Franklin, $420,000.

3 Duchess Dr

Waber Wang to Alsheem Smith, $347,000.

180 Fenway Ave

Jesse L Schindler and Christine A Schlinder to Eleanor A Neuenfeldt, $185,000.

27 Grasmur Ct

Valentine C Cortese III to Frederick V Bohling, $177,500.

106 Lakeside Dr

Charles and Jessica A Drass to Brandon R Branam, $178,900.

7 Morris Dr

Household Finance Corp III to Sean Jackson and Stacy L Brecht, $215,000.

520 Oakland Ave

Gregory S and Joanne Killiam to Jason W and Jennifer M Rile, $225,000.

34 Oakton Dr

Jonathan and Annette L Metz to Deana M Ammon and John Ian Barker, $238,000.

45 Tailor Ln

Heritage Residential At Wiltons LLC to Shawnette Law, $230,900.

1221 Thurman St

South Jersey Real Estate Holdings to Barry L and Danielle R Douglas, $79,000.

83 Tailor Ln

Heritage Residential At Wiltons LLC to Ratika Murgai, $293,398.

145 Villa Knoll Ct

John W Palumbo to Dante Destefano, $133,000.

54 Westbury Dr

Hovbros Winslow LLC to Ashley L Giles, $439,450.

Woodlynne Boro

303 Elm Ave

Gregor E and Elizabeth M Fleming to Lisa M Hoy, $130,000.

104 Parker Ave

John Defoney to Thomas McKissick and Janet Kontor, $120,000.