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Delaware County real estate transactions

Delaware County

These transactions were recorded in January.

Aston Twp

324 Cashel Ln, Unit 324

Melinda B Parsons to Eileen B Colgan, $188,000.

115 Dutton Mill Rd

Jeffrey P Spevak to Keith Trout and Heather Pancott, $190,000.

4701 Pennell Rd, Unit G-8

Cathy Bonacquisti et al to Melissa Whittington, $106,000.

Bethel Twp

2104 N Half Mile Post

Belmont 17 LLC to Thomas and Kathleen Izzo, $309,900.

2506 N Half Mile Post

Sheridan Construction Co to Phillip J and Carmelita DiBona, $293,900.

3603 N Half Mile Post

Belmont 17 LLC to Eileen C Odea, $345,000.

3102 Poplar St

Foxfields Ilp LP to Timothy C and Stacey L Klag, $256,737.

1051 Talltrees Ct

Garnet Mine LLC to Elana Tenhuisen, $394,905.

1691 Village Ave

Foxfield at Naamans Creek LP to Mary A Schade and Monica J Schwartzengraber, $432,511.

3159 Woodsedge Dr

Garnet Mine LLC to Nina A Esposito, $417,540.

Brookhaven Boro

125 Bradbury Rd

Fhg Development Co LLC to Steven T Ashworth, $200,000.

311 Creekside Dr, Unit A25

Pulte Homes of Pa to Armand A and Ann M Bruno, $150,000.

311 Creekside Dr, Unit A28

Pulte Homes of Pa to Angela Moretti, $167,720.

311 Creekside Dr, Unit B2

Pulte Homes of Pa to Lawrence S and Kathleen S Sacco, $172,000.

311 Creekside Dr, Unit B3

Pulte Homes of Pa to Albert Young, $150,000.

5200 Hilltop Dr, Unit A21

Walter M Strine et al to Dorothy Graham, $100,000.

6212 Hilltop Dr, Unit 22

Eli Lax to Brian P Christini, $91,500.

6301 Hilltop Dr, Unit 37

Joseph A Chiponis to Erich Schramm, $169,900.

3424 Washington Ave

Janet D Jester to Dale McNeal, $168,500.

Chadds Ford Twp

1112 Painters Crossin

Irene C Bierlein to Michael C Wood, $144,000.

Chester City

2626 W 7th St

Sophie Wasmindski et al to Bettie J Whitaker, $80,000.

932 E 15th St

Mark W Rodgers to Eric M Kilpatrick, $90,000.

107 W 24th St

John Carr to Bobbie J Melvin, $92,000.

914 Fulton St

Kimya S Spence to Theodore Jones Jr, $115,000.

Chester Heights Boro

177 Bishops Dr

Braulio Jimenez to Donna L Clark, $210,000.

103 Feather Hill Ln

Hamanassett at Darlington LLC to Donald L and Julie Gill, $959,635.

4101 Lydia Hollow Dr, Unit B

Fox Valley Dev Corp to Teresa Frangione, $349,000.

4305 Lydia Hollow Dr, Unit B

Fox Valley Dev Corp to Elizabeth Drake, $221,000.

6207 Lydia Hollow Dr

Fox Valley Dev Corp to Megan E Emery, $227,634.

6310 Lydia Hollow Dr

Fox Valley Dev Corp to Rita M Hannum, $372,900.

Clifton Heights Boro

228 N Springfield Rd

Joshua H and Jaime Johnson to Tara Voravolya and Pornpanod Sajjaarkaramontri, $186,000.

22 S Springfield Rd

Fred Davis II to Deirdre A Mattocks, $107,000.

102 E Wyncliffe Ave

Armando and Lillian Sebastiani to Frank W Juchniewicz Jr and Cynthia M Lombardo, $175,000.

Concord Twp

424 Concord Rd

David and Patricia L Dale to John A Kelley, $350,000.

2215 William Campbell

Priscilla J Harry to Linda C Sharpless, $349,900.

Darby Boro

135 N 3d St

Dionnie Headley to Mary V Woho, $79,000.

Darby Twp

1032 Hopkins Ave

Henri Chapman King et al to Dana Rankin, $130,000.

654 Magnolia Ave

Timothy and Marleen Livingstone to Michael McHugh Jr and Jennifer Gallagher, $160,000.

Eddystone Boro

1308 11th St

Elizabeth Cooper to Dale R Kerns Jr, $129,000.

1015 Toll St

Toni J Shinn to Kim Hunter, $122,000.

Edgmont Twp

1027 Brick House Farm

Brick House Farms Inc to Stuart O and Marlene Nathans, $1,389,735.

