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Main Line real estate transactions

These sales were recorded in January



2613 Charlestown Rd

Nancy M Sanders to Tara A McDaid and Kenneth Alex Jackson, $273,000.

East Whiteland

139 Conestoga Rd

Estate of Lois Bloss to Charmeka K Parker and Katrina Kiefer, $260,000.


220 Old Lancaster Rd

Scott Wippermann and Pirkko Karhunen to Shaun G and Katherine Moody, $1,220,000.


175 W King St unit C321

Wendy Ann Buckland to Donald Yacko, $155,000.


331 Headhouse Ct

Dana S May to Katie E Ruane, $242,500.

1589 Maple Ave

Franklin M Shannahan to Mary Caroline Cosby and David Tice Shuford Jr, $475,000.

2 Weatherwood Ln

David S Kahn to Annette and Daniel Timmins, $1,125,000.


1 Foxchase Rd

Estate of Nancy Anderson and Anna Marie Murphy to James and Beverly Kolea, $800,000.

705 Whispering Brooke Dr

Geordan Drummond to Daniel and Valerie Dziados, $350,000.



1027 Brick House Farm

Brick House Farms Inc to Stuart O and Marlene Nathans, $1,389,735.

3521 Runnymeade Dr

Roger E and Ricarda M Leone to Michael J and Linda S Buongiorno, $846,000.

3539 Runnymeade Dr

Michael R Ward to Lawrence J and Susan E Kelley, $740,000.


57 Braeburn Rd

Francis J Matthews to Stephen C Sannino, $299,000.

2313 Bryn Mawr Ave

Nina Rich to William A III and Joanne C Ciconte, $260,500.

148 Clemson Rd

David J Winigrad to Michael K Ade and Alicia M Freind, $450,000.

409 Devon Rd

Joseph R Jackson Jr to Linda A Fenlin, $317,500.

207 Lone Oak Dr

Don H and Jin H Liu to Gary Markman and Joanne Williams Markman, $875,000.

2935 Maple Shade Rd

Emre and Ipek Ozbek to Michael B and Kristi L Falcone, $379,000.

22 Meadows Dr

Penfield Custom Builders LLC to William J and Heather A Leahy, $750,000.

1533 Norman Rd

William J and June P Laird to David R Jr and Erica F Weihermuller, $240,000.

306 Pheasant Hill Dr

Marc E and Suzanne Gold to James C Newman and Carol J Aldridge, $720,000.

448 Rittenhouse Cir

Elizabeth Doyle to Christopher and Kelly McArdle, $301,000.

401 Valley Rd

Augustus W O'Malley to Michael B and Marianna E Gebhardt, $330,000.

622 Walnut Ln

Bonnie M Graham to William C and M Constance K Jones, $365,000.


205 Lindbergh Ave

Allen and Ardeth Pinsk to Gregory and Karen Vento, $507,000.

770 Louise Dr

Harry R Johnson Jr to Sally Le, $510,000.

143 W Sylvan Dr

Antonio and Marie Gingras to Timothy J Brown and Catherine J Nagle, $255,000.


124 E Chelsea Cir

Erik Marsh to Jill M Anderson, $210,000.

32 Dunminning Rd

Peter R and Christine DelCollo to Jean Sharretts, $775,000.

4 Gartley Dr

John M and Regina M Polsenberg to Edward Partridge and Marie T Claffey, $580,000.

3405 Goshen Rd

Jennifer S Parry to Christian G Campbell and Sara M Gallagher, $595,000.

109 Oxley Ct

Geoffrey R Marczyk to John H Klimowicz Jr, $217,500.


210 Beech Tree Ln

David A and Mildred Richardson to Ethan N and Melissa L Halberstadt, $809,000.

121 Brooke Farm Rd

William E Weisberg to Robert M and Joan P Larney, $1,611,000.

494 Bryn Mawr Ave

Kazanjian Associates Inc to Paul A Dumas, $1,525,000.

756 Camp Woods Rd

Phillip Wilson to Michael and Lynn Hopson, $1,020,000.

206 Hermitage Dr

Donato LaRossa to Kevin M Fosnocht and Sharon R Popik, $1,100,000.

245 Lowrys Ln

Michael J and Renate Merrick to James T Beatty Jr and Maramei Arwen Patterson, $245,000.

208 Upland Way

Joseph W Derham to Semerjian Builders, $665,000.

206 Wyndom Ln

John Fox Jr and Leslie N Hayes to Roger and Karen Korfmann, $1,975,000.


Lower Merion

36 Aberdale Rd

Phyllis Goldman to Amelia A and Daniel J Powell, $432,600.

505 Anthwyn Rd

Sarah M and Elizabeth M Dwyer to Eamon Cunningham, $675,000.

110 Birch Ave

Gabriel O Betancourt et al to Kevin F and Anita P Kavanaugh, $367,500.

1072 Broadmoor Rd

Richard S and Jill S Meyer to Ray B and Ruth C Mundt, $925,000.

33 Chatham Rd

Megan J Gallagher and Donald Charles Houder to Sean Murphy and Jennifer Colleran, $327,500.

1001 City Ave

Renee Axelrod to Claire Comer, $145,000.

1001 City Ave

Trudie Tollin et al to Kimberly Garrison and Gabriel Gaskin, $250,000.

11 Elmwood Ave

Carmela and Frank Vuono to Vincent and Gennaro Vuono, $320,000.

323 Fishers Rd

Barbara A Bickart and David C Schmittlein to 323 Fishers LP, $1,200,000.

211 Garnet Ln

Alan Laurence Hillman et al to Douglas E Sebes, $475,000.

546 Howe Rd

Sharon R Popik and Kevin M Fosnocht to Patrick John and Megan T Cahill, $683,000.

1625 Monk Rd

Steven D Hunter to Randi K and Joel E Becker, $2,200,000.

237 W Montgomery A

Rebecca B Caraway to Jessica L Bilotta, $180,000.

1650 Oakwood Dr

James P and Catherine Duffy to G David Wagner, $165,000.

1655 Oakwood Dr

Leslie D Hantman and Leslie D Singer to Benjamin Wildstein, $215,000.

111 Overhill Rd

Barbara and Fred Lublin to Stuart Naiberg, $500,000.

206 Park Ter

Laura Anne Odonnell to Holly Hill, $228,000.

352 Penn Rd

William H Miller to David C and Kelly L Ryan, $700,000.

511 Penn Valley Rd

Howard L and Marcia Lipschutz to R Christopher and Christine P Wiegand, $775,000.

190 Presidential B

Karen Scott to Kristine L Gross, $660,000.

1219 W Wynnewood R

Sylvia R Silvers et al to Elizabeth J West, $228,000.


342 Dudley Ave

Lena A Latch and Caroline A Latch, Charlotte Bode to Bryan T Richardson, $250,000.

Upper Merion

623 Kingwood Rd

Michael B and Kristi L Falcone to Linda S Fung-Cooney, $280,000.

208 Leonard Dr

Adele D and Theodore J Jackson to Antonino and Giovanna J Cracchiolo, $355,000.

550 Lindsey Dr

Julie Ann Stoner to Norma Yassi and Joseph A Braccia, $533,000.

271 Militia Dr

Maria Antonia Rodriguez to Christine Dolan, $475,000.

347 Sweetbriar Rd

Sharon R Krasnoff to Sharon R Krasnoff and Kenneth Hornstein, $177,500.