3521 Runnymeade Dr

Roger E and Ricarda M Leone to Michael J and Linda S Buongiorno, $846,000.

3539 Runnymeade Dr

Michael R Ward to Lawrence J and Susan E Kelley, $740,000.

Folcroft Boro

795 Bennington Rd

Kwik House Buyers LLC to Russ Carlson, $80,000.

501 Dalmas Ave

Joseph A and Annette M Cerino to Fiore L Perna, $190,000.

1905 Delmar Dr

Romario Nguyen to Stephanie Shannon, $84,000.

2006 Kent Rd

James J Gayton to Lisa H Spillar, $105,000.

2015 Ravenwood Dr

Kathleen Pezzella to David Hackley Jr, $140,000.

Haverford Twp

57 Braeburn Rd

Francis J Matthews to Stephen C Sannino, $299,000.

2313 Bryn Mawr Ave

Nina Rich to William A III and Joanne C Ciconte, $260,500.

148 Clemson Rd

David J Winigrad to Michael K Ade and Alicia M Freind, $450,000.

409 Devon Rd

Joseph R Jackson Jr to Linda A Fenlin, $317,500.

207 Lone Oak Dr

Don H and Jin H Liu to Gary Markman and Joanne Williams Markman, $875,000.

2935 Maple Shade Rd

Emre and Ipek Ozbek to Michael B and Kristi L Falcone, $379,000.

22 Meadows Dr

Penfield Custom Builders LLC to William J and Heather A Leahy, $750,000.

1533 Norman Rd

William J and June P Laird to David R Jr and Erica F Weihermuller, $240,000.

306 Pheasant Hill Dr

Marc E and Suzanne Gold to James C Newman and Carol J Aldridge, $720,000.

448 Rittenhouse Cir

Elizabeth Doyle to Christopher and Kelly McArdle, $301,000.

401 Valley Rd

Augustus W O'Malley to Michael B and Marianna E Gebhardt, $330,000.

622 Walnut Ln

Bonnie M Graham to William C and M Constance K Jones, $365,000.

Lansdowne Boro

57 E Essex Ave

Stephen J Wheatley Sr to Garth E Fisher, $174,990.

22 S Rigby Ave

Edythe E Augustin to Alyse Hutchinson, $120,000.

Lower Chichester Twp

112 Ervin Ave

Donna Clark to Steven L Streeter Jr, $112,900.

Marple Twp

205 Lindbergh Ave

Allen and Ardeth Pinsk to Gregory and Karen Vento, $507,000.

770 Louise Dr

Harry R Johnson Jr to Sally Le, $510,000.

143 W Sylvan Dr

Antonio and Marie Gingras to Timothy J Brown and Catherine J Nagle, $255,000.

Media Boro

18 E 6th St

Karen Barnaby to Stefanie Kaplan, $260,000.

525 Broomall St

Cds Developers LLC to Dale K and Jo A Snead, $649,900.

Middletown Twp

246 S Azalea Ct

Jeanne Marie Amoroso to Christopher and Kymm L Myers, $391,000.

Nether Providence Twp

512 Hastings Ave

Karen McKnight to Kevin L Grady and Lisa Esposito, $226,000.

313 Henry Ln

Franklin S and Barbara Ford to Peter F Diamond and Jessica DiCello, $265,000.

705 Kincaid Mills Ln

Vera R Evans to Michael and Janice Leyden, $445,000.

1364 Putnam Blvd, Unit 13

James D McCall to Wendy L MacNeill, $230,000.

Newtown Twp

124 E Chelsea Cir

Erik Marsh to Jill M Anderson, $210,000.

32 Dunminning Rd

Peter R and Christine DelCollo to Jean Sharretts, $775,000.

4 Gartley Dr

John M and Regina M Polsenberg to Edward Partridge and Marie T Claffey, $580,000.

3405 Goshen Rd

Jennifer S Parry to Christian G Campbell and Sara M Gallagher, $595,000.

109 Oxley Ct

Geoffrey R Marczyk to John H Klimowicz Jr, $217,500.

Norwood Boro

118 Chester Pk

Robert P Hanson to James J Houston, $160,000.

208 Gesner Ave

Paul Cebek to Shannon L Taylor and Raymond J Dougherty, $140,000.

100 Urban Ave

Wayne Berkheimer et al to Thomas M Francione Jr and Noelle Little, $215,000.

Prospect Park Boro

1513 Evans Ave

Bonnie J Shay to John F Maitino and Kathleen M Pullum Maitino, $143,000.

Radnor Twp

210 Beech Tree Ln

David A and Mildred Richardson to Ethan N and Melissa L Halberstadt, $809,000.

121 Brooke Farm Rd

William E Weisberg to Robert M and Joan P Larney, $1,611,000.

494 Bryn Mawr Ave

Kazanjian Associates Inc to Paul A Dumas, $1,525,000.

756 Camp Woods Rd

Phillip Wilson to Michael and Lynn Hopson, $1,020,000.

206 Hermitage Dr

Donato LaRossa to Kevin M Fosnocht and Sharon R Popik, $1,100,000.

245 Lowrys Ln

Michael J and Renate Merrick to James T Beatty Jr and Maramei Arwen Patterson, $245,000.

208 Upland Way

Joseph W Derham to Semerjian Builders, $665,000.

206 Wyndom Ln

John Fox Jr and Leslie N Hayes to Roger and Karen Korfmann, $1,975,000.

Ridley Twp

1928 Elder Ave

John M and Carmela Mercanti to Eugene and Joan Suhanick, $232,500.

2612 Grand Ave

Betty L Schneider to Stephen and Nicole Lechette, $209,900.

264 School Ln

E Richard Radewonuk to Carl Thomas, $275,000.

537 Sycamore Ave

David Pye to Michael S and Courtney Arters, $169,000.

1843 Toth Dr

Anna M Smith to David Cannon, $119,000.

Sharon Hill Boro

201 Brainerd Blvd

Fiore L Perna to Theophilus M Adams, $149,900.

202 Sharon Ave

Francis J and Linda C Mullen to Dale W and Elizabeth A Vanderzee, $150,000.

210 Sharon Ave

RO Rentals LP to Abdullah Krueng, $89,500.

1309 Woodland Ave

Jimmie K Memminger to Mamie Briggs, $132,000.

Springfield Twp

313 Franklin Ave

Susan J Christini to Robert V and Julie Christini, $350,000.

216 Rambling Way

Carl R Forcillo to Charles W and Kathleen McFadden, $322,000.

142 Wyndmoor Rd

James Epperson to Edward J Walls Jr and Cara Mia Marchiano Walls, $357,000.

Thornbury Twp

166 Portsmouth Cir

Ryan P and Jamie Sullivan to Pamela Siedlecki, $380,000.

47 Wharton Dr

Orleans Corp to Alyson M Kelly, $348,520.

18 Wood Ridge Rd

Robert and Jane Carroll to John Robert and Heather M Carroll, $338,000.

Trainer Boro

4520 Post Rd

John M Carr to Denise Boyle, $118,000.

Upper Chichester Twp

2414 E Helms Mnr

Marcelo Garcia to Anthony and Jennifer Nichols, $235,000.

520 Jefferson St

Housing and Urban Devt to Karl and Victoria Hanna, $204,000.

1026 Kingsman Rd

Island Classics LP to Jeffery and Jennifer A Galt, $226,600.

1319 Okiola Ave

David T Woodall to Virginia L Valadez, $145,000.

1758 Peach St

Dimitri Sioma to Paul M Federowicz and Kristen M Ferguson, $155,000.

100 Walnut St

Karl E Hanna to Shandra Payne Carter, $202,000.

Upper Darby Twp

5233 Apache Ln

Edwin R and Kelly A Miller to Darren and Diana A Johnson, $285,500.

1016 Belmont Ave

Victoria Town to Stanislava Dimitrova, $168,000.

5371 Delmar Rd

Judith Hoffman Wright to Sarah A DelGuercio, $145,000.

1183 Dermond Rd

James J Malloy to William S Gordon IV, $215,000.

1106 Harding Dr

Jeffrey Leonard Jr to Mary E Young, $169,900.

241 Heather Rd

Marika Vargiamis to Rashida Conyers, $132,500.

106 Ivy Ct

Ihor Shvayko to Heather L Bailey, $149,900.

205 Meadowbrook Ave

Annette Sweeney to Brian and Kelly Fritz, $228,000.

272 Oak Ave

Evan S Zografakis to Dennis J and Heather A Poiesz, $178,000.

9 Overhill Rd

Minh Quang Tran to Thanh Q and Hong Thi Thanh Tieu Tran, $200,000.

6930 Ruskin Ln

Fred S and Myra Cossentino to Inza Meite, $104,900.

279 Sheffield Rd

Nancy Chauca to Pedro L Beltran, $84,900.

473 Wilde Ave

Zaenal Shahab to Ilona C Haris, $170,000.

515 Woodglen Rd

Cuong D and Vu to Be V Vu and Nhu Quynh Tran, $187,500.

Upper Providence Twp

119 Wilton Woods Ln

Joseph J and Dolores R Manion to Ryan McNichol and Susan Rich McNichol, $450,000.

Yeadon Boro

715 Fern St

Margaret E Sims to James Mooney, $120,000.